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    All My Children - DAILY UPDATES

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    Because I Love You.

    Friday, March 18 2011
    Annie is taken away, Ryan finds Emma, and David tries to get his job back.

    Ricky presses Kendall at her house for information on the stolen drugs. Kendall seems eager to talk to him, but she ultimately says she knows nothing. She gets edgy and says she has to go.

    David arrives at the hospital on a delivery from a clinic he's been volunteering at since he can't get his job back at PVH. He tells Griffin he almost had a deal with Greenlee to help him, but she backed out. He advises Griffin to not get personally involved with his patients. Griffin tells him he put in a good word for him with the board. Kendall shows up and Griffin appeals to Kendall to help support David with the hospital board. Kendall passes even after David makes references to her shooting him. David walks away and Kendall brings up Ricky's story about his teen center kids buying drugs. Griffin acts incensed she could be accusing him of dealing drugs. He laughs, but she says she just wanted to warn him in case there's an investigation. Griffin wonders if she really thought he had something to do with selling drugs to kids. She assures him she trusts him with her life.

    Ricky and Diana meet at Krystal's. He thinks Griffin believes Zach was murdered, but he's working on trying to distract him by planting seeds of doubt in Kendall. Diana gets a call and learns Griffin wants to meet Zach's casino partners. She warns Ricky the seed he planted better take root – and fast.

    Griffin prepares for his meeting in his hotel room. Kendall shows up and tells him she's going with him.

    As Scott and Madison make out, Madison's stomach growls. After not finding any food in the apartment, they head out to eat.

    Emma hides in the park, as Greenlee and Ryan realize the extent of Annie's fragile state in the hotel room. Greenlee talks to Annie, while Ryan steps outside to call the cops about Emma and to have someone call Dr. Burke at Oak Haven. Brot shows up and questions a frazzled Annie about Emma. Ryan takes off to find his daughter, as Greenlee stays behind in case Emma shows up. Ryan calls Madison to tell her Emma might contact her before they find her. Madison assures him she won't miss the call if she reaches out. Brot cuffs Annie and reads her her rights.

    In the park, Scott tries to calm an anxious Madison. Ryan shows up and sees Emma's Barbie doll. He yells out for his daughter and she leaps out form behind a bush, into his arms. Emma says she's worried about her mommy, but Ryan just wants to take her home right now. Madison takes her to the car, as Ryan asks Scott for his help.

    At the mansion, JR continues to try and convince Marissa to move back into the house. David shows up looking for an endorsement from JR to help get his medical license back. JR scoffs, as Scott shows up to tell them about Annie. He asks JR for Annie's commitment papers in hopes the cops won't arrest her. JR leaves with Scott to help Annie get the help she needs.

    Ryan calls Greenlee, who is still at the hotel. He tells her he found Emma and she's okay. Annie gets riled up as she says she wants to talk to her daughter. She blames Greenlee for everything and Brot asks her to leave because she's making things worse. Greenlee takes off as Scott and JR arrive with the commitment papers. Scott goes in the room to talk to Annie. He tells her she needs to get well and says Dr. Burke is waiting for her at Oak Haven. The men in white coats walk in and try to sedate her when she starts to meltdown. JR races in and tells them to stop. He sits with Annie and urges her not to fight them. He assures her they all want her to be happy and healthy. Annie asks if he wants that because he loves her. He says, "Yes. Because I love you." Annie will go if he wants her to because she thinks she is being taken to their wedding. JR plays along and Annie says she'll see him at the altar. The men lead her away and Annie turns back to smile at JR. Once she's once, JR breaks down in tears.

    Madison and Ryan bring Emma back to Ryan's place. He has a doctor come by to check on her and she is deemed fine. Greenlee returns to find Madison and Ryan reading to Emma. Greenlee embraces her stepdaughter and Madison leaves. Greenlee updates Ryan on Annie and Emma asks to see her mommy. Ryan says Annie is sick and has to go to the hospital. Emma wants to go to her, but Ryan says she's can't. However, he promises Annie will get the help she needs. Emma doesn't believe him and yells out that she hates him.

    Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

    Amanda thinks JR is drinking again.

    Emma only wants Madison.

    Frankie gives Scott a warning.

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    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, March 18 2011 11:22 AM

    Just a couple of comments from yesterday really........

    FBI agent in room with Ryan and Greenlee....receives call about Emma and Annie possibly being at the park....

    Ryan and Greenlee go flying out the door....The FBI Agent....????

    Ryan and Greenlee get to the park...where Brot is questioning the man who was accosted by Annie...Ryan takes over........Brot has to stay with injured man.....Ryan and Greenlee head towards the hotel ALONE....The PVPD....REALLY cut costs didn't they ???? MUST HAVE BEEN DAVID....NO RADIO FOR HELP ????

    Ryan and his faithful assistant Igor (some may know her lovingly as Greenlee) break down the door.....By the way Igor WAS a big help wasn't she ????

    Thats all I have for now...see ya later

    Posted by cowboys fan at Friday, March 18 2011 11:24 AM

    Who would have thunk it. Kendall kept her big mouth closed about the drugs. Try again Rev. Rick. I'm gonna give Kendall a couple of days, before Ricky boy convinces her that Griffin is dealing drugs.

    I think Kendall should support David. How many times has he saved her miserable life. Let me pull off my shoes so I can continue counting on my toes.

    If JR wants to get into Marissa good graces, he should help her father.

    Well, there goes Annie. The lady that had the most sense on the show when she first arrived. Then in walks Ryan begging her to marry him. She didn't want to, but he insisted. Madison, if you want to keep a living active brain cell in your head, stay away from Ryan.

    Posted by rocknrollmom at Friday, March 18 2011 11:24 AM

    Who knew JR really cared all that much about Annie. What a surprise to see him cry over her. And I thought all he had was ice water running through his veins.

    Emma is turning on Ryan and will soon turn her anger toward Greenlee. I will enjoy seeing how uncomfortable Greenlee gets when this happens and knowing that Emma's close relationship with Madison will surely be a thorn in her side.

    Great acting once again by Melissa/Annie. Her fellow AMC actors will be able to say "I knew her when"

    Posted by Cammyr12 at Friday, March 18 2011 11:25 AM

    I hate what they're doing to annie. They're treating her like some rabid dog that needs to be tranquilized. its terrible.

    Why the HELL was greenlee standing their in annies room? Annie said numerous times that she didn't want to see greenlee, and no one was listening to her! If they wanted annie to calm down, tell greenlee to figgan step outside. geeze...

    Emma is soooooooooooooo cute! I hope they keep this emma for a long time.

    LOL @ Marissa putting David in his place. I'm starting to like her...woah! did I just say that?

    wow! see how easily JR got through to Annie? What a sweat talker. I'd do whatever he says too

    Posted by BoDiddlie at Friday, March 18 2011 11:28 AM

    Idiot Obama came on and spoke his programmed speech. However, Ryan is No. 1 ugly - the close up of that idiot is reprehensible. Annie (great actress) screaming at stupid Greelee to leave the room, which she doesn't, then Greenlee tells Ryan "I'll stay here with Annie so she can have a friendly face." Laughable. I really hope they return to NY and get rid of LA writers with their sickening lines. Redeeming feature today was David was in the show. If Marissa and Bianca "get together" they need to shove this show in the dumpster.

    Posted by BoDiddlie at Friday, March 18 2011 11:31 AM

    Now we have to contend with Stupid Ryan and ugly Greenlee on "Castle." I have written corporate ABC and told them never to put these idiots on a show - their ratings will plummet. Won't be watching that episode. Two failures.

    Posted by jumps at Friday, March 18 2011 12:17 PM

    Gosh, I like Ryan and Greenlee and can't wait to see them on Castle. LOVE the show and can't wait to see it. I have written ABC and told them it is a GREAT idea!!!!

    Posted by jumps at Friday, March 18 2011 12:22 PM

    Having Emma turn on Ryan and then Greenlee is just a stupid plot point. These writers care NOTHING about the characters. Emma loves her father, which was evident when she ran into his arms. And Emma knows her mother is not well. She said as much yesterday. And she dealt with it just fine the last time Annie was sent away. And Emma has always loved Greenlee even when Greenlee and Ryan were not together.

    I know most of the posters here disagree with me, but I just had to say my 2 cents worth. And don't really care if anyone agrees with me or not.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, March 18 2011 12:23 PM

    Hi all.

    WoW Melissa is a great actress. She plays crazy Annie to a tee.

    Greens is a moron....did she not hear Annie scream at her 5 times to get the h*ll out. Yet she just stands there. GO AWAY!!!!!

    Madison/Ryan/Emma all sitting there....nice family picture. JUST what Greens did not want to see.

    Hello to all my poster friends.

    Jumps.....ITA I also wrote that I love the soap themed castle. Seeings as there are so many ex soap stars on there to begin with. I can't wait to see it.

    Posted by mamajj at Friday, March 18 2011 12:25 PM

    jumps...I agree w/you. Emma turning on Ryan & Greens makes no sense. She loves both of them. For her to only want Madison is lame.

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