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    Monday, February 14 2011
    Scott covers for Madison, Ryan and Greenlee get married, and JR races to rescue Marissa.

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    Posted by redneck grandma at Tuesday, February 15 2011 07:07 AM

    I think Erica poisoned the food! LOL

    Posted by Shenandoahgal at Tuesday, February 15 2011 07:43 AM

    Do Ryan & Greenlee have no friends? Didn't look like anyone was attending the wedding. Who is going to eat all that food? Wardrobe made an awful choice with the so-called wedding dress. Really ugly!! Madison & Scott may work out, they have a history of working together on GL & eventhough their s/l's really didn't overlap they were cast members. Anyone is better than Ryan - he got what he deserves. The last thing he needs is another kid. Greenlee is going to have a cow when she becomes the only mother figure for Emma. Doesn't seem to be any maternal feelings in her bones.

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, February 15 2011 07:54 AM

    In my perfect s/l world, Crazy Annie would stay in PV, and manage to keep out of trouble (just barely), or rather - not get caught. Then Janet From Another Planet would return on some kind of trial basis. Find out that Annie is Amanda's only real friend, and she and Annie would bond over "the wrongs done by the people of PV". The two of them together would wreak such havoc. They're both smart, and JFAP is even smarter than Annie, not to mention more manipulative. Can't you just see her teaching Annie all her old tricks? They could throw Greenlee AND Marissa down that well at Wildwind.

    Posted by Jazbaby at Tuesday, February 15 2011 08:28 AM

    Of course you know Greenley and Ryan aren't really married!

    Posted by CP75 at Tuesday, February 15 2011 08:31 AM

    Hello Everyone!

    I agree, Jesse is a very weak and unfair Chief of Police. I'm really sick of his behavior. And I also did not think that Greenlee and Ryan would marry. I really feel sorry for Madison that she got pregnant for Ryan. Ryan , God's gift to the women on AMC ugh ugh…. He has slept with that triangle of women – Greenlee, Kendall, and Erica – not to mention Annie and now Madison. Ryan is a pathetic man. I wonder how Jack feels knowing that his “fiancée”, Erica has been with his new son-in-law…… Oh I forgot, this is the soaps and everything is done in the name of LOVE :) no matter how gross.

    I like Annie’s character – I will also miss her and feel they should not recast her character. Melissa Claire Egan has really done a superb job.

    I want to see when Greenlee gets her just do – when Ryan finds out that Madison’s baby is for him and that Greenlee knew all along and that she was going to pay Madison and get her a job in New York if Madison did not tell Ryan about the baby I hope he divorces her. And Miss Kendall is just a busy body – she needs to mind her own business – that’s why Zach moved them to live on a yacht in Spain because her friends meant more to her than her family.

    But, I think the show is going to get pretty interesting now with the revealing of Zach’s “murder”, Madison’s baby, Jake, Cara and Marissa, etc.

    Hey, question, don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but, Ricky the priest (actually a fake priest- he’s a crook in cahoots with Zach’s death), has anyone noticed that this is the same guy that plays on the “State Farm Insurance” commercial on TV……

    Have A Great Day All!!

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