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    Friday, October 15 2010
    Scott is taken to prison, Jake and Jesse take the stand, and Ryan kisses Greenlee.

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    Posted by fromthestart at Friday, October 15 2010 05:05 PM

    Cowboys Fan.....Get out your magic baseball wand !!!!!

    Posted by Newport at Friday, October 15 2010 06:08 PM

    Oh good! Love it if Greens and Ryan get back together. Their love is too strong to deny their feelings for each other, just as Kendall and Zack are meant to be together. His chemistry with Madison is null. Don't like Annie and JR together and wish they would have axed Annie from the show along with Scott and Marissa! That was just hilarious that her bank accounts were frozen, I can't stand her. I can only hope they won't replace Marissa as she is the most boring person on TV and no one else will do any better.

    Posted by Newport at Friday, October 15 2010 06:18 PM

    Also I read somewhere Ryan kissed Greenlee to keep her from ranting about saving him. My guess is Nurse Gayle killed David cause he rejected her and she is the only one who could have gotten the digitalis and she planted the bottle on Ryan so as not to get herself in trouble.

    Posted by chocolategrl4 at Friday, October 15 2010 07:21 PM

    Newport at Friday.... I agree! Nurse Gayle probably did kill David. The only character just as dull and boring as Marissa is Scott. I think the recast will connect better with JR and even Annie.
    I'd love to see Greenlee and Ryan get back together. Hope they make their reunion interesting!

    What's going on with Frankie, Randi and Madison? I'd like to see that unfold.

    Posted by DeiaynciaCimone at Saturday, October 16 2010 03:14 AM

    If Annie was truly smart at first sign of trouble she could of opened an account in her maiden name, or in Emma's name. Loaded it up and when the poop hit the fan like it has she has some nest egg. She needs a new nest now. JR don't really want her. He wants whats not attainable, until he gets it. She should feel like a "Handiwipe". I don't blame Emma for the up n coming freak out she is going to have. She is learning hooker ways very early from both parents. Daddy Ryan is a trick for Greens, Kendall, Madison, and Erica. Not a pimp. Annie got that going on with the Chandler men. I hear Annie is going to freak out again. Why? We all know she crazy. Just get her knocked up and that will keep her in money. SOMEONE will help her.

    Posted by at Saturday, October 16 2010 05:05 AM

    This show continues to amaze me. I don't understand with the courtroom scene, why don't they don't have a crossover like they did years ago. I remember once One Life to Live would send an atty to Pine Valley and then later one they would return the favor. Maybe General Hospital could send an atty over to Pine Valley. I still think they need to sign Luke and Jake from ATWT. The gay actors are gone now, Bianca never mentions her lover. It is time to bring Luke and Jake or start a new couple. Asher could match up with Damon or have a new guy come on. Also bring back more Cortlands, Nina, Petey, plus Ross Chandler. The writers need to research the history of this soap.

    Posted by redneck grandma at Saturday, October 16 2010 07:12 AM

    I stick by my theory zack did it he has been too mysterious he could have snuck into the party saw david threaten greenlee he cares about her doesnt think she belongs with ryan then he gets his club back ryan wont be in kendalls life and eventually they decide to sail off again

    Posted by bananna at Saturday, October 16 2010 08:03 AM

    I hope that Liza finds out about the man who saw Ryan running out of David's room saying someone's gonna die tonight! He meant it about David. Ryan's the one who killed David, and I hpe they put him in jail! Greenlee's stupid for keeping the truth in that she found the vial in Ryan's pocket. I hope that comes out. I'm so sick of Ryan. They need to put him in jail.

    Posted by Sparrow Bush at Saturday, October 16 2010 08:23 AM

    Was Jeff Phillips, who now plays Nick Pearson, the original Hart Jessup on Guiding Light of which he won an Emmy nomination?

    Posted by justwatching at Saturday, October 16 2010 08:50 AM

    I'm positively astonished at how awful AMC is. Now I remember why I quit watching.

    TPTB should start over: Dig into the archives, air the very first episode and continue......meanwhile, send those incredibly staid writers off to creative writing camp for a year.

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