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    Saving Himself.

    Tuesday, October 12 2010
    Scott is arrested, Brot and Natalia get relationship advice and Caleb and Jack make nice.

    At the mansion, despite Annie and JR urging him not to, Scott confesses to Caleb about taking Palmer's nanotech project. Caleb tells Scott he will pay for pretending to be his uncle's friend and then screwing him over. Scott regrets what he did, but Caleb doesn't think he's any better than his weasel cousin. JR declares he didn’t steal anything, but Caleb is leery and vows to prove he knew about it. Two FBI agents walk in and Scott announces he called them. Annie begs Scott not to do this, but he is prepared to confess. JR calls him weak but Scott is ready and the feds cuff him. Annie leaves with Scott and Caleb tells JR they are just getting started. Threats are exchanged about AJ and the nanotech project and Caleb walks out.

    Jesse calls Angie at the hospital to make lunch plans. After Angie hangs up, Natalia approaches her stepmother to question her about a patient, but Angie knows she wants to talk about more than that. Natalia says she doesn’t appreciate her talking about her and Brot when nothing is going on. Angie believes there is, based on her tone. Natalia admits she likes Brot, but she is his superior, which makes it tricky. Angie thinks she should talk to Jesse and follow protocol regarding this. Natalia says it isn't that serious so there's no need. Angie wonders if there's ever been anyone serious or if she has ever been in love. Natalia doesn't know. She's been busy with her career and before that, she had her mother to take care of. Angie thinks she might just be afraid to give her heart to someone and urges her to take a chance.

    Back at the station, Brot asks Jesse about the detective's exam. Jesse reminds him he hasn't been on the force that long and assumes Brot doesn't like being bossed around by Natalia. Brot admires Natalia, but he wants to be where she is. Jesse knows he will one day, but he wonders what will happen to his professional relationship with Natalia if he does get the promotion. Jesse points out that Natalia is competitive and it might be different if they are equals again. Brot thinks it's time he's earned Natalia's respect. Natalia enters the station and talks with Brot privately. They start to discuss their relationship, but then they get word about Scott, as he is brought in. Annie also walks in and heads towards the interrogation room. She asks the feds for a minute alone with her husband, but he wants her to go home. She wonders if he is trying to get back at her by throwing his life away. Scott isn't trying to destroy himself – he's trying to save himself. He stole the nanotech project to prove himself to her, but he's been losing himself ever since then.

    Jesse visits Angie at the hospital who is reading a baby book in Braille. He suggests they go home for lunch.

    At home, Jesse and Angie enjoy a meal that Jesse prepared for them. Jesse gets a call from Angie's gynecologist who tells him it's time for Angie to make her amniocentesis appointment.

    At Krystal's, Damon does some work for Liza as Colby walks in questioning her mother. She assumes she hired Damon to keep tabs on her and Tad. Damon returns from making copies and Liza questions Colby about her life, but Colby still isn't ready to welcome her back with open arms. Colby and Damon sit at the bar and eat. Colby tells him about the drama at the mansion with JR and Annie.

    Krystal meets Jack at the courthouse. He thanks her for her help and explains how difficult it is to talk to Erica about Greenlee. As they go over the case, Liza and Damon approach. Liza and Jack get into it as Caleb enters the courthouse. Liza walks away and Caleb expresses his understanding of Jack's plight. Caleb tells him he's working on getting Cortlandt back and he wants Erica to run it with him.

    JR bursts into Krystal's and tells his mother-in-law to make it clear he won't let Marissa take his son. Krystal wants him to calm down and tells him he's making it worse. JR mentions something about getting sent away and tells Krystal he needs to see his son.

    JR heads over to the police station and Scott tells him their family is out of control and he is doing what would make his father proud. Natalia walks in and Scott says he is ready to put his statement in writing. After doing so, Scott assures Annie and JR he didn't implicate them for the sake of their kids. He promises there will be a price though because Chandler will take a huge hit and they will live with the guilt of destroying the family. Annie apologizes to Scott as he is led away. JR tells Annie he will save Chandler and get his son back. He adds now that Scott is gone, Annie doesn’t have any more excuses for them not to be together.

    Tomorrow's Pine Valley spoilers for All My Children:

    Madison helps Greenlee and Kendall avoid the paparazzi.

    Tad finds a man who saw Ryan the night of David's murder.

    Krystal advises Angie.

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    Posted by at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:19 AM

    Follow me on Twitter @LoriKWilson for all the latest AMC news, spoilers, recaps and more.

    Lori Wilson
    AMC Writer

    Posted by cowboys fan at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:28 AM

    Caleb, you are wrong. Scott is not like JR. Scott has a conscience, that's why he confessed. JR begged him not confess right up until the end. Scott even called the Feds to turn himself in. Something JR would never do.

    JR's company is about to go under and he might lose his son, and all he can think about is getting Annie back. Like that would last. What a nut.

    Posted by catherineb at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:28 AM

    Is JR stupid.I just wanted to know.

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:30 AM

    cathineb.......JeRk IS stupid.... !!!

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:34 AM

    JR is right about one thing....Scott only confessed because Annie screwed JR. Otherwise, he would have gone right along and not said a word.

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:37 AM

    We didn't get to watch yesterday's show until last night...

    So any of you who have read my posts know I am not a big fan of either Erica or Greenpuck..........BUT I will have to say that I found the scenes between Erica and Greenpuck funny because it was obviously uncomfortable for them....It made for some amusing dialogue.......

    A word of advice to Jackapoodle though......Boy did you flunk "How to get along with your spouse 101"

    First of all you invited your daughter to stay with Erica without asking....Dumb.

    If I had invited someone to dinner, e.g., without letting my wife know....the dialogue would go something like this:

    (Aside) DEAR - could I have a word with you alone - in the other room DEAR......Trust me on this Jackapoodle

    Posted by HipHopGrandma at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:38 AM

    Caleb will eventually learn that Scott is nothing like JR - he just tried to be for awhile and look where that got him. But what's the fun in Scott going to jail if he's not going to turn Junior in? THAT's what I wanted to see. Trust me, Junior is further down on my list than David used to be.

    Posted by jumps at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:38 AM

    Brot is kind of getting on my nerves lately. He needs to face facts, Natalie is his superior. He needs to quit 2nd guessing her all the time.

    Posted by Gottalaff at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:39 AM

    Why is annie still at the Chandler Mansion - does this woman have no shame?????

    Posted by fromthestart at Tuesday, October 12 2010 11:50 AM

    This IS on topic....but not about today's show.

    I have been watching AMC pretty much from day one. It is the ONLY soap my wife and I watch....most of the time we have to record it because of time restraints and other activities.

    So when I look at the ratings (AMC is last in the Soap.Com ratings- I know it is 170 like OTLT and DAYS-but it is listed as last) and I see the number of comments (very few) on the message board. I would think that it does not bode well for AMC........I know TPTB made the move to California, but they still need to make a profit....are they ?????..........

    It looks like they are bringing more characters into the fold...but will it be enough ?????

    If AMC were to be wife and I are NOT going to watch another soap......not now.........There are too many other things going on (both on TV and other events).

    This is a diversion for that is almost a hobby that makes us wonder "what in the world will happen next"
    It is not real (despite my post yesterday)...It is an escape..........I do not know what formula Soap.Com uses to rate the soaps.....whatever they use...AMC is LAST.

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