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    All My Children - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'All My Children' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Today is the DAY TO WATCH!

    Friday, September 08 2006

    Jesse McCartney and Jordan Pruitt sing at Colby and Sidney's (played by actress Taylor Gildersleeve ) collective sweet 16 birthday. As previously reported Jesse McCartney actually portrayed the character of JR Chandler from 1998 - 2001. But this time » Read More

    AMC's Susan Lucci Gets Flooded!

    Wednesday, September 06 2006

    A New York restaurant owner rescued a couple August 31, 2006 Thursday evening and was quite surprised! The couple was in the Hamptons when their Mercedes convertible became quickly swamped in about 3 feet of water during a storm when they were traveling down Route 104. Other cars had passed them right by but the NY Restaurant owner Mr. Degel decided to assist them to safety. » Read More

    Soap Stars Real Lives Gossip

    Tuesday, September 05 2006

    Jacob Young (JR Chandler) is reportedly engaged to long time girlfriend Christen Stewart, August 2006.

    Connie Fletcher (Erin) and Colin Egglesfield (Josh) are dating.

    Michael E. Knight (Tad) and his wife Catherine Hickland (Lindsay-OLTL) are divorcing. » Read More


    Wednesday, August 30 2006

    ABC announced that there will be a show on Thursday, August 31st on Soapnet with hosts Lisa Rinna & Ty Treadway. They are set to reveal star-studded preview specials that will give soap fans some inside scoops on their favorite shows. Some of the revealing information will be from " All My Children "; " General Hospital ", and " One Life to Live ".

    Lisa Rinna And Ty Treadway Tapped To Host SOAPNET REVEALS...ABC SOAP SECRETS... » Read More


    Monday, August 28 2006

    As the rumors fly for the past three weeks about Eden Riegel (Bianca) of All My Children being released from her contract is not true. She will be reprising her role and on the set as of September 12th. » Read More

    AMC's Steady Cam Not So Steady!

    Tuesday, August 15 2006

    All My Children are using a new production technique with their cameras. No doubt by now, the fans have emailed droves of complaints as well even leaving some feeling motion sickness when they watch. » Read More

    Jacob Young Plays HOT Lumiere in Broadway Production.

    Tuesday, July 25 2006

    Can't get enough of the dashing handsomely gorgeous Jacob Young who portrays JR? Well fans, I suggest you run down to ticketmaster and pick up the closest seats you can find for Disney's Beauty and the Beast (he must be the beauty) on Broadway. Jacob Youngs portrayal as Lumiere has been extended to August 20th. » Read More

    Annie McDermott, What a mess!

    Saturday, July 22 2006

    All My Children's recently developed character Annie McDermott in which her character aired July 10. The character was cast by a beautifully talented newcomer Melissa Egan. Egan formerly made appearances on "One Tree Hill" and "Dawson's Creek". Her character, yet to evolve completely has been described as a beautiful, fun-loving caught in the mess of her life! is curious to know how fans are enjoying the new character... » Read More

    Two Veteran Actresses Get Cut From Contract

    Wednesday, June 28 2006

    All My Children fans are a bit dismayed finding out that two veteran actresses have been released from their contracts. Rumors swelling that they've been let go to make room for new younger starts. When All My Children's revamped opening credits were shown in early June, fans were relieved to see that some recently hired stars made the lineup, but sadly two faces were missing.

    Jill Larson, who plays Opal and Tonya Pinkins who... » Read More

    Aidan Extends Contract, Still Longs for England.

    Wednesday, May 24 2006

    Don't rumors just drive you insane? Late last year, there were rumors swirling about that All My Children's English hottie Aiden Turner had decided to leave the show when his contract was due. » Read More

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