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    All My Children - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'All My Children' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Several Superstars Join AMC to Free Erica Kane!

    Thursday, April 03 2008

    Look out Pine Valley, several big-name stars from the non-soap world are headed to town to support Erica Kane. After her arrest and conviction for Insider Trading charges, a la Martha Stewart, it seems that there is no end to Erica's support system.

    First, of course, was new cell mate Carmen. Though the two have been on the run for a few days now, and technically Carmen is holding Erica hostage, it is clear that the women have... » Read More

    All My Children's Jeffrey Carlson in Antony & Cleopatra!

    Monday, March 31 2008

    Although this news may make a few Zarf/Zoe fans unhappy, would like to congratulate Jeffrey Carlson, ex-Zarf/Zoe, on his next role: in Shakespeare's "Antony & Cleopatra"! This will be Jeffrey's second Shakespearean role in the last year. Very cool!

    After leaving All My Children last spring, Jeffrey went on to star in the Shakespeare play "Hamlet" in Washington D.C. You may have also caught him in the film "The Killing... » Read More

    AMC Actor's Appearances! (NEW!!)

    Friday, March 28 2008

    Hey, All My Children fans, this is your chance to meet your favorite stars in person!

    Current Actor's Appearances

    *You can catch Walt Willey , Jack, at Stanford's Comedy Club in Kansas City, Kansas on March 30, 2008. Tickets are $35 and showtime is 4pm.

    * Amanda Baker , Babe, and Ambyr Childers , Colby, will appear at the 3rd Annual Touched By A Star event on Saturday April 5, 2008. It will be held... » Read More

    Meet A Few All My Children Day-Players!

    Wednesday, March 26 2008

    As soap opera fans, we know our favorite characters - and the actors who play them - inside and out! But we also know that the shows would never be made without a few extra faces thrown into the mix. Though these day-players rarely receive contract status or get their own bios, I thought it would be fun to track a few down to get the scoop. Here is what I learned.

    Murphy Guyer, Rafael, is another Pine Valley newcomer. Robert... » Read More

    Cady McClain Makes a Ghostly Return To AMC!!

    Monday, March 24 2008

    She's baaaaack! Pine Valley fans have been clamoring for Dixie's return for months - practically since Dixie fell victim to the Satin Slayer more than a year ago - and now it looks like Dixie's return is really going to happen.

    And that Tad will finally find daughter Kate!

    Sources tell that Cady McClain will make her return as Dixie in May - just in time for Sweeps month - and that she'll help to reunite Tad... » Read More

    Criminal Kane: Erica Kane's Criminal Past!

    Thursday, March 20 2008

    It looks like Pine Valley fans will see a new side of Erica for the next few weeks as she heads upstate to serve a six-month stint in prison. The question many fans are asking is: orange or pinstripes? Will Erica look best in fluorescent orange or retro black-and-white stripes? Whatever the prison decides one thing is for certain: La Kane will make the horrible, baggy thing look like it is fresh from the runways!

    With all this talk... » Read More

    The Many Faces of Jake Martin

    Tuesday, March 18 2008

    With news spreading that a new Jake is headed to All My Children , we thought it would be fun to revisit the character and the many actors who have played the part over the years in Pine Valley.

    Jake, full name Joseph Martin, JR., was actually called Joey until he hit his teen years and wanted a more grown up sounding name. Through the childhood and teenage years, Jake was played by Michael Scaleri and Michael Brainard.
    ... » Read More

    AMC: Where Are They Now? Couples Edition!

    Thursday, March 13 2008

    Great couples are hard to find in today's soap opera landscape, but in the past it seemed that supercouples were around every corner. We thought it would be fun to catch up with a few former supercouples from Pine Valley's past to see what the actor's are doing now.

    Let's start with fan-favorites Cliff Warner and Nina Cortlandt. Their on-again, off-again relationship began - and ended - during the 1980s. They married and divorced one... » Read More

    Exclusive Chat With AMC's Melissa Claire Egan!

    Monday, March 10 2008

    Last week, we caught up with Melissa Claire Egan and her hopes for her character, Annie Lavery. That wasn't the end of our interview, though, it was just the beginning. Melissa has signed on for a small part in a movie and she is a spokesperson for ProActiv Solution.

    I chatted with Melissa about her skin and hair-care regimen, the upcoming movie and how she decides which charity events to take part in. Here is what she had to say!» Read More

    Ricky Paull Goldin Signs On With AMC!!

    Thursday, March 06 2008

    Hey Pine Valley, a couple of new faces will be on your television screens very soon: one vibrant young - and imprisoned! - woman and one hunky young ex-medical student! has learned that in April, Ricky Paull Goldin will join the cast as Jake Martin. In March, Elizabeth Rodriguez joins the cast as "Sugar" Morales - Erica's cell mate!

    Let's talk about the new guy first. Ricky Paull Goldin is no stranger to daytime television.... » Read More

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