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    All My Children - NEWS ROOM

    In our 'All My Children' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    All My Children Weekly Blog.

    Tuesday, September 03 2013

    "AMC" Rundown for September 2:

    With so many storylines in the air it was unrealistic to expect resolution on everything, but the finale really seemed to end on a whimper rather than a bang. It’s probably unfair to compare the season ender in Pine Valley with the exciting shocker over in Llanview, but it’s hard not to. Overall, we got a lot of romance without many sparks, leaving quite a few relationships in limbo. We’ll just... » Read More

    All My Children Weekly Blog.

    Tuesday, August 27 2013

    "AMC" Rundown for August 26:

    With the Season One finale just a week away, it was great to see a few couples finally move forward with their relationship, while it became clear there were a few storylines that will not even be close to resolution before we say goodbye to Pine Valley for now.

    Lucy and Ethel.
    Colby and Opal were totally cute during their caper, trading catty digs while helping zip each other... » Read More

    All My Children Weekly Blog.

    Tuesday, August 20 2013

    "AMC" Rundown for August 19:
    The gala was over and all that remained was the regret, the longing, and the unraveling secrets. We're fast approaching the season finale in a few weeks and we are still waiting for lots of resolution - and quite a few hook-ups.

    Not good.
    So no one is in a worse position this week than Cara. From JR stealing her prescription pads and his threat to expose her son, to David saving... » Read More

    All My Children Weekly Blog.

    Tuesday, August 13 2013

    "AMC" Rundown for August 12:

    It was more gala drama at Chandler Mansion/Media – still weird – and there were enough over the top moments (pie in cleavage, ‘roid rage meltdown, Jason Derulo) to make this well-heeled gathering well worth the price of admission. Not that we wouldn’t trade a night at the gala for a pep talk from Billy Clyde Tuggle over a Stinky Pinky during a bender. Now that could be a life-changing... » Read More

    All My Children Weekly Blog.

    Tuesday, August 06 2013

    "AMC" Rundown for August 6:

    The gala finally arrived, setting the stage for plenty of well-heeled drama next week. Sometimes the setup is half the fun, especially with Opal running color commentary and Billy Clyde hiding out in the bushes like some kind of crazed fan. But we’re more than ready to see some relationships advance, so here’s hoping the party propels some serious drama into Pine Valley.

    ... » Read More

    All My Children Weekly Blog.

    Tuesday, July 30 2013

    "AMC" Rundown for July 29:

    Heartfelt emotions ran high in Pine Valley this week, which is exactly where "AMC" excels. These characters have range and just like the rest of us they aren't all good or all bad, but fall somewhere in between. Because of that, they are all redeemable no matter how flawed, and more interesting to watch than if they were just one note.

    Using the last name.
    Dr. Anders acts like such... » Read More

    All My Children Weekly Blog.

    Tuesday, July 23 2013

    "AMC" Rundown for July 22:

    We got to see some different sides to a few characters, adding depth that only endear them to us more. Opal and Pete seemed closer sharing their successes, David continued to offer comfort to the ladies in town and Colby and Cassandra connected in a way that opened them both up. It feels like the show has slipped into its rhythm, with storylines layering and characters developing naturally. Pine Valley is... » Read More

    All My Children Weekly Blog.

    Tuesday, July 16 2013

    "AMC" Rundown for July 15:

    Emotions ran high this week, and not many of them were happy and light. In fact, things were downright depressing in Pine Valley as plots got pushed forward on a few storylines and teases were made about what’s to come. We love the drama but wouldn’t mind a side of joy served along with it.

    Missing mom.
    Bianca must be very torn. A loyal sister, she has to be with her during her... » Read More

    All My Children Soap Digest.

    Tuesday, July 16 2013

    Actor updates for July 10 – 16.

    There's more exciting baby news, a number of fundraisers, a call for questions for an actress, news of a Primetime audition, and the return to TV.

    Ambyr Childers with child.
    Hot on the heels of the news that Ambyr Childers (ex-Colby Chandler) is in August's issue of Esquire is the news that she's expecting her second child with her husband, producer Randall Emmett.... » Read More

    All My Children Weekly Blog.

    Tuesday, July 09 2013

    "AMC" Rundown for July 8:

    Things were really starting to feel normal in Pine Valley this week, thanks to Jesse’s unwavering inability to tell Angie the truth – much to David’s delight – while JR continued to make dangerous decisions. Just your typical week in town.

    Tempo temptations.
    Very interesting goings on behind the scenes at Talk Tempo. Dimitri telling Brooke that she is one of the most... » Read More

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