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    In our 'All My Children' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    AMC Casting Rumors - True or False?

    Friday, December 14 2007

    Sabine Singh Is Out! (
    We hear casting rumors all the time here at, but it looks like a few rumored AMC casting changes are actually true! has learned that three familiar faces are likely to return to Pine Valley early in 2008.


    The first rumor - that Rebecca Budig is returning - is TRUE!

    It is official this morning - Rebecca Budig is in as Greenlee and Sabine Singh is out. has learned that the changeover will happen in January. Sabine will last air on January 15th and Rebecca will resume the role on January 16th!

    Rebecca Budig originated the Greenlee character in 1999 and the role made her a household name.

    Budig was nominated for two Emmy Awards and won a Soap Opera Digest award for her portrayal. Rebecca left the role in 2005 to pursue other projects. She has since appeared in made-for-television movies like "The Perfect Child" and shows such as "CSI".

    Earlier this year Sabine Singh brought Greenlee back to Pine Valley, but fans were slow to accept the newcomer in the fan-favorite role. Now, many fans have accepted the new face of Greenlee. Some are concerned that another change in the character will ruin Greens completely.

    Fans are divided on the return of Rebecca. Many feel she is the only Greenlee, however a lot of fans have enjoyed Sabine's portrayal of the character and say they will miss her.

    Rebecca Budig Is In! (
    The second rumor - that a fan-favorite supercouple from the past is returning - is also TRUE!

    1980s supercouple Angie and Jesse are returning to the Valley after the first of the year - and their original actors will resume the roles!

    Debbi Morgan originated the role of Dr. Angie Hubbard in the 1980s and left AMC in 1986 and since has had a full career. Some of you may remember her recurring role on the WB series "Charmed". In the 1990s this soap vet played Dr. Ellen Burgess on "Port Charles" and from 2006 to 2007 she played District Attorney Jennifer Tartaro on The Bold and The Beautiful". We are being told that Angie Hubbard will return to the Pine Valley canvas in mid-January.

    The other half of the Hubbard Supercouple was Jesse, played by Darnell Williams. He is also slated to return to Pine Valley in January, the question is how will Jesse's reappearance be explained? Many fans will remember that Jesse Hubbard was killed and died in Angie's arms. So fans are wondering how the writers will explain away the rebirth of this favorite character. Fans are also curious if Angie and Jesse will have ties to a certain hip-hopper (Dre) who recently arrived in Pine Valley with a big secret.

    Welcome back to these amazing daytime actors!!

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    Posted by mrfraser at Thursday, December 13 2007 01:15 PM

    Bringing Angie and Jesse back will be a new birth of good faith....however, we, long time viewers, remember him dying on the show

    I can only see Rebecca with Ryan...this is not the storyline is Sabine's the writers need to end this storyline with Zach PRIOR TO bring Rebecca back or just leave it alone...I cant see Rebecca with Zach or Aiden. Writers and STAFF dont mess this up for us VIEWERS.

    Posted by vld430 at Thursday, December 13 2007 01:53 PM

    I do not want a change in Greenlee. If Rebecca wanted the role back she should have taken it to strat with not after we get use to the change. I really don't like this. Rebecca may be a great actress but it's not fair for the viewers or Sabine. JMO

    Posted by stormynight at Thursday, December 13 2007 02:59 PM

    I agree with vid430,I grown to like the Greenlee we have now.
    If Rebecca was offer the Role and didn't want it,Then leave Sabine Singh alone...she doing a Great Job.and Bringing people back from the dead???stop I Know, I for one am getting very tired of this,and stop taking so long on a story line,I can miss a week and turn it back on and iI haven't lost my place i know right what going on.....your are starting to get very boring.I don't watch General Hospital for that very reason,I called it the Sonny &Carly

    Posted by Meeka at Friday, December 14 2007 06:32 AM

    I can not wait for the return of Jessie and Angie. Finally AMC is addressing the lack of color. Now if only the other shows will follow. I hope that they do these characters justice with great front burner storylines, and not just throw them on screen every once in a while like they did Derrick and Livia Freye. I really enjoyed those characters as well. It would be tragic if they put any one of the Greens with Zach. I have gotten use to the new Greens, but wish they would hurry and take the current storyline in a new direction. It has gotten old quickly. How long are they going to be missing? I hope that whatever Greens is on screen in January she is not a cry baby. Both actesses have captured the selfish, self absorbed, stubborn attributes of the character. I hated it with the old, and I hate it with the new. I like it when Greens is with Aiden because she doesn't act desperate and selfish. It' time to evolve this character.

    Posted by amc_jabe_fan_4ever at Friday, December 14 2007 12:59 PM


    Posted by ILoveTodd-TSJ at Friday, December 14 2007 04:17 PM

    I agree with vld430 100%. And, I really like Sabine Singh as Greenlee.
    Honestly, I like Sabine MORE than I like than I liked Rebecca. Way more. More than that.

    Posted by Ondverg at Friday, December 14 2007 05:43 PM

    I like Rebecca Budig and would love to see her back on AMC. She did a great job on CSI! I also like Sabine Singh and think that she plays the role of Greenlee very well. It would be good if AMC could find a way to keep her there by taking her off the show for a few months and maybe bringing her back with a different hair color/style in another strong role. Maybe she could play Greenlee's long lost sister that her mother never told her about. Another suggestion would be to give her a prominent role on OLTL or GH. She is too talented to lose to a soap on one of the other networks. PLEASE ABC FIND A WAY TO KEEP HER EMPLOYED! You did it when the character that played Max and Gabriel's son died. I can't even remember his name, but you brought him back as Michael. Both actresses are good at what they do and you should have them both under contract.

    Posted by Charyty at Friday, December 14 2007 07:01 PM

    I really like Sabine's portrayal of Greenlee - which is really enlightening for me because when she first arrived I couldn't see her as Greenlee but now she has become Greenlee and I really enjoy Her version of Greenlee and what's more I ENJOY her Greenlee and Aiden. PLEASE reconsider (hard to believe I'm saying that) this change ESPECIALLY if you are considering putting Rebecca's Greenlee back with Ryan BECAUSE I CANNOT STAND RYAN - and I know Sabine's Greenlee will have nothing to do with him but by bringing Rebecca back I hope you are not thinking of reuniting her and Ryan which really concerns me because I don't know if Rebecca and Aiden have the chemistry that Sabine and Aiden do! Rebecca - why now?!!! Sabine did all the hard work coming back and now she's being kicked out - ABC I hope you keep Sabine on board and do something with her.

    Angie and Jessie - interesting - i'm waiting to see how this unfolds - I remember Dixie (so don't screw them up) and while you are at it - REMEMBER DIXIE! Bring her back!!!

    Posted by mysonusmc83 at Friday, December 14 2007 08:34 PM

    I love Sabine Singh as Greenlee, i was not sure of playing the role at first but she is doing the job well.Sabine made it her own. Rebecca Budig was offerd the job a while ago and did not want it then so why now? l love it that Jesse and Angie are coming on the show again always enjoyed them. long time no see. can we get jenny to come back from the dead.!! talk about a story line

    Posted by beckysoap at Saturday, December 15 2007 07:27 AM

    i am glad that rebecca is coming back. i didn't like the new greenlee. i would love her back with cameron and let annie get with aiden. i saw rebecca and cameron at walmart a couple of years ago before super soap weekend and they were great together but i really want kendall to stay with zack and cameron and greenlee together

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