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    All My Children CAST - Marissa Tasker Chandler (Deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marissa Tasker Chandler (Deceased) Played by Sarah Glendening on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    Monday, June 13 2011

    JR and Marissa take Miranda and AJ to the park. JR gives Marissa the music box. She is blown away that he remembered the song her father used to sing to her. She calls it the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever gotten her. JR says she hasn't seen anything yet and kisses her, as Bianca observes from afar.

    I've Almost Killed A Board Member Or Two. They Get Over It.

    Friday, June 10 2011

    From the mansion, Marissa watches Scott working on the gatehouse. She tells JR they should do something nice for him and suggests they invite him to move back in. JR wonders if she just wants a buffer between the two of them. Marissa denies it. She wants to give Scott some support and thinks JR should get someone to help him finish the gatehouse. JR offers to make a call. AJ runs in wanting ice cream and the family decides to go together. Marissa tells JR he has a phone call to make first. JR calls his contractor and Marissa happily leaves the room. JR tells his guy he'll double his money if he makes sure the gatehouse doesn't get finished.

    Bianca brings Miranda to Krystal's for ice cream. Marissa shows up with AJ and they grab a table. As Marissa asks Bianca what she wanted to talk to her about earlier, JR joins them. JR walks to the bar to get his own sundae and Marissa notes Bianca's bad mood. Marissa thinks she's uncomfortable around her because she reminds her of Ricky. She gets it, but she hopes Bianca can get over it because there would be a huge hole in her life is she's not in it. Bianca responds that Marissa got her through their ordeal and says she has something for her. At the bar, JR tells Krystal he wants Marissa and he'll prove he loves her. He knows Marissa wants a real family and so does he.

    Falling In Love.

    Thursday, June 09 2011

    In Ricky's old hotel room, Marissa encourages Bianca to tell her what's on her mind, because after what they went through, nothing will change how she feels about her. Marissa gets a call from the Yacht Club manager saying JR has been in an altercation and he probably shouldn't drive home. Marissa tells Bianca she has to go and Bianca asks if she still loves JR. Marissa admits JR is winning her over and she likes being part of a family. She asks if there's a reason Bianca thinks she shouldn’t try again with him. Bianca just wants her to be happy and if JR makes that happen, then she'll support her.

    Marissa brings JR home. He tells her he was sucker punched and it was unprovoked. She asks who hit him. Scott shows up and admits it was him. After some words with JR, Scott leaves. Marissa defends Scott, which sets JR off. He heads into the main room and hears Caleb offer Asher a place to stay with him. JR declares Asher isn't going anywhere. Back in the foyer, Scott returns after getting a text from Marissa. He asks her why she wants to be with JR again. She says she's only there for AJ. He hopes so. Scott leaves to work on the gatehouse. Colby walks into the main room as Asher decides he will stay at the mansion. Colby announces that she will spend less time on her vlog in order to focus on what's important.

    Kendall and Bianca go back to Kendall's house. Bianca rants about what happened with Ricky. Kendall realizes she brought another Michael Cambias into their lives and Bianca had to pay the price again. Bianca assures her it's not her fault. She says she feels like a hypocrite though after counseling battered women to be strong, when she feels so scared. Kendall praises her sister, telling her how strong she really is. Bianca gets a call from Marissa, but keeps it short. Kendall questions Bianca's behavior and wonders what's going on. Bianca admits she's falling in love with Marissa.

    Silent Partners.

    Wednesday, June 08 2011

    Marissa sees David at the hospital. David tells her Bianca seemed to be struggling and Marissa races out to find her friend. JR happens upon David and says his song and dance at the board meeting won't get him anywhere because as long as Greenlee owns the hospital, he won't be welcomed back. David smugly tells Junior that he has no idea what he's capable of.

    Bianca goes to Ricky's hotel room to confront her demons. Marissa finds Bianca, who is still rattled from that night. Marissa assures her she's just as on edge about it as she is. Marissa wants her to call when things get this bad because there is nothing wrong with needing somebody. Bianca is on the verge of telling her something, but holds back.

    Older And Wiser.

    Thursday, June 02 2011

    JR overhears Marissa leaving Scott a message at the mansion and they share a nice moment. Later, Bianca stops by and JR asks if she can help Marissa take it easy and let people help her after what happened with Ricky. He thinks she's coming around and is letting him back in. JR leaves and Marissa returns to visit with her friend. They rehash their experience with Ricky and credit each other with getting through their ordeal. They hug, but an emotional Bianca backs away and leaves.

    It's Over.

    Friday, May 27 2011

    In the hospital break room, JR asks a shaky Marissa if she is all right. She shakes her head no and embraces him. He wants her to come back to the mansion and she agrees so she can take a shower to get the memory of Ricky's touch off of her. JR will make sure Ricky is caught so he never touches her again.

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