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    All My Children CAST - Marissa Tasker Chandler (Deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marissa Tasker Chandler (Deceased) Played by Sarah Glendening on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    Sitting Still.

    Tuesday, July 19 2011

    Scott finds Marissa packed and ready to leave the mansion. He wonders what JR did this time, but Marissa corrects him saying that she's in love in Bianca. Scott is surprised but notes she looks happy, which he couldn't have said when she was with JR. JR returns and tells Marissa to leave and to never come back. Once Marissa is gone, Scott says he's happy Marissa is a lesbian because that means she will never be with JR again. Alone, JR cries as he looks at a photo of Dixie. He says, "Your boy screwed up again."

    A Familiar Feeling.

    Monday, July 18 2011

    Marissa walks into Krystal's and tells her mother she's in love. It's not JR, but someone she didn’t expect. Krystal asks if it's Bianca. She says she just had a feeling based on how they are with each other. Krystal knows this is big and new, but Marissa states Bianca is what she has been looking for. She says she's the same person, she's just in love with a woman. Krystal thinks her daughter seems at peace in a way she never was with JR. Marissa wonders how she will explain it to everyone because they won't all be as accepting as Krystal is. Krystal doesn't think she should give a damn what other people think. Krystal just wants her to be happy and sees that she is. Krystal heads to the kitchen to check on her cornbread as Bianca enters. Bianca tells Marissa about "Erica" and David's engagement. Krystal approaches and tells Bianca how happy she is they are together.

    You've Created A Monster.

    Thursday, July 14 2011

    JR thinks Marissa is just messing with his head at the mansion regarding her feelings for Bianca. However, Marissa tells Bianca that she's falling in love with her. When JR hears Bianca admitted her feelings to Marissa on their trip, he accuses Bianca of manipulating Marissa. Bianca tells him she never meant to hurt him, but JR retorts that if she were a man he'd break her. JR asks if Marissa's always been attracted to women. She tells him no. It's new to her, but it is happening. Marissa turns to Bianca and says she's not falling for Bianca, she's already there. She can't promise she won't mess up, but she wants to see where it goes. Bianca gets a call from Kendall and leaves for a family emergency. Marissa apologizes for hurting JR. She offers to tell AJ, but JR says he'll do it. Marissa apologizes again, but JR tells her to get the hell out. Once alone, JR takes a drink.

    Living Up To Expectations.

    Wednesday, July 13 2011

    After Marissa kisses her in the park, Bianca backs off saying she can't do this. She thinks Marissa is just experimenting because she didn't get to in college. Marissa tells her she wants this and wonders if Bianca is just afraid. Bianca has been there before and it's a dead end and suggests they stop it before it starts. Marissa says when she found out Bianca gave JR the music box to give her, it all clicked because Bianca makes her feel the way the song does. Bianca cares about her too much and doesn’t want either of them to get hurt. Marissa is hurt by her walking away, but Bianca thinks one day she'll see that it was the right thing to do.

    Scott encounters Marissa at the mansion. She informs him that she and JR are over. Bianca's name comes up and Scott assumes she has a thing for Marissa. JR returns home and Scott leaves them to talk. JR assumes she's interested in Scott. Marissa says she doesn’t want JR or Scott, she wants Bianca, who walks in.


    Tuesday, July 12 2011

    JR dreams of being married to Marissa on the couch in the mansion. Marissa wakes him up and they fight about him using Bianca. He apologizes, but she thinks he will always have something to hide. She calls him just as bad as Adam.

    Marissa and Bianca meet up in the park. Marissa asks why she helped JR. Bianca thought she wanted JR. Marissa knows something has been going on between them for a while, but thinks she just couldn't accept it. She draws close to Bianca and kisses her.

    Taking A Step Back.

    Thursday, July 07 2011

    JR tries to explain to Marissa the help he received when it comes to her, as Scott walks in. The cousins argue about the gatehouse and then Marissa asks Scott to give them a minute alone. Marissa demands to know who has been helping him. JR admits it's Bianca. Marissa is taken aback, but JR says Bianca just gave him a few pointers. It was nothing he wasn't going to eventually figure out himself. JR gets a call and Marissa leaves.

    Marissa heads to Krystal's where she sees Bianca. Marissa says she knows Bianca has been helping JR. Bianca elaborates and tells her about the music box and the orange soda and chips. Marissa is blown away, but calls it manipulation and demands to know why she would be part of that. Bianca declares she had to because she knew she would never be able to do it herself. Bianca doesn’t think they should see each other for a while and Marissa agrees.

    Bad News Day In Pine Valley.

    Wednesday, July 06 2011

    Still at Krystal's, JR wonders why Marissa is so confused when it comes to him. Marissa sees Bianca enter and announces she knows who she is and what she wants. Bianca tells them she is meeting someone, as a pretty brunette walks in apologizing for being late. Bianca introduces JR and Marissa to her date. Marissa rambles on as she asks them about their plans. A rattled Marissa walks away and JR admits to Bianca he still needs her help with Marissa. Bianca tells him to just be open with her. JR is distracted by messages from Amanda. Bianca wonders what's really going on, but JR insists he's listening. Marissa runs into Bianca's date who wonders how long she's had a thing for Bianca. Marissa says they are just friends, but the woman noticed Marissa's body language and her lack of eye contact with Bianca. Marissa insists that she is not gay and says she just wants Bianca to be happy. Marissa returns to JR and Bianca, as Bianca joins her date. Marissa admits to JR she has been giving him mixed signals, but it's not his fault because he has done everything to prove himself to her. They leave, as Bianca's date says she knows she's not the one Bianca wants to be with. She suggests Bianca take Marissa on the date.

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