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    All My Children CAST - Marissa Tasker Chandler (Deceased) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marissa Tasker Chandler (Deceased) Played by Sarah Glendening on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Sarah Glendening

    Real Name: Sarah Glendening


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    Mountain Man Is Here.

    Wednesday, April 13 2011

    Tad walks into Krystal's to find the proprietor in a bad mood. He assumes Krystal is upset over Jack marrying Erica. She admits she likes Jack, but reminds Tad he is married to Cara now and suggests he has feelings for her as well. Cara calls Tad, who says he will be at the station soon. Once he hangs up, Krystal tells Tad it's time for both of them to move on. Tad leaves and Marissa enters to find her mother in a bad mood. She suggests they go to St. Bart's so she can give Bianca the good news in person and Krystal can get out of her funk.

    At the St. Bart's hotel, Ricky gets a call from a contact and learns Griffin was denied bail. He says Griffin's time is up and orders the person to make it happen. Meanwhile, Marissa shows up for Bianca without Krystal.

    Reverend Dimples Attacks.

    Wednesday, April 06 2011

    As Marissa and Bianca have a glass of wine at ConFusion, JR joins them and asks her to join him for an AA meeting since this is his two anniversary of being sober. He credits her for helping him really live and that's what this meeting means to him. She notes they have amazing memories, but they are in the past and they need to move on. JR leaves, but remains undeterred. Marissa takes off to meet Scott, but encourages Bianca to flirt back with the bartender who has been watching her all night. The bartender walks over to ask Bianca out, but she tells her she's still getting over her marriage so she turns her down.

    Tad joins JR at his meeting at the hospital and tells him how proud he is of him for being sober for two years. JR asks how married life is going and Tad defends it. JR notes he's trying with his own relationship. He never knew how much he loved Marissa until it was too late. However, he later sees Marissa leaving with Scott for their movie date.

    I Didn't Know You Cared.

    Monday, April 04 2011

    Marissa runs into the mansion soaking wet from the rain. She drops a book off for AJ and then heads upstairs to take a shower. JR cancels his meeting so he can spend time with her. When Marissa gets out of the shower, JR tells her he can't get her out of his mind and goes in for a kiss. She backs away and runs upstairs. Marissa leaves as Scott drops by to confront JR about causing trouble with Madison. He tells his cousin to stay away from her and stay out of his life.

    Mommy's Here.

    Wednesday, March 30 2011

    While Marissa talks to AJ on the phone at ConFusion, Caleb talks to Bianca about Erica. Marissa returns to Bianca and Caleb to tell them she's heading out. Once she's gone, Caleb indicates Erica's relationship with Jack won't last. Bianca doesn’t think he knows Erica at all. Later, Jack finds Caleb at the bar and makes it clear Erica is with him, so he shouldn’t wait around for her.

    When Marissa shows up at the mansion, she learns JR offered Reese a job in order to force her to drop the custody suit. She wonders why he would do that. He knows this is an important case for her, but he also didn't want her to go through another painful divorce proceeding. He will never stop trying to help his family. AJ runs in with a game, but JR tells him Marissa needs to go home. Marissa pipes up and says she'd love to stay and play. Caleb stops by to drop off something for Asher. JR says he's not there. Caleb wonders how JR got Marissa to stop by. JR tells him he's not a quitter and goes after what he wants until he gets it. Caleb thinks they might not be as different as he thinks. JR returns to his family, as Marissa gets a call from Bianca. Marissa assures Bianca she's got everything handled at the mansion and she'll talk to her tomorrow.

    Bang Your Head.

    Tuesday, March 29 2011

    After finding Marissa on the side of the road after her car breaks down, JR brings her to the mansion. Since she hurt her foot kicking the tire in frustration, JR offers to let her stay there. She thinks he could have anyone he wanted, so why is he banging his head against a wall with her. He isn't convinced that's what he's doing. Marissa gets a call and then asks JR to take her to see Bianca.

    Marissa and JR meet Bianca at ConFusion. Marissa tells her Reese's lawyer is fighting dirty and she wants to hit back. Bianca doesn’t want to escalate the fight. JR urges Bianca to let Marissa defend her, but Bianca doesn’t want his input. Marissa pleads with Bianca, who eventually tells her to do what she has to do. Marissa steps away to make some calls and JR tells Bianca he wants his family back. She is leery, but he doesn't see his wish as a bad thing. Marissa returns and JR steps away to pay the check. Bianca tells Marissa JR wants her to trust him. Marissa notes JR won't give up. Bianca asks if she wants him to. They commiserate over starting over and agree to help each other through it. Bianca thanks her for taking her case and helping her keep her girls.

    A Hankering For A Hunk Of Scotty C.

    Friday, March 25 2011

    In front of the bachelor auction board, Amanda tries to convince Marissa to bid on JR. She realizes her ex put Amanda up to this. Amanda pleads JR's case and encourages her to go out with JR. Cara walks in and tells Marissa she has to bid now if she's going to.

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