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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler Played by Daniel Cosgrove on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Cosgrove

    Birthday: December 16, 1970
    Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married since 1997 with three children
    Real Name: Daniel Cosgrove
    Height: 5'11"


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    Reverend Dimples Attacks.

    Wednesday, April 06 2011

    Madison and Scott run into Greenlee and Ryan at the hospital as they wait for Emma, who is with her therapist. Ryan wants to join Madison who is there for her own appointment. She says she and Scott have it covered, but Ryan wants to be part of the experience. He also wants Emma to be part of it. Madison will think about it and then asks if he wants to go with her to meet her doctor. Madison and Ryan head off to her appointment, where they hear the baby's heartbeat. After all the appointments are over, Emma privately tells Greenlee her therapist understands why she doesn't want Greenlee to be her stepmother.

    Tad joins JR at his meeting at the hospital and tells him how proud he is of him for being sober for two years. JR asks how married life is going and Tad defends it. JR notes he's trying with his own relationship. He never knew how much he loved Marissa until it was too late. However, he later sees Marissa leaving with Scott for their movie date.

    I Didn't Know You Cared.

    Monday, April 04 2011

    Scott finds Madison wearing his shirt in their apartment. He notes how good she looks in it and then Madison asks if wants to do something. He tells her he is going to a movie with Marissa. He invites her along, but Madison doesn’t want to be a third wheel. She infers there's more going on between them than just friends. He asks who told her that and she explains that JR told her about their history. Emma comes over and Madison secretly calls Ryan to tell him that his daughter stopped by without telling anyone.

    Ryan picks Emma up at Scott and Madison's and tells his daughter she can't run off like that. Emma says she came to visit Madison because she's having his baby. Emma demands to know why Ryan isn't married to Madison instead of Greenlee. Scott leaves and Ryan tries to explain things to Emma. He then tells Emma they are going home so she can apologize to Greenlee.

    Marissa runs into the mansion soaking wet from the rain. She drops a book off for AJ and then heads upstairs to take a shower. JR cancels his meeting so he can spend time with her. When Marissa gets out of the shower, JR tells her he can't get her out of his mind and goes in for a kiss. She backs away and runs upstairs. Marissa leaves as Scott drops by to confront JR about causing trouble with Madison. He tells his cousin to stay away from her and stay out of his life.

    Madison runs into Scott at the hospital and admits she is a little jealous over his and Marissa's past. He insists they are just friends. He then points out she is carrying another man's baby so if anyone should be jealous it's him. She didn't know he cared. He responds, "Now you do." Madison is taken aback and Scott tells her that his life has been downhill since his father died. He doesn't know where he's going, but he's not worried about it because everything is better with her in his life. She in turn tells him she misses him when he's not home and she wears his shirt to feel closer to him. She thinks they've gone this far without a plan so they shouldn't question it. He moves in for a kiss.

    A Hankering For A Hunk Of Scotty C.

    Friday, March 25 2011

    In their apartment, Scott tells Madison he might have a date due to the auction. She notes he's not too thrilled about it, but he counters that he is experiencing amused anticipation. He doesn’t think any of the ladies are going to be lining up to bid on an ex-con. If Madison had money, she'd be there in a heartbeat. Madison teases him about who his possible date could be. Marissa shows up and reveals she is Scott's date. Madison tells them to have fun, but after they leaves she looks disappointed. JR stops by to rattle Madison's cage about Scott and Marissa going out together.

    At Krystal's Scott asks what brought Marissa to bid on him. He asks if she had a hankering for a hunk of Scotty C. She tells him she did it to avoid JR, but assures him he was very expensive considering he garnered the second highest bid. She asks him about Madison and he expresses his concern over her being alone and says he should get back. After Scott has left, JR arrives. She calls him out on having Amanda report back on her date. She asks why he's not on his date. He tells her he doubled the bid himself so he didn't have to go. She asks why and he responds so he could be there with her. JR declares he wants her back, but promises he won't do anything shady to make it happen.

    Scott returns home to Madison who pretends to be asleep. When he makes some noise and she doesn’t budge he realizes she's faking. He crawls in bed with her and makes her laugh. He notes she waited up. She retorts he came home early. He tells her this is where he wanted to be.

    Madison Asks How High.

    Monday, March 21 2011

    In their studio, Madison and Scott go over baby names, but come up empty. Frankie stops by and Scott leaves. Madison tells Frankie Ryan knows he's the father of the baby, but nothing changes. She will still raise the baby on her own. Ryan calls Madison to tell her Emma wants to see her and asks her to meet them at the hospital. Madison hangs up and Frankie notes she's still jumping when Ryan calls.

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