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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler Played by Daniel Cosgrove on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Cosgrove

    Birthday: December 16, 1970
    Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married since 1997 with three children
    Real Name: Daniel Cosgrove
    Height: 5'11"


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    No More Lies.

    Wednesday, May 04 2011

    Scott arrives in Madison's room. She warns Ryan was there looking for answers. He's on his way to see Greenlee. Scott wonders if the truth comes out, and it causes issues with Ryan and Greenlee, what will that mean for her? Madison doesn't answer but has Scott put on the list of who will be there when her baby is born. Ryan will be there for the baby. Madison wants Scott there for her.

    Scott takes Madison home. Madison answers his earlier question. She doesn't want another chance with Ryan and says, "I want you." Scott kisses her and says, "I want you too." They fall to the bed.

    Wired Up.

    Monday, May 02 2011

    At the hospital, Madison lets Scott know she will be asking Ryan to be in the delivery room with her when she gives birth. She hopes he's not upset considering all they've been through. He covers and says he understands. Scott then gets a call from JR who tells him to meet him at the house.

    Scott shows up at the mansion and learns a tree fell on the gatehouse and basically destroyed it. JR tells his cousin to take whatever he wants from it before the wrecking crew gets there. Scott gets angry because the gatehouse was important to his father. JR tells him it isn't personal and he wouldn't do anything to destroy Stuart's memory. Scott thinks that's exactly what he's doing. Scott storms out and Marissa shows up to tell JR she can't keep lying about Tad and Cara and besides, she is too old to be living at home with her mother. She takes JR up on his offer to move in temporarily.

    Madison finds Scott back at the hospital to tell him about her run-in with Greenlee. He in turn tells her about the gatehouse and declares he will rebuild the house himself.

    Scott returns to the mansion and announces to Marissa and JR that he will rebuild the gatehouse. Marissa offers to help with the permits as his lawyer.

    You Killed My Husband.

    Monday, April 25 2011

    Scott and Madison find Emma with Greenlee at ConFusion. Greenlee gets an emergency call from Randi about work. Greenlee has to leave and Scott and Madison offer to take Emma to the treasure hunt at the Chandlers. Greenlee says she is looking after Emma today, but Emma doesn't want to be with her. Greenlee announces that Madison needs to be at Fusion since the emergency involves her mother and baby line. Scott takes Emma to the mansion as the women head to work.

    Scott brings Emma over to the Chandlers, where JR notes Scott has been talking to Marissa a lot. Marissa sees Bianca, who can't get a hold of Erica. Bianca notes how cozy Marissa looked with JR, but Marissa blows it off. After JR and Scott taunt each other over the women in their lives, Scott walks over and acts familiar with Marissa. JR just stares at them. Bianca talks with Maya, who thinks the kids are really cute. Bianca tells her she doesn't know what she would do without her girls. The kids head out to the treasure hunt as Scott talks to Marissa about Madison. JR interrupts and leads Marissa away. Maya brings Emma to Scott. Emma says she doesn’t want to be there and wants to go home. JR asks Marissa to help him convince Bianca to go on a date with a woman in his finance department. Marissa agrees the woman is great, as JR tries to convince Bianca to go on a blind date. JR says if it will make her feel more comfortable, he and Marissa can double date with them. Marissa tries to convince Bianca to give it a chance. She promises she will be there to help Bianca through it.

    Upstairs at Fusion, Greenlee lashes out at Madison for the problems with her line. Madison tells her she has notes on her computer. Greenlee opens Madison's laptop and sees a scrapbook Madison has created for her baby's daddy. Greenlee thinks it's time they lay down some ground rules. As the women bicker, Scott brings Emma in who only wants to talk to Madison about missing her mommy. Greenlee glares at Madison as she seemingly deletes Madison's scrapbook. Greenlee then tells Emma they will go to ConFusion for a hot chocolate nightcap.

    Blending In.

    Wednesday, April 20 2011

    Madison brings Scott a new tie at the hospital so he can start the new job he's applying for in style. He says it's not a big deal, but he would get a raise. After Madison has left for work, Scott receives a letter and learns he didn’t get the job.

    Reverend Dimples Attacks.

    Wednesday, April 06 2011

    Scott helps Madison make a video for her baby. Madison tells her baby how much she loves her and Scott encourages her to tell her daughter about her history. Madison starts talking about Scott and how he has helped them. She declares how lucky they are to have him in their lives.

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