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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler Played by Daniel Cosgrove on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Cosgrove

    Birthday: December 16, 1970
    Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married since 1997 with three children
    Real Name: Daniel Cosgrove
    Height: 5'11"


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    The Sincerest Form Of Flattery.

    Friday, May 13 2011

    After Madison throws Scott out of her hospital room, Ryan assures her Scott truly cares about her. Madison can only focus on her baby right now and then gets a pain. Ryan hails the doctor out in the hallway, as Scott tells Greenlee he doesn't care if Madison never talks to him again, he just wants her and the baby to be okay. After Ryan leaves Madison to rest, Scott walks in. He tells a sleeping Madison he is praying for her and the baby. He wants to give them the life she dreamed of and the life she deserves. He says he can do that because he loves her. Madison opens her eyes and asks Scott to leave. He tries to make her see how important she is to him, but she calls it all a lie. He reminds her of all the small moments that prove what they have is real and says he loves her.

    The doctor, Ryan and Greenlee return to Madison's room as a monitor goes off. The doctor says the baby's heart rate is dropping significantly so they have to deliver the baby now.

    Behind The Curtain.

    Thursday, May 12 2011

    At Fusion, David announces he informed Madison about Scott's deal with Greenlee. As Ryan holds Scott back from going after Hayward, David takes delight in the fact that Greenlee has followed in his footsteps. Scott wonders why he would crush Madison like that. David smugly says he just told her truth, which is what Scott should have done from the beginning. David walks away and Scott tells Ryan he doesn't know what he'll say to Madison, but he has to try and make her forgive him.

    After losing control of her car, Madison is brought to the hospital, as Jesse stands nearby. Madison is taken away on a stretcher and Jesse calls Ryan. Scott walks up and learns about Madison from Jesse. Greenlee and Ryan join them and they discover Madison is in labor. They all head into Madison's room, but Madison demands Scott get out.

    Collateral Damage.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    David approaches Greenlee at the hospital to sign for some things from the free clinic. He notes she's upset and offers to listen. As Greenlee lashes out at him, Scott enters and orders David to back off. After some words, David leaves, but stops to eavesdrop and learns about Greenlee and Scott's deal.

    David finds Madison at ConFusion and 'innocently' lets it slip that Scott and Greenlee were in cahoots. Madison pretends that she knew, but runs out. Liza walks past her and wonders if a smug looking David had anything to do with that. He tells her a gift fell into his lap and he couldn't ignore it. David says Madison is just collateral damage because the real target is Ryan and Greenlee's marriage. He sees Ryan and Scott both enter and walks over to them. He says he might have just made a big mistake.

    Can't Forgive And Forget.

    Friday, May 06 2011

    At their place, Madison gushes over and defends Scott to Ryan, who warns him not to even think about hurting Madison. Ryan leaves and Scott follows. Greenlee calls Madison and orders her to come to the office.

    Scott visits Ryan at home. Ryan lashes out at him for lying to Madison. Scott assures him things have changed and he has real feelings for her. After Scott pleads his case, Ryan assures him Madison won't find out about his deal with Greenlee from him and orders Scott out. Greenlee returns home and admits to Ryan she messed up. She's done apologizing though. From here on out she will fight. She knows they will get past this and tells him she loves him. Ryan says he still loves her, but he doesn't know how to move on from what she did. He can't forgive and forget just yet. She will keep fighting until he is. Ryan leaves the room to check in with Griffin and Kendall.

    Scott and Madison meet up at their place. A serious Scott tells her they need to talk about everything. She isn't up for any more discussion and just wants to be with him and the baby, who kicks. Scott tells her all he wants if for things to work out for her.

    A Clean Slate.

    Thursday, May 05 2011

    Scott and Madison discuss their feelings for each other at the apartment and then have sex for the first time. Afterward, Scott suggests they stay in bed and order Chinese food before they have to get back to reality tomorrow. She worries about Greenlee taking her problems with Ryan out on her. She can't believe Greenlee has been keeping things from Ryan and tells a guilty looking Scott that if you love someone you shouldn’t lie to them. After they get dressed they discuss all the mistakes they've made. Scott tells Madison he wants to do right by her and she says they should move forward with a clean slate. Ryan knocks on the door and asks to talk to Madison alone. She tells him anything he has to say to her he can say in front of Scott. Madison announces she wants Scott in the delivery room because he's really stood by her. Ryan asks, "Are you sure about that?"

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