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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler Played by Daniel Cosgrove on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Cosgrove

    Birthday: December 16, 1970
    Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married since 1997 with three children
    Real Name: Daniel Cosgrove
    Height: 5'11"


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    Getting To The Other Side Of The Pain.

    Wednesday, June 01 2011

    Scott and Madison prepare for her baby's funeral in her hospital room. He offers to move out of their apartment if it helps her. Greenlee and Ryan walk in and Madison asks if it can just be her and Ryan. Scott and Greenlee understand.

    Scott packs up the baby's things at the apartment. Greenlee joins him because she understands how he feels. He says he won't go away, believing Madison just needs time. Scott knows the baby wasn't his biologically, but he feels like he lost his own child.

    Scott finds Madison and Ryan in the park after the service. He apologizes, but says he couldn’t stay away because he loved Sara too. Madison takes Scott to say goodbye to Sara. Greenlee approaches Ryan, who embraces her.

    Feeling Nothing.

    Wednesday, May 25 2011

    As JR prepares for Asher to come home to the mansion, Marissa tells him how impressed she is that he rushed in to save him. A devastated Scott walks in and asks for a minute alone with Marissa. JR leaves and Scott tells Marissa the baby died and he's trying to give Madison the space she needs. He's there to keep busy with the gatehouse. Marissa makes it clear she is there for him whatever he needs. Scott appreciates it and hugs her, as JR returns. Scott heads out to the gatehouse and Marissa tells JR about Madison's baby. She declares she will be there for Scott, but JR thinks it's a big mistake. She reminds him it's none of his business who she is friends with. She leaves for a meeting and Scott returns to the main house. JR offers his condolences. He also offers him the Chandler Enterprise place in London if he wants to get away. Scott thinks he just wants him away from Marissa. Scott tells his cousin there's nothing he can do to get Marissa back. He leaves, as JR smirks over the thought of rising to the challenge.

    Scott stops by Madison's hospital room. She is icy towards him, but he tells her he loves her and he will keep coming back until she realizes what they had was real. Madison knows she has every right to doubt what he says, but she doesn’t. She knows they had something more than just a deal, but it's all gone. She feels nothing now. Scott thinks she just needs to give it some time, but Madison knows the pain will never go away. She doesn’t know if she will ever feel anything ever again. He leaves the room, but sits in a chair so he can watch over her from the hallway.

    She's Gone.

    Friday, May 20 2011

    Jack and "Erica" arrive at the hospital. "Erica" talks with Ricky and after some discussion about the loss, she asks about the engagement. He tells her Kendall said yes. She's thrilled and offers to throws a huge engagement party. He thinks it would be great, but reminds her the timing is bad because of the recent tragedy. Erica then runs into Greenlee, who has been leaving messages for Scott. Erica asks how she is doing and offers support. Greenlee is understandably skeptical. Later, Scott excitedly walks in with gifts for the baby. Greenlee tells him she tried to call him. He can tell by the look on her face that something has happened to the baby and he cries.

    Ryan brings Madison to the chapel, but she doesn’t know how to say goodbye to their baby. She cries as she says she misses Sara and it's like there's a gaping hole where she used to be. Ryan encourages her to tell their daughter that. Ryan comforts her after she says her goodbyes, as Scott walks in.

    Sara Lavery.

    Thursday, May 19 2011

    Scott brings Madison to see her baby, but she tells him she needs to do this on her own. He leaves her to it and Madison watches over her baby in the incubator. Ryan joins her and they touch their baby through the slots in the incubator. Madison thinks since they are letting them touch her, she must be getting better.

    Scott finds Greenlee in a lounge area in the hospital. He tells her he found an apartment that is bigger and closer to the hospital for Madison, but it's more expensive so he needs an advance on his salary. She tells him the hospital will cover any expense for Madison. Scott knows she's doing it out of guilt. Scott says being sorry won't change what they did, but he will be there for Madison in any way that she lets him.

    How Classy Is This?

    Monday, May 16 2011

    At the hospital, the doctor tells Ryan, Greenlee and Scott that the surgery went well, but both Madison and the baby need time to recuperate. Ryan's baby is wheeled out in an incubator and he is clearly affected. Madison is brought out next and Ryan tells her their baby is in intensive care. She sees Scott and tells him to go away because she can't deal with him right now.

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