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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler Played by Daniel Cosgrove on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Cosgrove

    Birthday: December 16, 1970
    Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married since 1997 with three children
    Real Name: Daniel Cosgrove
    Height: 5'11"


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    Taking A Step Back.

    Thursday, July 07 2011

    JR confronts Scott at the gatehouse for firing the contractor. Scott knows he was trying to sabotage the project with that guy. The cousins take shots at each other and Scott announces once he builds the house, he is moving in. JR accuses Scott of wanting to be near Marissa. Scott thinks she will need someone on her side and declares he won't let JR hurt her again. JR in turn throws Madison in his face. Scott won't say anything to Marissa because he knows JR will screw it up all on his own.

    Don't Talk About My Former Life Ever!

    Friday, June 17 2011

    At Krystal’s, Bianca expresses her sympathy to Scott about the baby. He tells her his relationship with JR is not good. She says that if he makes Marissa happy, she’s happy.


    Monday, June 13 2011

    Scott walks into Fusion, but Madison brushes him off. He knows she is in pain and he wants to try and fix it. Scott says he loves her, but she doesn’t want to hear it. He wants to make it right, but she recalls how many chances he had to come clean with her, but he didn’t. She yells for him to get out and starts throwing things at him. He leaves and she continues to trash the place until she breaks down in tears.

    Ryan and Greenlee head to Fusion. She points out they haven't gone out in awhile together. Kendall joins them and then Griffin shows up, by Greenlee's request, so they can celebrate his freedom. Kendall sits down and dryly tells Greens, "I love being ambushed." Scott pulls Ryan aside and tells him how upset Madison is upstairs. Ryan leaves to check on Madison, as Kendall gets a call from Jack, who is scared to death about "Erica." He wants to rally the troops and confront her. Across the way, a photographer spots "Erica' and asks to take her picture. She happily complies and then sees Greenlee alone with Griffin. She tells the photographer she might be able to give him a big scoop. "Erica" walks over to talk to her about buying the hospital. Griffin leaves as a skeptical Greenlee questions "Erica" and then tells her to talk to the hospital lawyers. The photographer walks over and "Erica" poses with Greenlee, who looks confused. "Erica" gets a call from Jack, who knows there is no project with Caleb and orders her to come to Kendall's.

    Back at ConFusion, Greenlee confronts Scott about running to Ryan for help with Madison. He chuckles that she won't be able to keep them apart this time. Scott says everything she did to keep them apart only brought them closer. Scott leaves as Ryan returns. He tells Greenlee he and Madison lost a child so they have to go through this together.

    Falling In Love.

    Thursday, June 09 2011

    After Scott punches JR at the yacht club, he stalks off, leaving his cousin with a bloody lip.

    Marissa brings JR home. He tells her he was sucker punched and it was unprovoked. She asks who hit him. Scott shows up and admits it was him. After some words with JR, Scott leaves. Marissa defends Scott, which sets JR off. He heads into the main room and hears Caleb offer Asher a place to stay with him. JR declares Asher isn't going anywhere. Back in the foyer, Scott returns after getting a text from Marissa. He asks her why she wants to be with JR again. She says she's only there for AJ. He hopes so. Scott leaves to work on the gatehouse. Colby walks into the main room as Asher decides he will stay at the mansion. Colby announces that she will spend less time on her vlog in order to focus on what's important.

    Silent Partners.

    Wednesday, June 08 2011

    After Ryan and Greenlee make plans for the day at home, a worried Scott drops by looking for Madison. Ryan thinks he might know where she is. Scott starts to follow him out, but Greenlee tells him to let Ryan do it alone. Ryan leaves and Greenlee tells a frustrated Scott that they have to let things play out the way they will. She hates it and doesn’t know how she fits into Ryan's grief right now, but she won't give up.

    JR finds Scott drinking at the Yacht Club bar. He makes snide comments about Madison, so Scott punches him.

    Older And Wiser.

    Thursday, June 02 2011

    After saying goodbye to Sara, Scott brings Madison home. She sees that he packed up all of the baby's things and tells him she can't stay there. The stuff may be gone, but the memories are still there. Scott tells her he got them a new apartment before the baby was born. He gives her the keys and says it's all hers. As she mulls it over, she gets a phone call from Ryan, who offers to find her a place and pay the rent. After hanging up, Madison tells Scott she can't accept help from men anymore when she should be doing things for herself. She thanks Scott for his gesture, but says she needs to start taking care of herself. Scott tries to stop her from leaving, but he runs into JR. Scott demands to know what his cousin wants. JR says Marissa is worried about him and since he's worried about Marissa, he's there's to check on him. Scott just thinks he's worried if he and Madison don't work out, he will end up with Marissa. Scott erupts and yells it has nothing to do with JR, but he will do whatever he can to keep Marissa from him.

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