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    All My Children CAST - Scott Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Scott Chandler Played by Daniel Cosgrove on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Daniel Cosgrove

    Birthday: December 16, 1970
    Birthplace: New Haven, Connecticut
    Marital Status: Married since 1997 with three children
    Real Name: Daniel Cosgrove
    Height: 5'11"


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    Did You Sleep With My Boyfriend?

    Tuesday, February 22 2011

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Greenlee shows Marissa the photo of David with Annie in order to convince her David was behind Annie's disappearance. It works and Greenlee asks her to talk to David so they can find Emma. Marissa promises to get the truth and leaves. Scott finds Greenlee and tells her how ironic it is that Ryan is searching for one child while not being aware of another he is about to have. Scott leaves and Madison approaches her boss. She asks if she can pick up more hours as Fusion. She shows her the bill, which is so high because her doctor is out of her network. Greenlee suggests she turn to Scott because he seems to really care about her. Madison tells her not to try and find a replacement man for her. Greenlee tells her she can work as much overtime as she wants. Scott returns to Madison after Greenlee has left. Because he files the insurance submissions he knows she has to pay a lot and offers to be her advocate with the insurance company. She accepts and they leave together.

    Back at his place, Scott calls the insurance company on Madison's behalf as she falls asleep on his bed.

    Friendly Neighborhood Minister.

    Thursday, February 17 2011

    Madison wakes up at Scott's place. He returns from getting coffee and shows her the morning's paper, which details what Annie's done. Madison worries about Ryan. Scott suggests they go out to eat and then see if they can help Ryan.

    At Krystal's, Jesse tells Ryan and Greenlee that he's got the FBI working with them to find Annie and Emma. Greenlee tries to reassure a freaked out Ryan that there's no way Annie would hurt Emma. Amanda enters Krystal's and Ryan questions her about Annie. Amanda says she backed off their friendship because Annie was acting strangely. Ryan can't believe she didn't say anything, but then admits they all saw the signs. Jesse tells Ryan someone spotted Marissa's stolen car of the side of the road and he and Ryan leave. Amanda leaves, as Madison and Scott walk in. Greenlee asks Madison if she can go to Fusion to field some calls in case there's a tip. Scott sits with Greenlee while Madison grabs breakfast to go. Greenlee thanks Scott for saying he was the father of the baby. He says he did it to help Madison keep her independence. Ryan calls Greenlee and tells her they found the car, but it's been abandoned. However, the FBI is on Annie's trail. They plan to meet up at the hospital.

    Scott checks on Madison at Fusion. He tells her he likes that there's no plan with them and that he's just improvising. He says he's fine with everyone thinking he's the father and asks if she'd like to go out with her baby daddy.


    Monday, February 14 2011

    Ryan is stunned upon hearing Madison is pregnant at ConFusion. He asks if Greenlee knew about it and she says she just assumed from Madison's behavior. Madison admits she's pregnant and Ryan thinks it's his. Scott jumps in and says he is the father. After some awkward conversation about it, Scott and Madison walk away. Ryan notes how weird that seemed, but Greenlee offers that it could be the beginning of another epic love story. At the bar, Madison thanks Scott for coming to her rescue because she did not want to play stork at Ryan's wedding. Madison tells him he can back out whenever he wants and he says they'll take it one step at a time. They leave as Jack returns to tell Greenlee Krystal is taking care of all the food. Meanwhile, Ricky instructs Ryan and the kids to take their places. The music begins and Jack walks Greenlee down the aisle to Ryan. They say their own vows with Ryan telling Greenlee he hopes their marriage can heal some of the pain they've faced over the last year. He also knows they are strongest when they fight together. He vows to love and support her every day. When it's Greenlee's turn she says he is everything she always and never knew she wanted. They are forever and she isn't afraid anymore. She's free because of him. They exchange rings and Ryan kisses his bride. Krystal shows up with the food and they all toast to the happy couple, as Annie sneaks in. Greenlee asks Emma to grab her makeup bag so she can touch up for the photos. Emma walks to the other room and sees her mother, who motions for her.

    Scott brings Madison back to his place and gives her some saltines when she notes how hungry she is. She starts craving a crunchy apple and lemonade. Scott runs out to get those things for her. When he returns, Madison expresses her relief over not having to hide the pregnancy anymore. She's the most relaxed she's been since she found out about the baby.

    She's Pregnant.

    Thursday, February 10 2011

    Madison walks into work and Randi wonders if she really wants to be there. Madison thinks she'll be okay and can deal any reminders of Ryan's wedding. Scott enters and again offers to help distract her from the day. He points out the wedding is happening right downstairs, but she thinks she needs to accept the reality of it.

    Madison heads downstairs to ConFusion and looks around the wedding site as Greenlee walks in. Greenlee wonders why she's there and Madison hurries off, but leaves her phone behind. Greenlee also exits the room. Later, Scott enters looking for Madison and finds Ryan with the kids. Madison returns for her phone as Scott has a drink at the bar. He calls her phone to see if anyone picks up. Emma answers and Madison sees her in the next room. Madison walks over to the little girl, as she stands with Ryan and Spike who talk with Ricky. Madison motions for Emma to come over and takes the phone. As she does, Madison gets a pain. Ryan hears her cry out and asks if she's okay.

    Facing Facts.

    Wednesday, February 09 2011

    Elsewhere at the hospital, Madison finds Scott, who bemoans his lowly employment status and paycheck. Jake approaches them and wonders if Scott knows anything about the stolen drugs. He says he is questioning everybody, but Scott is offended thinking he's being targeted because he is a convicted felon. Madison butts in and says Scott was with her that night. After Jake leaves, Scott and Madison discuss the baby and he wonders if anything's changed now that Ryan's wedding is tomorrow.

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