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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Cara Castillo - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Cara Castillo Played by Lindsay Hartley on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley

    Birthday: April 17, 1978
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married to Justin Hartley, with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5'3"


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    Happiness Is Infinite.

    Thursday, August 18 2011

    Cara heads to ConFusion and drinks to leaving Pine Valley. David finds her and suggests they talk about her future.

    You're The One.

    Wednesday, August 17 2011

    In the hospital on-call room, Cara blames David for destroying both her and Griffin's relationships now that Dixie and Zach are back from the dead. David reminds her he brought two beloved people back to the world.

    At home, Tad talks with Opal about Dixie and Cara, noting he's stuck in the middle of two of the most amazing women he's known. Opal asks if Dixie knows why he married Cara. He hasn't told her because the green card reason is no longer valid since he and Cara began to have feelings for each other. However, he's got Dixie back now and even though they weren't together before she died, they were close. Cara stops by after Tad has left. She talks with Opal, who expresses how badly she feels for her and Tad. Cara doesn’t want to talk about it and heads upstairs to get some of her stuff.

    Griffin finds Cara in the on-call room. She tells him she's leaving town. He reminds her immigration will flag her and she'll be in danger. She promises she won't do anything stupid, but after her brother leaves, Cara calls to make plane reservations.

    You Can See Your Husband Now.

    Monday, August 15 2011

    Tad confronts Cara at the hospital about moving out. She tells him she just wanted to give him space, but he never asked for any. Tad tells Cara she's his family. Cara wants Tad to have the chance to try again with Dixie. Whoever he ends up with, she will just be happy that he found love again.

    Take Me Home.

    Friday, August 12 2011

    Cara shows up at Kendall's upset about Tad and Dixie. She calls it karma because she came to town for Jake and wasn't undeterred when she found out he was married. Kendall reminds her Jake didn’t leave Amanda for her, so Tad could stay with her. Cara points out they don’t have the history Tad and Dixie do. She says they are a legend like Kendall and Zach. Kendall states that Zach is gone. Cara knows about the Orpheus Project, but Kendall doesn't want to hear anymore theories. She's gotten over the fact that Zach died and now she's looking ahead. Kendall says she's going out of town until it all blows over. Cara hopes when it does she and Griffin can work things out. After Cara leaves, Kendall prepares to take the boys out of town, but discovers she needs to fill Spike's allergy medication.

    Taking The Blame.

    Thursday, August 11 2011

    Tad assures Cara at home he's still committed to their marriage despite Dixie being back. Cara doesn’t want him worrying about her while he figures out where he and Dixie stand. Tad gets a call from Brot and learns that JR has been released from jail. Cara points out he doesn't even know Dixie is alive. Tad thinks it can wait until they talk more, but Cara says JR's reunion with his mother is important. As she leaves for the hospital, Tad announces that they started this together, so they will finish it together.

    Cara runs into Dixie at home and cries as she tells her how great it is that she's back for Tad and Kathy. She leaves for work after grabbing her suitcase and placing her house key on the table. Tad returns without JR, much to Dixie's disappointment. He tries to explain JR's drinking problem, as a stunned JR enters the room.

    Tad's Good Taste In Women.

    Wednesday, August 10 2011

    Dixie asks Tad about Cara at the house. When he evades, she snaps at him. He laughs because she's starting to sound like herself. He calls her a miracle and then suggests she see a doctor. Not David, but Cara, who enters the room. She introduces herself to Dixie, as David watches through the window. Dixie breaks the ice by joking that Tad has excellent taste in women. Cara calls her kind and gracious. Dixie knows she has made things tough on Tad over the years, but assures Cara she won't cause him anymore pain. Dixie leaves the room for the marrieds to talk. Cara calls Dixie lovely, but Tad tells her that Dixie isn't the only one around there who's wonderful. Tad says nothing has to change between them. He wants her to realize how important she is to him. They just need time.

    Tell Me Everything.

    Tuesday, August 09 2011

    At the hospital, Ryan and Griffin talk about where Greenlee might be. Ryan's sure Hayward has her somewhere. He wonders if Greens is in the hospital. He's angry and lashes out.

    David rushes into his office and misses a phone call. Angie comes to the door. She calls him out. He says he’s not backing out of her treatment. Griffin walks in too. He says the Orpheus research is illegal. Jesse arrives and Angie defends David. Griffin says it’s not just about eyesight. There are other patients. She asks to be alone with David and the rest leave. She wants all of the truth. He says she’ll need to sit down for this one. He explains that he’s found the secret to life and gives her some new eye drops. She leaves David’s office and finds Jesse in the hall. He wants to take her away.

    Opal sees Cara at the nurse’s station. She lets it out that Dixie is alive. Cara says she’s happy for all of them.

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