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    All My Children CAST - Dr. Cara Castillo - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dr. Cara Castillo Played by Lindsay Hartley on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Lindsay Hartley

    Birthday: April 17, 1978
    Birthplace: Rancho Mirage, California
    Marital Status: Married to Justin Hartley, with 1 daughter, Isabella
    Real Name: Lindsay Hartley
    Height: 5'3"


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    This Is Wrong.

    Wednesday, June 12 2013

    JR hides steroids in his pocket and asks Cara for advice about HGH and steroids to speed up his recovery when she arrives at the Chandler's. It would be a death wish for him but she explains the side-effects and risks. AJ joins the two of them for dinner which is interrupted by Brooke and Dimitri. Brooke relays she's asked Dimitri to help with Chandler media. JR's slighted about the announcement but brushes it off. Later, as Brooke and Dimitri discuss him joining Chandler Enterprises, JR gives himself a steroid shot upstairs.

    Wrong Guy.

    Wednesday, May 29 2013

    Cara retrieves her phone at the Chandler's as JR hides AJ's drugs. He wonders if everyone would be better off if he remained in the coma. JR hopes AJ won't turn out like him. He's certain he doesn't have a chance that anyone will believe in him. Brooke walks in and sees JR holding a bottle of scotch while making his point to Cara. Her reaction makes him realize how AJ feels. Upstairs JR apologizes for accusing AJ of using. Alone, Cara admits to Brooke that maybe JR's right about no one believing in him. Brooke cautions Cara about JR's manipulations. As Cara is leaving Brooke interrupts her and JR with David's press conference feed on her laptop.

    Trust You?

    Monday, May 27 2013

    AJ considers taking steroids in his room. Meanwhile, Cara helps JR with therapy downstairs. She asks for his trust. He quips about how he could trust someone he barely knows. She reminds him she trusts him with her life. Before she leaves he confesses to trusting her. Cara asks Dixie to keep him from over doing it. Later AJ finds JR looking at the steroids on his bed. AJ gets defensive. Miranda overhears them arguing on her way to the guest room. JR admits believing he didn't use and apologizes. He asks AJ to believe he's not the same man. AJ can't when his own grandfather doesn't believe JR. AJ finds Miranda downstairs and they leave.

    Joe Martin offers David five minutes outside of his office before calling security. David pitches something he's researched in prison that will make the hospital famous. Joe refuses the hospital's assistance or to give David an endorsement. David calls him a fool and bumps into Cara when leaving. He claims he's there wasting his time when she inquires after him. He asks about her hypocrisy trying to save a child after killing hers. Later, Joe finds Cara alone crying in the locker room and offers help. She confesses there's a boy in Puerto Rico with her mom.

    He's Always Right Behind You.

    Wednesday, May 22 2013

    At the Chandler's, AJ overhears Brooke telling Adam on the phone that she'll find out if JR is lying about not remembering. Miranda arrives worried about school and her kiss with AJ. Before leaving, Miranda wants them on the same page to keep their friendship. On the patio Cara helps JR back up from falling. Later JR meets Brooke dressed for the shareholder's meeting. Brooke's sorry to tell JR he's not welcome. After, Cara advises JR to stop the self-pity act. JR appreciates her advice and welcomes a second chance.

    How Convenient.

    Monday, May 20 2013

    At the hospital, JR wants Cara to know he knows her baby's alive. Cara's worried there's no way to know what David would do if he knew. David wakes Angie up at Amy's bedside and takes her home for rest and food.

    At the Chandler's, AJ leaves Miranda alone with Bianca. Bianca argues she doesn't want Miranda around JR, and refuses to forgive or forget that he killed Marissa. She slaps JR when he arrives with Brooke and Dixie. AJ comes downstairs as Bianca unleashes her furry and hate on JR. JR lets her and apologizes for what happened even if he can't remember that night. He realizes he must have been a first rate bastard, but he's changed. Bianca finds that convenient. Miranda refuses to leave with Bianca. JR tries to make small talk, but AJ and Miranda go upstairs. Cara visits later to discuss helping with PT. He thinks she's there about David. Cara's hoping her and JR can be there for each other if needed. Upstairs Miranda apologizes for her mom and plays AJ a song. Their hug turns into a first kiss. Miranda quickly leaves.

    That's Rich.

    Thursday, May 16 2013

    Cara gets JR ready to leave the hospital. He's sorry for everyone. Cara can't understand his forgiveness of David. JR wonders at the tension between her and David. Brooke and Dixie stop in to say he's going to the Chandler's. Brooke tells JR that she's in charge of CE and Adam won't change that. Alone, JR tells Cara he heard everything in his coma, including the part about her and David's baby being alive.

    Smart Girl.

    Tuesday, May 14 2013

    In JR's room, AJ says, "It's been a while." JR thinks he has the wrong room and is confused when AJ runs out upset. JR realizes it was AJ. Dixie walks in and stops JR from getting out of bed. She runs off to find AJ with the security guard. Alone, David enters JR's room and tells him to cut the crap when he's not sure why David is there. David explains now JR can experience what he did starting with a stint in prison for the murder of his daughter. Dixie returns and JR stops her from calling the police. He wants to know if he killed Marissa. Dixie blames David and tells him he's had his say. Cara reminds him about brain trauma, but David isn't buying it. JR says he'd feel the same if something happened to AJ. In another room, Jesse tells Angie where the young woman Amy was found while waiting for her to come to. Jesse's sure Cassandra won't end up this way. Amy awakes but is afraid. She doesn't recognize Cassandra's photo. Alone Amy tells Angie if they have Cassandra it's already too late. Angie breaks down outside. David finds her. She tells him what happened and leaves when Jesse returns. David asks how he could lie again to Angie after lying to her before a child they lost.

    What Happened To You?

    Monday, May 13 2013

    In the locker room, David demands to know if Cara had an abortion. Cara pushes David back and admits to it. He accuses her, "You killed our baby." After what happened, Cara wouldn't consider having a child grow up with a murderer as a father. David blames JR for Marissa dying and Cara's abortion. Cara puts the blame on him. In his room, JR asks Dixie who shot him. Griffin arrives and asks what JR remembers last. He recalls Marissa being angry because he didn't do something. He asks Dixie if Marissa is still angry. They avoid his questions and tell him tests will be back soon. Griffin returns to the locker room. He's happy Cara stuck to the lie. He asks her to review JR's test results since she's sticking around Pine Valley for a while. Nearby, Angie worries about Cassandra. Jesse admits she's been kidnapped, possibly by sex traffickers. An officer interrupts that the girl he and Zach found has awoken. Angie's disappointed when Jesse gets nowhere. She breaks down when she enters the room and sees the girl battered and bruised. Cara and Griffin meet Dixie to announce JR suffers from retrograde amnesia and may display personality changes. Meanwhile AJ visits JR. He's smiles to see he's awake but is disappointed that JR doesn't know who he is.

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