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    All My Children CAST - Asher Pike - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Asher Pike Played by Trent Garrett on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Real Name: Trent Garrett


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    Is He Dead Yet?

    Tuesday, November 30 2010

    Opal brings Emma to the mansion looking for Annie. JR says Annie's not there, but offers to take her to Annie. Opal then learns David was shot. Opal leaves and JR tells Colby and Asher to enjoy dessert without him. He leaves with the kids Colby says she has to leave to see Damon. She also says she wants to forget their kiss ever happened. He assures her it's forgotten, but asks how she usually celebrates the holiday. She says it's not that interesting, but he wants to know about Adam. She wonders why he's so curious about her dad. He responds that Caleb alluded to the fact that Adam had something to do with his mother's death. She explains how ruthless her father is and it is possible Sonia's death is Adam's fault, not Caleb's.

    Jack accompanies Erica to the police station and they explain things to Jesse. Caleb brings Bianca in and they talk with Erica in the interrogation room. Jack joins them and explains David went into surgery. Jesse walks in the room and everyone disperses, except Jack, so Erica can give her statement. After some questioning, Jack suggests they take a break and asks if Erica is okay. She assures him she is. He notes this has turned out to be some holiday, but all Erica needs is for her family to be safe. In the squad room, Caleb sees Asher being brought in for speeding. Caleb offers to be his lawyer, but Asher says he's good.

    Zach Is Gone.

    Thursday, November 18 2010

    After Asher brings in some of his boxes and chats with JR at the mansion, he takes off his shirt as Colby comes downstairs. She gets a little flustered and then leaves.

    Colby returns to the mansion and gives Asher the locket in his room. He doesn't want anything from Caleb, but Colby tells him his mother's picture is inside. He notes he doesn’t even know what his mother looks like. Colby wants him to look at it so he can know where he comes from. Asher sits on his bed and looks at the photo of his mother. Colby thinks she looks like him. She leaves him alone and Asher talks to the photo, as he tears up.

    Caleb drops by Caleb's wondering why he gave him the locket. Caleb says his mother would have liked him to have it and it was the only picture he had of Sonia so he thought he might want it. Asher can't believe that's all that's left of her and he argues with Caleb. Caleb brings up Adam when Asher talks about Sonia's death, but Caleb won't give him any details.


    Monday, November 15 2010

    At Wildwind, Caleb asks Asher to stick around, but Asher remains caustic towards his father. Caleb asks him to move into the house so they can get to know each other, but Asher tells him he already has a place to stay. Caleb wonders what the family who raised him said about him. Asher relays that they told him nothing so he did his own research and found out about the mine. He knows things weren't good between Caleb and his mother, but wonders how bad it was for him to get rid of her. Caleb remains silent and Asher tries to storm out, but he trips because of his injured leg. Caleb asks what happened to him and Asher reveals the scar he got when he came to see him. He explains how he tried to prove everyone wrong about Caleb when he was a kid and headed to his mountaintop, but it was raining and he fell. Asher asks Caleb if he killed his mother. Caleb doesn't answer and then JR barges in to help Asher out of the house. Caleb wants Asher to stay so they can continue their conversation, but Asher is ready to go. JR says he will take him to the mansion, where he belongs. Caleb tells Asher he's a fool to trust JR, but Asher is done talking to him. Alone, Caleb wonders aloud to Palmer how he is supposed to be a father to Asher when he hates him.

    Colby rushes into the mansion upset by Annie's words. She sees Asher and learns he will be living there.

    The Grass Isn't Greener.

    Friday, November 12 2010

    In the mansion, Asher tells Colby she's making too big a big deal about the kiss and she needs to move on. He leaves and passes an incoming Damon on the way out. Damon tells Colby he wants to help Asher take his mind off things, but Colby acts blaze. Damon wonders why the change in attitude about him and she tearfully tells him Asher kissed her. Damon is enraged and Colby tries to explain the circumstances surrounding it. He wants to confront Asher and Colby asks him not to make her regret telling him. She continues to try to explain things and assures him she loves him. She doesn’t trust Asher, but she trusts him. She wonders if he can help her forget and he kisses her.

    Asher bumps into Opal at Krystal's. She wants to bond as family, but he just wants to get out of there. She knows he's had a rough time of it, but she assures him the grass isn't greener and whether he knows it or not, he's been blessed with a fine lot in life. Asher sits down with Opal and listens to her talk about Palmer. She lets him know that Palmer would not approve of him and JR going after his own father.

    Opal takes Asher to Wildwind to look at Palmer's portrait. She wants him to really look at it because it's a reminder who his great uncle was and who he could be. She thinks he's holding on to a lot of anger and suggests things might not be as black and white as they seem. She speculates that Palmer never would have pushed him and Caleb together if Caleb really killed his mother. She urges him to spend some time with 'him' because deep down he really wants to listen. After Opal leaves, Asher pulls out the letter from Palmer and reads it again as Caleb returns home.

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