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    All My Children CAST - Asher Pike - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Asher Pike Played by Trent Garrett on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Real Name: Trent Garrett


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    I Think I Killed Her!

    Wednesday, January 12 2011

    Marissa arrives and meets JR at ConFusion apologizing for being late. He goes over the custody agreement and says that it needs to be signed tonight. He apologizes for hurting her, holds her hand and tells her that she deserves better. From the bar Annie sees Marissa and JR holding hands and freaks. JR thanks Marissa for all the good things and laments that he never showed his appreciation. Annie sees them hugging. Her phone rings and it’s JR. She doesn’t answer. He leaves a voice mail and says his business is wrapped up and he wants to see her tonight. Asher joins JR and tells him that Colby is cheesed with him. JR tells him that his divorce will be final in the morning and that he and Annie will be together. Colby sees JR and Asher. Asher leaves and JR advises her to coexist with Asher. He hugs her and says he has to leave. Colby joins Asher at his table. She calls Damon and they talk.

    You Dog.

    Monday, January 10 2011

    At the mansion, Colby tells Asher she doesn’t know why she kissed him because she is in love with Damon. Colby just wants him gone and lashes out at him over Damon catching them kissing. Asher wants her to be honest for once and admit that she wanted him to kiss her. She slaps him and tells him she just felt bad for him. She thinks he told her whatever she wanted to hear so she would confide in him and trust him, but his plan was to ruin her life for fun. She thinks nothing matters to him, but he insists that's not true. Hurting her was the last thing he ever wanted to do. She grabs her things and storms out.

    Perks Of The Job.

    Friday, January 07 2011

    After Damon catches Asher and Colby kissing, Colby tries to explain and asks Asher to leave. Damon lashes out at her as she tries to defend herself. He angrily tells her everything he's done has been all about her – to make her proud of him and prove that they weren't a mistake. Colby never thought that and Damon didn't either, until right now. Damon leaves and JR returns home to find his sister in tears. She tells him about Damon, but he isn't very sympathetic since he never though Damon was good enough for her.

    Annie heads over to the mansion and overhears JR and Marissa talking about his recent doctor's appointment. Marissa then asks him what's going on with him and Annie. Marissa thinks Annie isn't done with him, but JR assures his ex that he has zero interest in her. Marissa thinks if that's true than he should fire her. JR doesn’t think that's necessary, but assures her Annie isn't an issue. After Marissa is gone, Annie talks with JR, who thinks everything is working out fine and there's nothing to worry about. They passionately kiss and Annie clings to him. Annie leaves and JR assigns Asher a job that he will put Colby on as well. He asks him to keep an eye on Colby and to keep her distracted.

    A Lost Cause.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    Colby and Asher bump into each other at the mansion and share a charged moment, but Damon's call to confirm lunch interrupts them.

    Annie finds JR at the mansion and suggests they spend some alone time together. He would love to, but he has back to back meetings. He leaves and Annie jumps on his laptop, which Marissa catches her doing. Marissa thought she was sick and reminds her his immune system is at risk so she shouldn't be around him. Annie yells that she isn't sick anymore and that she would never put JR's health in jeopardy. Marissa wonders where JR is and Annie tells her he's at a meeting and doesn't want to be bothered so she should leave him the Hell alone. Marissa leaves and Asher walks in. Annie tries to get JR's laptop password out of him, but Asher doesn’t bite. He does however inform her that he knows what's happening between her and JR. Annie is shocked, but Asher assures her he won't say anything. She doesn't like his attitude and declares she will be back in the master suite soon enough so he better watch his tone with her. Colby storms in the room and Annie leaves. Asher assumes lunch didn't go well and offers to help. She tells him what happened and how she feels like Liza is trying to tell her Adam doesn’t love her. Asher hugs her wondering how Adam could not love her.

    Still at the mansion, Asher tells Colby she is the most amazing person he has ever met and kisses her as Damon walks in.

    There's Always Tomorrow.

    Tuesday, January 04 2011

    JR, Caleb and Asher all find themselves sitting alone at ConFusion. JR starts to taunt Caleb, as Asher walks over. JR snidely toasts to Caleb and leaves. Asher wishes his father a happy New Year and leaves as well.

    The Past Doesn't End At Midnight.

    Monday, January 03 2011

    Erica finds Kendall at Krystal's, as Bianca and Caleb walk in. Caleb pulls Erica aside to tell her he's trying to make sense of David's shooting and wants to question Kendall. Erica wants him to stay away from her and tells him Liza knows about Kendall almost smothering David. Caleb points out that is unrelated to David's shooting, but Erica just warns him away from Kendall. Erica storms out after learning Kendall got her food and left. Asher walks in and tells Caleb how cool it was of him to donate all that money to the hospital in Sonia's name. Caleb asks him to help him with something.

    Caleb brings Bianca and Asher to the rooftop to reenact what happened the night David was shot. In doing so, they realize Erica wouldn’t have had a clear angle from where she was standing.

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