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    All My Children CAST - Asher Pike - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Asher Pike Played by Trent Garrett on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Real Name: Trent Garrett


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    I Didn't Know You Cared.

    Monday, April 04 2011

    The mother of the baby Brot found sits in her room and writes about missing her daughter. Her aunt barges in to yell at her to do the dishes and to get a job. Asher stops by to see how Maya is doing. He tells her he might be able to get her a job with the Chandlers and she says she'll think about it.

    Miracle Baby.

    Thursday, March 31 2011

    Asher runs into the girl who left her baby in Brot's car on the street. He notices she's in bad shape and insists on giving her a ride. He brings her to her tiny room and then gives her his card in case she needs anything.

    Mommy's Here.

    Wednesday, March 30 2011

    Asher returns to the mansion and learns JR set up the date between him and Colby. AJ tells JR he wants to call his mommy. JR allows it and AJ asks Marissa to come over to kiss him goodnight. Marissa asks to talk to JR, who insists it was all AJ's idea. Marissa agrees to come over.

    Bang Your Head.

    Tuesday, March 29 2011

    Asher finds Colby singing and dancing around the living room at the mansion. He tells her the walls are shaking because the music is so loud. She says that's the point and continues to rock out, as Asher smiles. When she's done, Colby explains she was trying to get her anger out through the music. She then asks who bought him at the auction. He doesn’t know. She leaves to meet with the IT guys at Krystal's. Asher then gets a call about his date, whose identity he won't learn until he gets there.

    Asher walks into Krystal's and finds Colby alone. She tells him the IT guy never showed up. He thinks she made that up and that she bought him at the auction. She swears it wasn't her and he deduces someone tried to set them up. She wonders who and he says he'll take care of it. He wants to grab a bite to eat anyway, but she says she has to leave. He asks if he's done something wrong and she responds that he's not Damon. Colby takes off and Caleb arrives. Asher accuses him of setting him up with Colby, but Caleb denies it.

    Down And Dirty.

    Tuesday, March 22 2011

    At the mansion, Colby excitedly tells JR her blog is huge and two companies want to sponsor her. She wants to give Chandler first crack though, but JR declines. He insists he cares about her and doesn't want to see everyone take advantage of their family name. JR exits to help the kids as Asher tries to smooth things over with Colby. She just gets annoyed and takes off.

    Caleb stops by the mansion to offer Asher a job at Cortlandt working with Colby. Asher doesn't want her anywhere near the war between Caleb and JR. Caleb suggests he come onboard so he can look after her. JR walks up and says no way. Caleb wants his son to think about it and walks out. JR is charged and suggests Asher play Caleb so he can be a spy for Chandler. Asher won't get in the middle of them ever again. He declares if he goes after Caleb he will do it to his face because no one uses him.

    Never Apologize.

    Tuesday, March 15 2011

    JR sends Asher on an errand, as Colby comes downstairs. She tells her brother she is going to the office to see if she can help out with the PR department. JR thinks she's created enough of a nightmare for that department. They argue about her video and Colby walks away.

    Erica summons Caleb to her house to talk business, but he wonders if they should be working from her home. She assures him Jack knows they are solid, so it's fine. Asher stops by with paperwork on the transfer of the company from JR. Caleb tells Asher JR is using him to send him a message: "I own your son." Asher doesn't want a lecture on his life choices and leaves. Erica tries to talk to him about it, but Caleb just wants to get down to work. Erica discovers the box JR sent over is just a bunch of pages that aren't even numbered. She's had it with Junior and leaves to talk to him.

    Erica storms into the mansion looking for JR. Colby tells her he's gone, so Erica issues a warning for Colby to give to her brother. Colby notes Erica always comes out on top and thinks she can learn something from her. Colby asks what her secret it. Erica tells her she has to own her successes and never apologize for who she is. She has to believe in herself or no one else will. Once alone, Asher walks in the room and tells it would be cool if she posted another video because her fans just want to hear someone speak the truth. Asher leaves and Colby posts another video where she promises not to wimp out on calling people out on their behavior, as Asher secretly observes.

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