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    All My Children CAST - Asher Pike - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Asher Pike Played by Trent Garrett on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Real Name: Trent Garrett


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    The Sincerest Form Of Flattery.

    Friday, May 13 2011

    Jack and Caleb split up to search the quarry. Asher shows up to help Caleb and they find something that looks like a bomb. It starts to tick and then it explodes.

    Collateral Damage.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    Asher shows Caleb the website he designed for Cortlandt in the park. Caleb is impressed and appreciates the effort. Asher tells Caleb he wrote bios for both Caleb and Erica on the site and leaves for a previous engagement. Caleb looks at Erica's bio, as Jack happens upon him. Jack thinks he's mooning over Erica, but Caleb insists he has accepted Erica's decision not to be with him. He then suggests Jack stop banging his head against the wall where Erica is concerned. Jack in turn suggests Caleb go back to the mountain. Caleb thinks under different circumstances they would go out for a beer together.

    Caleb and Asher meet up back in the park. They discuss Erica and Caleb says he used to think fate brought Erica to his mountain, which brought him to Pine Valley. Now he thinks Erica didn’t have anything to do with it at all.

    Spitting On Zach's Grave.

    Friday, April 29 2011

    Asher meets with Caleb at ConFusion and tries to help him get in touch with Erica by making a video. Caleb declines and then Asher discovers Bianca and Kendall received an email from Erica because he hacked into their accounts. Caleb frowns on this and says it's none of his business. Asher gets upset and storms out.

    Caleb finds Asher in the park and apologizes to his son. He appreciates Asher stepping up for him and offers him a job.

    Blind Date.

    Wednesday, April 27 2011

    Colby meets Maya for the first time at the mansion. She's embarrassed she hasn't noticed her before after learning she's been there a few weeks. Maya leaves to get to work and Asher walks in. Colby wonders if she's a snob. Asher says she is, but it's because of how she grew up. Asher walks into the foyer and finds Maya signing for some boxes. Asher then answers the door to Caleb, who says he sent the stuff over for Colby. Asher asks if Caleb has talked to Erica, but Caleb doesn't want to talk about it. Asher then wonders if it is a good idea to use Cortlandt products at the Chandler mansion. He warns that JR will flip out, but Caleb doesn't give a damn. After secretly watching their interaction, Maya heads back into the main room and finds Colby working on her videos. Maya says she's seen them and that they sometimes say exactly how she feels.

    JR returns home to find Caleb giving his equipment to Colby. JR wants the stuff out of there, but Colby wants him to back off. Caleb leaves and JR orders Asher to get rid of the stuff. Asher won't because it's between Caleb and Colby. JR gets upset, but Asher wants him to cut Caleb some slack because he's going through a lot.

    Asher heads to Krystal's and watches Colby's latest vlog where she commends Erica for bailing on her wedding. Asher sends Colby a message noting how she is always rooting for the breakup. Caleb walks in and confides in Asher about what happened with Erica. Asher offers to help find Erica, but Caleb thinks it's time to let go.

    It's Going To Be Okay Sweetheart.

    Monday, April 18 2011

    Asher heads to Krystal's after hearing the news about Erica. He finds Caleb and wonders if he is okay and what his next move will be regarding La Kane. Opal pipes up and says Erica is in love with Jack, which makes her concerned over her friend's disappearance.

    Making Their Own Luck.

    Monday, April 11 2011

    As Colby works on her laptop at ConFusion, a guy who has read her blog walks over to talk with her. Asher walks in and messages her that he can help if the guy is bothering her. She messages back that she can take care of herself. Colby then proceeds to engage the guy, who becomes overbearing. Colby wants him to leave. Asher walks over and smashes the guy's laptop, as Brot walks in. The guy demands Asher be arrested. Colby steps aside and calls Caleb for help. Asher isn't thrilled when Caleb shows up, but Caleb handles the situation by threatening the guy with charges of stalking Colby. Opal calls Caleb to ask if he's changed his mind because the flight is about to take off. Caleb says he hasn't changed his mind, but something came up. Brot lets the situation drop and Asher learns Caleb canceled his trip to help him. He urges Caleb to go anyway, saying he'll be there when he gets back. Asher finds him a flight and Caleb thanks him before leaving.

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