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    All My Children CAST - Asher Pike - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Asher Pike Played by Trent Garrett on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Real Name: Trent Garrett


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    Plenty Of Blame To Go Around.

    Monday, August 16 2010

    Damon comes to the rooftop after the young man saves Colby from falling over the ledge. Colby recognizes him from the park and demands to know if he is following her. He explains he was there before they even got there. He also says he's just passing through town and Damon offers to let him stay at his house for the night. A cautious Colby points out they don’t even know his name and the man says his name is Asher.

    Colby walks in on Asher changing at Tad's house and gets flustered. She wants to offer him money for a hotel room, but he doesn't want a hand out. Damon walks in with drinks for them as Colby says money is not an issue for her family. Damon agrees announcing Colby is a Chandler, but Asher's never heard of them.

    Be Gentle.

    Friday, August 13 2010

    A young man watches Colby as she prepares to leave the mansion. He follows her to the park and approaches her pretending to look for a lost dog. They chit chat for a bit and Colby reveals she's waiting for her boyfriend for a picnic. He tells her to have fun and leaves. Damon finds Colby, who tells him she's thinking of going back to PVU. He supports her decision and then a very loud leaf blower interrupts them. She wonders what he and Tad were talking about. He says he told his dad how much he loves her. She loves him too and they decide to go somewhere quieter.

    Colby takes Damon to the top of a building that her father used to take her to. Damon stands on the ledge loudly proclaiming his love for Colby. He gets down and goes to get Colby's sweater when she gets cold. Colby gets on the ledge and yells out that she loves Damon Miller. The railing starts to go out, but the young man from the park grabs her just before she's about to fall.

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