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    All My Children CAST - Asher Pike - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Asher Pike Played by Trent Garrett on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Real Name: Trent Garrett


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    Not A Rescue.

    Monday, November 01 2010

    Asher brings AJ to JR's office building. JR calls Asher and then gets on the phone with AJ. He tells his son he will be there as soon as he can. Colby walks out of the office and finds her nephew with Asher and says this won't end well. As AJ plays, Colby confronts Asher about kidnapping AJ. She can't believe JR put him in this position and she wants to stop him from doing anything more stupid. She sees a scar on his leg and he clams up about it. She urges him to talk to her and he recalls that he was climbing up a mountain looking for his dad. He explains his dad didn't die, he left him. Colby asks if he ever met his father and Asher admits his father is Caleb Cortlandt. Colby is stunned, but thanks him for telling her. She realizes JR knows about this and Asher says he doesn't care that JR is using him to go after Caleb because he just wants him to get what he deserves.

    Back in the office, Colby says she'll take AJ home with a quick stop at JR's first. Asher stays behind to wait for Caleb.

    Ghosts, Werewolves And Lurking Shadows.

    Friday, October 29 2010

    Colby gives Damon his costume to wear to Bianca's party while at the mansion. She worries about Asher, telling Damon his mother died on Halloween. Damon notes she died in childbirth and Asher walks in confirming it's his birthday. Colby wants to know what his birthday wish is, Asher passes on celebrating. JR comes home, sternly tells Asher he wants to talk to him and walks out of the room.

    Back downstairs, Colby tells Damon and Asher she can't go to the party because she wants to help smooth things over with Marissa and JR. Damon is disappointed and throws his werewolf mask on the table. He walks out and Asher picks up the mask.

    Asher meets with JR in his room. JR wonders if he wants him to help him get AJ back while crushing Caleb. Asher asks what he wants him to do. JR makes a call and thanks a judge because he and his son will now have a wonderful Halloween.

    Bianca prepares for her party at Wildwind as Zach, Kendall and the kids walk in. Kendall helps Bianca finish decorating as Zach talks with Caleb, noting he doesn't like Halloween. Caleb just doesn't like ghosts. Zach doesn't either but he's got his family now. Bianca enlists Caleb's help with the decorating, who recalls the screams of a woman yelling for help. Kendall tries to get Caleb out of his funk by asking for legal advice for Zach. The women help the kids, as Zach and Caleb discuss Zach wanting to liquidate some of his businesses in order to untangle himself from bad decisions of the past. The women return as Erica stops by. Caleb abruptly leaves and Erica welcomes Zach home. Zach and Kendall go trick-or-treating with the boys and Erica and Bianca muse on what's bothering Caleb. Bianca goes to get more candy, as Erica finds a file about Sonja's fatal accident. Caleb returns as Marissa stops by with AJ. Colby is next to visit, as Erica tries to get Caleb to talk. She brings up the mine explosion, but he tells her she's out of line. The kids prevent Caleb from leaving and rope him into playing with him. Marissa brings Colby outside assuming she was sent there to spy on her. Colby just wants to make peace but Marissa declares that will never happen and asks her to leave. Back inside, Erica brings up Sonja again to Caleb. As they talk, Jack stops by to make things right with Erica, who is hesitant to leave. Caleb tells her everything will be better tomorrow and exits the room. Marissa has to leave, but Bianca asks her to let AJ stay with the girls. AJ hands out candy at the door and a man in a werewolf mask turns out to be Asher. Asher asks if AJ is ready to see his daddy and leads him away.

    I Wasn't Going To Let David Ruin Her Life.

    Tuesday, October 26 2010

    At Krystal's, Colby wants to celebrate Asher's birthday. He can't forget that his mother died during his birth and wants to keep the day about her. Colby persists but Asher turns her down. He hopes things look different next year. In fact, he's counting on it.

    Let Greenlee Fry.

    Monday, October 25 2010

    At Krystal’s Caleb orders coffee and food to go. He says he’s not a fan of Halloween. When Krystal goes to get the food, Caleb remembers a childhood time. She wonders why he dislikes Halloween so much. She figures there is a reason. He says he doesn’t like sweets. When he leaves he sees Asher sitting at a table and threatens him to leave him alone. When he leaves, Krystal takes Asher's order. Asher works on his computer and surfs for a Halloween tragedy. Krystal sees Annie at another table. Annie apologizes that Marissa got hurt. Krystal asks what Chandler men she wouldn’t she sleep with. Emma comes over and the conversation stops. Emma tells Annie that she misses her dad. Annie offers to call Ryan to see when he's free, looks at her phone and says, "Oh my God.” She tells Emma they won’t be living at the mansion anymore and tells Emma that home is about them being together. Emma asks if they can go home and pick up her dress-up clothes. They hug.

    Asher and JR talk at the mansion about Caleb. JR tells he wants to get Caleb and Asher wants to be there when he does. Erica comes to the door, Asher invites her in, and Erica invites JR to lunch. JR says only if Caleb’s head is on a platter. They argue about Caleb and Erica tells him hat she will get Caleb to back off if he will sell Courtland electronics. It’s a win-win. JR calls Caleb names and wonders why she is involved in all of this. She says that Palmer gave her a job to do and she’s going to do it. Caleb arrives and asks why Erica is there. Erica mediates the two and tells them they all have to work together. They have no choice. JR yells at Caleb and Erica tells him to think about what she said. Caleb goes to leave and he warns her that she has no idea who he really is. He says it’s about flesh and blood. He says if she wants to work with something like that be sure you end up as collateral damage. They leave. Asher comes to the mansion and hands JR a paper. JR is surprised and reads the date. October 31. It’s twenty years since your dad took your mom’s life.

    Revenge Can Be A Good Thing.

    Thursday, October 21 2010

    Colby joins Asher at his table at Krystal’s. She asks him if he wants to talk. He says no. Colby’s not sure if she can support JR when all he wants is revenge. Asher says revenge can be a good thing. She asks him what that means but he says he didn't mean it. She says he knows so much about her, but she doesn’t know much about him. He tells her that she’s had two parents fighting over her, her whole life. He’s never had that. When Asher leaves Krystal's, Marissa arrives and sees Colby. She wants Marissa to leave AJ at the mansion. Marissa says it’s not AJ’s responsibility to hold the family together. Marissa tells her that she was just at the mansion and JR threatened her. Colby says she would give anything for them to work it out. She says she will choose to support JR and AJ. Marissa is unhappy and leaves.

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