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    All My Children CAST - Asher Pike - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Asher Pike Played by Trent Garrett on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Real Name: Trent Garrett


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    Safe And Sensible.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    Colby breaks away from her kiss with Asher at the mansion and tells him he shouldn't have kissed her. He thought they were both doing it. She reminds him she is in love with Damon and makes it clear he can't cross the line again. Damon walks in wondering what's going on. Colby tells him Asher had it out with Caleb. Damon tells him whatever goes down, he and Colby have his back. Colby suggests she and Damon get something to eat and they leave, but Colby guiltily looks back at Asher.

    JR returns home to find Caleb waiting for him. They argue and JR offers to leave Asher alone if he drops Marissa's custody case. Caleb will do no such thing and threatens that he almost burned this house down once. JR wonders what Adam ever did to him, but Caleb just says JR doesn't know who he is messing with and warns him away from using his son. After Caleb is gone, Asher returns to the room. JR pumps him for information on Caleb, but Asher accuses him of using him. He thinks once JR's done, he will throw him out. JR confirms he is using him, but declares Asher is using him as well. He vows not to throw Asher away and declares they are in this together. Asher thanks him and JR tells him they are family and that will never change.

    Not Exactly As Planned.

    Tuesday, November 09 2010

    In front of the reporters at Chandler, Caleb rips into Caleb. Erica tries to get Asher to calm down and suggests they have this conversation in private, but JR steps in and says they should have it right there. Erica appeals to the reporter to turn off his cameras, saying she'll help his career. He agrees and leaves with his cameraman. Asher asks to be alone with Caleb and tells his father he doesn't get to ignore him anymore. Caleb wonders why he didn't just come and tell him the truth. Asher responds he was waiting for Caleb to feel how he felt his entire life. Caleb thought he was doing what was best for him, but Asher isn't swayed and accuses him of killing his mother. Caleb points out he doesn’t know all the facts. As they argue, Asher's leg gives out and JR's is there to help him, as they get on the elevator.

    JR takes Asher back to the mansion and tells him they can splash the footage all over the place sending Caleb back to West Virginia. Colby walks by and orders her brother to leave him alone. Colby thinks Asher should still be in the hospital, but JR tells her how brilliantly Asher put Caleb on notice that he can't screw with him to get what he wants. Colby retorts JR is doing the exact same thing. JR leaves for work and Colby asks if Asher was hurt by the whole ordeal. He thought about how he would handle this for years, but it didn’t really go as planned. He thought it would be better, but he just feels the same. Colby sits next to him and hugs him. When they pull back from the embrace, they kiss.

    The Proud Papa.

    Monday, November 08 2010

    As Colby sits by his bedside, Asher slowly wakes up. JR enters and Colby leaves to get the doctor, who says Asher will be fine. JR apologizes for how this ended up and implies Caleb pushed him. Colby reminds them no one knows what happened, but tells Asher Caleb knows he is his son. JR tells him Colby stayed with him all night and Asher thanks her. He asks if Caleb came by, but JR tells him to take look around because Caleb is not hanging around. Colby thinks he and Caleb can work things out now, but Asher reminds her Caleb killed his mom so that will never happen. JR knows he owes Asher and he won’t forget. He leaves for a meeting and Asher asks Colby why she stayed with him. She reminds him he saved her life before and they engage in flirtatious banter before she leaves to get some food.

    Caleb walks by Asher’s room, but his eyes are closed. Caleb leaves as Asher opens his eyes, just missing seeing his father. Colby returns and Asher again expresses his appreciation for her staying with him. She thinks he needs to get the whole story from Caleb, but he just want to make him suffer. He tells her to go home so they both can get some rest. He thanks her for, "You know," and she says, "I know." As soon as she leaves, Asher tries to get out of bed.

    Here We Go Again.

    Thursday, November 04 2010

    Colby and JR visit an unconscious Asher at the hospital. JR tries to reassure a worried Colby that he will be fine. Colby chastises her brother for getting Asher involved in this mess in the first place and says they have to take care of him because they are all he’s got.

    After Caleb has words with JR out in the hallway about Asher, he sees Colby sitting by his son’s bedside and walks away. Colby talks to Asher and apologizes for not seeing what he was going through. Damon joins her, worried because she didn’t call. She says she didn’t want to leave Asher. She updates Damon on Asher being Caleb’s son and Damon is unhappy that he lied to them and dragged them into his mess. Colby defends him and they fight about it. Damon wants to go home, but she won’t leave because Asher doesn’t have anyone else. Damon wants to at least go get something to eat and Colby goes with him.

    Asher Is Your Son.

    Tuesday, November 02 2010

    In JR’s office, Caleb demands to know where AJ is. Asher gets snide wondering if he’ll kill him if he doesn’t get want he wants because that’s his style. Caleb warns he will find AJ and then come back to deal with him. Asher follows him to the elevator, taunting him. Caleb doesn’t want to listen to Asher so he heads to the stairs. Asher of course follows and continues to badger him. Caleb grabs him wondering what he wants from him and in the midst of their confrontation, Asher falls down a flight of stairs. Erica finds Asher at the bottom of the stairs and a shaken Caleb explains what happened. Erica assures him they will get Asher the best possible care.

    After an ambulance brings Asher to the hospital, Erica brings Caleb aside to tell him Asher is his son. He doesn’t believe it, but gets emotional as he explains that he gave Asher away after Sonia died and he never thought he’d see him again. He recalls how he ended things with Sonia but didn’t know she was pregnant. Sonia found him at a mine that was set to blow to tell him about their baby. After the explosion, he found her, delivered the baby and she died. Palmer found a family to look after Asher until he was ready, but Caleb just holed up at the mountain. Caleb later stands outside Asher’s room, where Erica urges him to sit with his son. Caleb says he can’t.

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