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    All My Children CAST - Asher Pike

    Full detailed profile on Asher Pike Played by Trent Garrett on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Asher Pike

    Actor: Trent Garrett

    Who played Asher Pike over the years

    Trent Garrett (August 13, 2010 - September 14, 2011)

    Useful information on Asher Pike

    *Saved Colby from falling off a ledge of a building.
    *Covered for Damon when he banged up Tad's car.
    *Came to Pine Valley looking for his family.
    *Is the son of Caleb Cortlandt.
    *Dated Colby.


    Past: Worked for JR


    Asher came to Pine Valley looking for his family and quickly befriended Colby and Damon. After saving Colby from falling off a building, she got him a room at the Yacht Club.

    It was soon revealed that Caleb (Cooney) Cortlandt was Asher's father, who gave him up for adoption after his mother died. Asher blamed Caleb for her death and sought revenge, but they eventually formed a cordial relationship.

    Asher began working for JR. Since they were related through the Cooney side of the family, Asher moved into the mansion as well. He eventually fell for Colby and flirting led to kissing, which her boyfriend Damon witnessed. Feeling betrayed, Damon broke up with Colby and recklessly slept with her mother. Damon found out but kept it a secret. Once Colby learned the truth and Asher's role in the secret, their friendship soured.

    Over time, Asher and Caleb grew a little closer. Asher joined his father when he went searching for a missing Erica. They were caught in an explosion and when Asher woke up, he could barely feel his legs. Colby came around and apologized for the way she had been treating him. They became closer and started dating.

    During his recuperation, Asher became dependent on pain pills. He decided he needed to be alone in order to turn his life around and broke things off with Colby. However, after cleaning up and getting closer to Caleb, Asher decided to go back to school and indicated he wanted to see Colby again.




    Colby Chandler (dated)


    Caleb Cortlandt (father)
    Sonia (mother)
    Palmer Cortlandt (great uncle)
    Dixie Cooney Martin (second cousin)
    JR Chandler (third cousin)
    Peter "Petey" Cortlandt (second cousin)


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    Wednesday, September 14 2011: Visiting Hours.

    Maya talks with Colby at Krystal's. She doesn’t know how to leave Angie and Jesse with Lucy. Colby suggests she do it quickly. Caleb and Asher enter talking about a fishing trip they're going on. Colby sees them and Caleb leaves the kids to talk. Asher tells Colby he and Caleb are getting along, but it's weird. He says he has a meeting to get to and Colby asks what he's doing after. He's got a lot of work to do. Asher leaves, as Liza walks in. Colby asks if Maya and Lucy can move in with them. Liza agrees, but knows how hard it will be for Angie and Jesse.

    Maya returns to Krystal's with Lucy. Liza invites her to stay with her and Colby. Maya is grateful, but promises it will just be temporary. Asher returns, as Maya leaves and Liza sits with Caleb, who was flirting with her earlier. Colby tells Asher she doesn’t want to give up on what they were starting. Asher doesn’t either. He really missed her. He reveals that he's going back to school and is taking the same classes that she is, which isn't necessarily a coincidence. Across the room, Caleb and Liza make plans to go on a date.

    Wednesday, August 03 2011: Time To Grow Up.

    Colby finds Asher at the mansion. He tells her he's moving out. He explains he's been depending on his pain pills and needs to figure things out before he throws his life down the drain. He's going to move in with Caleb, which will also give him the opportunity to get to know his father. Colby thinks they can still see each other, but Asher doesn’t think it would be fair to her. They can't be together until he becomes the man she deserves. Colby wishes him well, but makes it clear she is not giving up on him. They talk about JR's accident and Colby explains how she called her dad several times, but she thinks if Adam returned it would only make things worse. He doesn’t want her to deal with this on her own, so he's staying. Colby assures him she'll be fine because she's learned to only count on herself. He declares she can count on him. She knows that, but still encourages him to go because she's looking forward to seeing the kind of guy he turns into. He kisses her and leaves. Colby calls Adam and leaves a message for him to call. She then records her next blog about Asher.

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