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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery (Past) Played by Christina Bennett Lind on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christina Bennett Lind

    Real Name: Christina Bennett Lind
    Web site:


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    She's Gone.

    Friday, May 20 2011

    Kendall and Bianca meet up in a waiting room. Bianca says she saw their mother with Ricky and she wants to clue her in. Kendall thinks they should wait because Jack said "Erica" hasn't been herself. Ricky finds Kendall, who tells him he doesn’t need to stay because she will be there all night. He says she's a good friend and leaves. As Griffin looks through the files they restored from Ricky's laptop, Griffin talks to Kendall through their earpiece. She tells him he's amazing for doing this and wishes she could be there to help. He tells her to be with her friends and he'll take care of it. Kendall later comforts Greenlee and suggests she just be on call for Ryan whenever and whatever he needs.

    How Many Dead Women Have Said That?

    Tuesday, May 17 2011

    Bianca stops by Kendall's and warns her sister what a dangerous game she is playing with Ricky. Ricky visits to see how "Erica" is doing. Bianca gets protective, saying they need to just be with family. Kendall intervenes and sticks up for Ricky. Bianca leaves to make a phone call and Ricky tells Kendall she should be with her family right now, but when they are alone there is something he wants to give her. The doorbell rings and Bianca opens the door to "Erica" and Jack. "Erica" remains exuberant, but acts a little awkward when the kids run in and hug her. She explains it away saying she's overwhelmed. Kendall and Bianca take the kids outside with the nanny. Ricky tells "Erica" he wants to take care of Kendall and he knows how much family means to her. He's glad they are there to be part of this and asks Kendall to marry him. Kendall is stunned and "Erica" declares how romantic it is. Jack intercedes and pulls Ricky away to give Kendall a moment. Bianca worries for Kendall, but Kendall thinks it'll be okay since Ricky loves her so much. Bianca wonders how many dead women have said that before. Kendall assures her she'll be okay and says she'll call her later. Bianca leaves and Kendall asks to talk to Ricky by herself. Ricky isn't sure what he'll do if Kendall says no to his proposal. She wants to be with him, but she doesn't feel she knows him that well. He says, "Marry me and I'll bare my soul to you." She takes off her other rings so Ricky can put his on her left finger. Kendall fights back her tears as Ricky says she has made him the happiest man in the world.

    How Classy Is This?

    Monday, May 16 2011

    Ricky confronts Bianca about getting rid of him earlier at Erica and Jack's. She says she's just looking out for Kendall and asks him to give her some space. She starts to walk towards the door, but Ricky grabs her arm and Bianca recoils. Marissa stops by and Ricky leaves. Bianca tells her about Erica's kidnapping and expresses how scared she is. As Marissa comforts her, Bianca gets a call and rushes out to see Erica.

    Elsewhere in the hospital, Jake questions Erica who sees his nametag and recognizes who he is. Jake wants to do an MRI and leads Erica away. Greenlee finds Jack and Kendall soon follows. Jack assures the girls Erica should be okay. Greenlee also tells Kendall Madison had her baby early. Jake brings Erica back to the group, who says her memory is spotty. She says she remembers St. Bart's and waking up in a strange place, but she didn't see the faces of those who took her. Erica apologizes for making the phone call and video and tells Jack she loves him as Caleb listens in. Bianca and Kendall privately ask Jake about Erica, noting she seems distant. Jake chalks it up to her concussion. Meanwhile, Erica hugs a puzzled Greenlee, thanking her for her concern. Bianca and Kendall return and Erica makes a point of saying their names before she leaves with Jack. As Bianca catches Kendall up on her discussion with Ricky, he shows up. She thanks Ricky for understanding Bianca's protectiveness, but slides up to him assuring him she doesn’t need it.

    The Sincerest Form Of Flattery.

    Friday, May 13 2011

    In his living room, Jack plays Erica's video for Caleb and Bianca, where she tells them she was kidnapped. She says the kidnappers want ten million dollars. She suggests Caleb sell Cortlandt's shares in the quarries to raise the cash. Caleb says there are no quarries, so it's a clue as to where she is. Caleb and Jack head out to find Asher for help on finding where the video came from as Bianca stays behind in case the kidnappers call. Kendall shows up and tries to reassure her sister. Ricky then walks in the door. He gets filled in and tries to console Kendall, but she backs away. The sisters explain they want to be left alone because it's a family matter. He says he understands and will wait in the hallway. Outraged, Bianca opens the door and lies to Ricky saying there's a gas leak at the yacht club and they are doing a room-to-room search. Ricky hates to leave Kendall, but she says she understands. Ricky leaves and Kendall calls Griffin to warn him Ricky is on his way back.

    Ricky returns to Bianca at Erica's and accuses her of trying to keep him away from Kendall.

    Kendall is relieved to find Griffin back at the house and runs into his arms.

    Behind The Curtain.

    Thursday, May 12 2011

    After Spike hangs up the phone at Fusion, he tells Bianca Erica said she was in danger and needs help. Caleb walks in and Bianca fills him in. They head out to find Jack.

    Jack and Krystal's kiss turns more passionate at his and Erica's place. They stop and Jack says he wants this, but he wants to take it slow so there are no doubts or questions on either of their parts. She wants it to be right just as much as he does. Caleb walks in and says Erica is in trouble. Caleb searches the house, as Krystal calls the cops. Bianca rushes over and talks with a frantic Jack, who then discovers the book with the phone is missing. He panics because no one else knew about the book except for Erica. Krystal feels she should leave because she's not family and Bianca probably doesn’t want her there. She assures Jack she knows the important thing is bringing Erica home. Alone in the bedroom, Jack gets a video message on his phone from Erica, who says she was kidnapped.

    Collateral Damage.

    Wednesday, May 11 2011

    Bianca finds a caustic Jack at Krystal's. He tells his niece Erica might be the center of her own universe, but she's moving out of his. He storms out past Krystal, who badmouths Erica to Bianca. Bianca defends her mother thinking Erica has a good reason to stay away. Krystal isn't convinced. Bianca continues to stand up for her mother, as Krystal calls Jack to make sure he's alright. When she calls his phone, they realize it's sitting on the bar. Krystal says she'll take it to him. Bianca thinks she's done enough and declares she will handle it.

    Bianca hangs out with Spike at Fusion and gives him Jack's phone. When Bianca walks away, Erica calls the phone. She urges Spike to put someone on the line, as the voice realizes Erica is up to something and heads to her room.

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