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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery (Past) Played by Christina Bennett Lind on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christina Bennett Lind

    Real Name: Christina Bennett Lind
    Web site:


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    It's Over.

    Friday, May 27 2011

    Jack visits with Bianca in the hospital. He assumes her experience with Ricky might have brought back some bad memories. She tells him she'll be fine as long as Kendall is okay. Jack tells her to worry about herself and they will make sure Ricky is put behind bars. Jack then finds "Erica" in the hallway as she recalls recuperating from her plastic surgery.
    Jack feels like she doesn’t want to be in Bianca's room. She says being with Bianca brings back bad memories. All she wants right now is to enjoy herself and have fun. Jack promises they will get back to a good place, but right now Bianca needs them. "Erica" goes for a walk. Back inside her room, Bianca relives what happened with Ricky and Michael. She says out loud, "I'm not afraid of you. I won't be afraid of you or anyone like you ever again."

    Back at the mansion, Marissa takes a shower and then JR pours her a glass of wine. He puts a blanket around her and holds her as she shivers. Marissa thanks JR for being so sweet. JR quips that if she tells anyone, he'll deny it. JR leaves to check on AJ and Marissa gets a call from Bianca.

    As Bianca talks with Marissa, Jack returns to her room to tell her Ricky has been arrested. The women discuss how scared they were and Bianca says they make a great team. Bianca instructs her to tell JR to take good care of her or else he will have to answer to her.

    I Killed Your Husband.

    Thursday, May 26 2011

    Bianca wakes up in the closet at the Yacht Club tied to Marissa and freaks out after having dreams of Michael. Marissa helps to calm her down. They free themselves from the ropes and escape from the closet.

    Frankie checks Bianca out at the hospital, as Jack and "Erica" arrive. Jack goes to find out what's going on with Bianca as "Erica" takes a seat in the hallway. She says out loud to herself that she didn't sign up for this. She repeats to herself, "She's not your daughter." "Erica" joins Jack in Bianca's room. Bianca fills them in on what's going on with Ricky and how Kendall has been trying to set him up. Jack is stunned and leaves to talk to the police. Bianca asks "Erica" if she's okay. "Erica" feigns shock. Marissa leaves them to talk, but when Bianca looks for reassurance from "Erica" that Kendall will be okay, "Erica" leaves to get Bianca some food.

    Feeling Nothing.

    Wednesday, May 25 2011

    After Ricky lures Bianca to the yacht, he confronts her about telling Miranda to stay away from him. He demands to know what she doesn’t like about him. Bianca tap dances around it and tries to leave, but Ricky grabs her. Their struggle causes her to have flashbacks of when Michael Cambias raped her. Ricky throws her to the ground, knocking her out, and says, "It's time to find out who else knows what."

    As Marissa walks the hall of the yacht club hotel, she sees Bianca draped over Ricky's shoulder. He tells her she passed out and Marissa helps get them inside. Ricky then forcefully prevents Marissa from getting hotel security. Once Ricky has left, Marissa wakes up to discover she's tied up in a closet with Bianca.

    Speaking From Her Heart.

    Tuesday, May 24 2011

    As a panicked Griffin listens in, Ricky springs an impromptu wedding on Kendall at her house, with "Erica" and Bianca standing by. Through the earpiece, Griffin urges her to call it off. Kendall tries to stall, but Ricky tells the reverend they are ready. The wedding gets underway, as Griffin continues to appeal to Kendall to call it off. Ricky says his vows, but when it's her turn, Kendall stalls. Bianca tries to help, but "Erica" encourages Kendall to speak from her heart. Jack walks in, surprised to see what's going on. After learning they will be going on a cruise on the yacht for their honeymoon, Kendall says she is ready to speak from her heart. She tells Ricky she trusts him so now she needs him to trust her. She wants her day to be special and everything she has dreamed about, so she needs more time. She suggests they head to the yacht and take a cruise, just the two of them. "Erica" tells a taken aback Kendall to enjoy her romance on the high seas and then leaves with Jack. Kendall shoos Ricky out so she can pack and then tells a worried Bianca she has to do this. Bianca exits and then Kendall tells Griffin through her earpiece that she will end this. She thanks him for his help and then takes out her earpiece. Bianca returns with Miranda and then leaves the room for a minute. Ricky also returns and asks Miranda to be a flower girl. She agrees and they hug. Bianca sees them and after Ricky goes to the kitchen, Bianca tells her daughter to stay away from Ricky. Once they leave, Ricky walks back in the room with a menacing look on his face. After Ricky exits once again, Griffin walks in the house and argues with Kendall about her plan. He realizes she has a gun so he picks her up and carries her out.

    After getting a text from "Kendall," Bianca boards the yacht. Ricky reveals himself and says, "Welcome aboard."

    That's What Family Is For.

    Monday, May 23 2011

    "Erica" meets with Kendall at her house. "Erica" says she and Jack are taking her and Bianca out to celebrate her homecoming. She then instructs her to get dressed for a wonderful night. Griffin listens in as "Erica" gives Kendall a rose and answers the door to Bianca. She then opens the door to Ricky and a minister. Ricky announces they are getting married right there, right now.

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