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    All My Children CAST - Bianca Montgomery (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bianca Montgomery (Past) Played by Christina Bennett Lind on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Christina Bennett Lind

    Real Name: Christina Bennett Lind
    Web site:


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    Bottle Caps And Scrapbooks.

    Thursday, April 28 2011

    Kendall meets with Bianca at her house and tells her sister Zach was murdered. Bianca is floored as Kendall furthers explains how she thinks Ricky is responsible. Bianca assures Kendall she will do whatever she can to help. Kendall already has an idea of how she can.

    Bianca sees Ricky sitting at a table at ConFusion and runs the other way. She sees Jack sitting alone and tries to console him over Erica. Bianca returns to Ricky and indicates that Kendall's feelings for Zach were changing before he died.

    Blind Date.

    Wednesday, April 27 2011

    After Marissa agrees to accompany JR on the double date with Bianca, they head to ConFusion. They sit down to eat with Bianca and her blind date Louise. After some chitchat, JR steps away to call home to make sure AJ is given his medicine. Maya answers and tells him Caleb stopped by with a bunch of boxes, but Asher knew he wouldn't like it. JR returns to the women and says he has to leave. Once JR is gone, Marissa talks Bianca up to Louise about her work at the Miranda Center. Bianca remains modest and also distracted, citing the publicity issues with the center. Louise offers some suggestions, but Marissa jumps in and says Bianca likes to lie low until she has all the facts. Bianca agrees and thanks Louise, but notes Marissa knows how she is. Marissa steps away to check on JR. Louise says she thinks the date was a bad idea because it seems like Bianca is interested in someone else.

    JR returns to ConFusion and learns Louise has left. Bianca tells JR and Marissa things weren't going anywhere between them. JR asks if she still wants to go to the concert, but Bianca declines. After she walks away, the exes note Bianca deserves to find someone who makes her happy.

    You Killed My Husband.

    Monday, April 25 2011

    Scott brings Emma over to the Chandlers, where JR notes Scott has been talking to Marissa a lot. Marissa sees Bianca, who can't get a hold of Erica. Bianca notes how cozy Marissa looked with JR, but Marissa blows it off. After JR and Scott taunt each other over the women in their lives, Scott walks over and acts familiar with Marissa. JR just stares at them. Bianca talks with Maya, who thinks the kids are really cute. Bianca tells her she doesn't know what she would do without her girls. The kids head out to the treasure hunt as Scott talks to Marissa about Madison. JR interrupts and leads Marissa away. Maya brings Emma to Scott. Emma says she doesn’t want to be there and wants to go home. JR asks Marissa to help him convince Bianca to go on a date with a woman in his finance department. Marissa agrees the woman is great, as JR tries to convince Bianca to go on a blind date. JR says if it will make her feel more comfortable, he and Marissa can double date with them. Marissa tries to convince Bianca to give it a chance. She promises she will be there to help Bianca through it.

    Leave It Alone.

    Tuesday, April 19 2011

    Bianca visits Griffin in the hospital. He tells her he didn't kill that woman. Cara says he was falsely accused and falsely charged, which Kendall made happen. Bianca doesn't know what to believe, but Griffin insists he will prove his innocence. She tells him the Miranda Center donors are threatening to withdraw all funding. He announces he will resign until it is all cleared up. Kendall enters after Bianca has left. Cara wants her to leave, but Griffin has something to say. Based on the evidence, he understands why Kendall would believe he was guilty. Cara can't believe what he's saying and then lashes out at Kendall. Kendall apologizes and says she'll deal with things on her own. Cara follows Kendall out in the hallway to yell at her some more. Ricky is brought up and Cara explains how Ricky was grilling her about Kendall and Griffin. Cara says the two of them deserve each other. Cara returns to Griffin and tells him she will find the men who are after him. It means a lot to him, but he doesn't want to worry about her being in danger. Jake enters and Cara tells him Griffin is doing too well and will probably end up back in jail. Jake retorts that in his opinion, Griffin is actually critical. He also informs Griffin he could lose his medical license.

    Bianca finds a somber looking David in the park. He says he's been thinking about his daughters and how he's lost them all.

    Kendall heads home and finds Bianca on her couch. They talk about Griffin and then Bianca brings up Ricky. Kendall asks how well she knew him before she asked him to perform Zach's service. Bianca says he worked at the center and may have tried too hard to impress her, but he has turned out to be a godsend. Bianca leaves and Ricky returns to make sure Kendall is okay. She says she needs to get back to work, but he says she is coming with him and he won't take no for an answer.

    It's Going To Be Okay Sweetheart.

    Monday, April 18 2011

    Still in St. Bart's, Bianca worries to Marissa about Erica. She then gets a call about Miranda Center donors pulling out because of Griffin's arrest. Marissa offers to make some calls to help. JR and AJ surprise Marissa and Bianca leaves them alone. After Marissa expresses her confusion over JR and their kiss, AJ says being there is cool because it's like the family trips they used to take.

    Because You're Erica Kane.

    Friday, April 15 2011

    Bianca stays behind in the hotel lobby and talks with Marissa about Erica. Jack calls and tells Bianca Erica is not in Pine Valley.

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