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    All My Children CAST - Caleb Cortlandt - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Caleb Cortlandt Played by Michael Nouri on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Nouri

    Birthday: December 9, 1945
    Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Michael Nouri
    Height: 6'3


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    David Wakes Up.

    Tuesday, January 18 2011

    David wakes up in the hospital and asks Erica what happened. She tells him he's been in a coma after getting shot. The medical team enters to tend to him. Griffin rushes in and orders Erica out. Erica runs into Caleb in the hallway. She tells him David is awake and asking a lot of questions. She needs to plant her story of what happened in David's mind. Griffin welcomes David back to the land of the living and steps out, as Erica lurks. Once David is alone, Erica tells him she was the one who shot him. David tells her they both know that's a lie.

    Jack finds Erica and Caleb talking about David in the hallway. After Erica leaves to tell Kendall about David, Caleb assures Jack he's available if Erica needs a lawyer again.

    A Lost Cause.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    At Wildwind, Erica tells Caleb their kiss was due to the circumstances and suggests they not work so closely together, so she doesn't make him uncomfortable. He assures her he's not uncomfortable and that he understands she is still marrying Jack. Bianca walks in and after Caleb leaves, she asks her mother if anything is going on between her and Caleb. Erica responds that they are business partners and he saved her life, so that's the extent of it. Bianca says Caleb denied anything going on between them too, but she knows he cares about her - a lot.

    Damon and Liza return to her place where she assures him she's fine and that she will survive. Damon wants to help, but she tells him it's a lost cause. Damon relents and leaves, as Caleb walks in. He offers Liza a deal regarding Erica, but Liza passes.

    There's Always Tomorrow.

    Tuesday, January 04 2011

    JR, Caleb and Asher all find themselves sitting alone at ConFusion. JR starts to taunt Caleb, as Asher walks over. JR snidely toasts to Caleb and leaves. Asher wishes his father a happy New Year and leaves as well.

    Erica breaks away from her kiss with Caleb on the rooftop. She blames it on the emotional situation they are in, but Caleb thinks their kiss was always going to happen. She asks him not to tell anyone Kendall shot David and he responds that whatever happens between them stays between them. She thanks him for protecting her daughter and leaves.

    Erica returns to the hospital and finds Bianca and Jack. Jack apologizes for fighting with her earlier, but a guilt-ridden Erica assures him she's not even thinking about that right now. Jack asks where Erica went and she explains she was talking to her mother and Zach to ask them to keep an eye on Kendall. She then tells him her New Year's resolution is to never take him for granted. They hug as they both declare their love. Bianca sees Caleb in the hallway and walks over to him. Caleb encourages her to look out for her mother.

    The Past Doesn't End At Midnight.

    Monday, January 03 2011

    Erica finds Kendall at Krystal's, as Bianca and Caleb walk in. Caleb pulls Erica aside to tell her he's trying to make sense of David's shooting and wants to question Kendall. Erica wants him to stay away from her and tells him Liza knows about Kendall almost smothering David. Caleb points out that is unrelated to David's shooting, but Erica just warns him away from Kendall. Erica storms out after learning Kendall got her food and left. Asher walks in and tells Caleb how cool it was of him to donate all that money to the hospital in Sonia's name. Caleb asks him to help him with something.

    Caleb brings Bianca and Asher to the rooftop to reenact what happened the night David was shot. In doing so, they realize Erica wouldn’t have had a clear angle from where she was standing.

    Erica rushes over to Kendall's who is drinking champagne and watching the ball drop on TV. She urges her mother to go celebrate with Jack, but starts coughing, which makes Erica worry. Kendall wants Erica to go out and live her glamorous life. Erica becomes frustrated detailing how ever since she and Jack returned from their trip it's been one crisis after another. Kendall knows all about it, but Erica assures she has no idea what it's been like for her to keep the family together and put out fires all over the place, all while sober. She picks up the bottle of champagne and drinks from it. Kendall wonders what she was thinking, considering she's been sober for over seven years. Erica declares she is Erica Kane and shouldn’t be brought down over one glass of champagne, but her mind is racing thinking about taking just one more sip. Kendall wants to understand why she is unraveling when she is usually such a rock. Erica corrects her saying Mona was the rock who never faltered even after all the trouble she brought to her doorstep. Erica then tells Kendall Liza knows about her and the pillow, but assures her it's not enough to bring charges. Erica assures her daughter she will do whatever needs to be done to protect her, despite her momentary lapse. Kendall starts coughing again and it gets so bad she falls into Caleb's arms when he walks in.

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