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    All My Children CAST - Caleb Cortlandt - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Caleb Cortlandt Played by Michael Nouri on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Michael Nouri

    Birthday: December 9, 1945
    Birthplace: Washington, D.C.
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Real Name: Michael Nouri
    Height: 6'3


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    Sara Lavery.

    Thursday, May 19 2011

    Asher wakes up in the hospital to find Caleb and JR by his bedside. He says he can barely feel his legs. JR and Caleb tell him they will set up physical therapy at home. Caleb wants him to come to Wildwind, but JR says he has equipment at his mansion from when he broke his pelvis. Colby walks in and apologizes for her behavior before the explosion. She wants him to come home with her and JR, where he belongs. Alone with Asher, Colby apologizes for shutting him out and taking her anger out on him. She asks him to forgive her. Maya watches from the hallway and runs into Opal, who explains Asher's history of adoption.

    "Erica" goes to Krystal's where Caleb finds her. He calls her Dorothy, but she doesn't react. She finally looks up and recognizes Caleb, who sits down with her. She asks after Asher and expresses her regret over what happened. He assures her it wasn't her fault and declares they will get the people who took her and put them away forever. She says she can't believe he came all the way to St. Bart's to try and stop her wedding. He notes she made her choice and says he has to respect it. "Erica" tells him she would never accept this kind of rejection so graciously and assumes his feelings didn't just go away. Opal sees them as Caleb tells her he is accepting what is: She's committed to someone else. Caleb picks up his takeout and Opal embraces her friend. "Erica" acts like she doesn’t know her, but then tries to recover when Opal tells her who she is. Opal is not thrilled "Erica" was making "goo-goo eyes at Mountain Man." "Erica" acts offended and leaves.

    How Classy Is This?

    Monday, May 16 2011

    After the explosion, Jack searches for Erica, as Caleb finds a wounded Asher trapped under concrete. Jack finds who he assumes is Erica under the rubble. JR enters and helps Caleb try to free Asher. He says he called 911 once he saw the place blow up. Help arrives and Jack picks up Erica, who is clearly impressed by him. The ambulance takes Asher away as Erica says she will walk out of there on her own two feet.

    Asher is brought to the hospital and Frankie tells Asher and Caleb he can't tell them anything until he examines him.

    Frankie returns to Caleb and JR and tells them Asher might be paralyzed. He says he's going to bring a neurologist in and then walks away. Caleb thanks JR for helping to save Asher.

    The Sincerest Form Of Flattery.

    Friday, May 13 2011

    In his living room, Jack plays Erica's video for Caleb and Bianca, where she tells them she was kidnapped. She says the kidnappers want ten million dollars. She suggests Caleb sell Cortlandt's shares in the quarries to raise the cash. Caleb says there are no quarries, so it's a clue as to where she is. Caleb and Jack head out to find Asher for help on finding where the video came from as Bianca stays behind in case the kidnappers call. Kendall shows up and tries to reassure her sister. Ricky then walks in the door. He gets filled in and tries to console Kendall, but she backs away. The sisters explain they want to be left alone because it's a family matter. He says he understands and will wait in the hallway. Outraged, Bianca opens the door and lies to Ricky saying there's a gas leak at the yacht club and they are doing a room-to-room search. Ricky hates to leave Kendall, but she says she understands. Ricky leaves and Kendall calls Griffin to warn him Ricky is on his way back.

    Colby marvels over all the hits her vlogs are getting at the mansion. Asher thinks her confessions don't need to be about tearing people down all the time. She declares she doesn’t go after anyone who doesn't deserve it. Asher stalks off, but later returns when Jack and Caleb stop by. He locates an address and offers to help, but Caleb wants him to stay put. After Caleb and Jack leave, Asher tells JR Caleb needs his help.

    Jack and Caleb split up to search the quarry. Asher shows up to help Caleb and they find something that looks like a bomb. It starts to tick and then it explodes.

    Behind The Curtain.

    Thursday, May 12 2011

    After Spike hangs up the phone at Fusion, he tells Bianca Erica said she was in danger and needs help. Caleb walks in and Bianca fills him in. They head out to find Jack.

    Jack and Krystal's kiss turns more passionate at his and Erica's place. They stop and Jack says he wants this, but he wants to take it slow so there are no doubts or questions on either of their parts. She wants it to be right just as much as he does. Caleb walks in and says Erica is in trouble. Caleb searches the house, as Krystal calls the cops. Bianca rushes over and talks with a frantic Jack, who then discovers the book with the phone is missing. He panics because no one else knew about the book except for Erica. Krystal feels she should leave because she's not family and Bianca probably doesn’t want her there. She assures Jack she knows the important thing is bringing Erica home. Alone in the bedroom, Jack gets a video message on his phone from Erica, who says she was kidnapped.

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