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    All My Children CAST - Damon Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damon Miller Played by Finn Wittrock on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finn Wittrock

    Real Name: Finn Wittrock


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    Time To Think.

    Monday, July 26 2010

    As Damon and Colby lie in bed together, Liza and Tad come to the door. Liza demands to talk to her daughter alone and Tad brings Damon out of the room. Liza explains to Colby that Adam didn't show up because of bad weather. She understands Colby was feeling rejected by her father, but she doesn't need to settle for Damon. They argue and Colby says she doesn't want to end up like Liza – desperate not to be alone. Liza in turn worries she will give up all her potential for Damon. Colby thinks she doesn’t know her at all if that's the case.

    Out in the hallway, Tad angrily demands to know how Damon could have kissed Liza. Damon says it just happened while he was celebrating the adoption. He insists it didn't mean anything. Tad is furious he could have so little regard for him to do something like that and to have it mean nothing, because it certainly means something to Tad. Damon says Liza is out to get him, but Tad defends her. Damon shows him the photos of Liza half dressed as proof. Colby and Liza walk out of the room and Tad demands to know from Liza what the pictures are all about.

    Don't Let Me Down.

    Wednesday, July 21 2010

    While bartending at Krystal's bar, Liza catches Damon stealing from the cash register. She tells him, "That's going to make your dad really proud!" Damon claims it is an advance. Liza reminds him about his adoption party, and is annoyed that Damon forgot. They are interrupted by Tad who asks if he can crash their own little party. An angry Tad reminds him of all the trouble everyone went through for him. Liza shows Tad the stolen cash. Damon sarcastically says he can't change overnight and storms off. Alone with Liza, Tad claims Liza is always around when Damon spirals out of control. Liza thinks he can't force him to be a part of the family. Tad tells her there is nothing she can tell him about Damon that will surprise him. Liza admits that Damon kissed her when they were signing the adoption papers. She hatefully tells a stunned Tad that his son is a terrible person who only cares about himself. Tad doesn't think the story makes any sense, but is glad she told him. Liza hopes Tad now understands that she's never been out to get Damon, but to protect him and Colby. She asks what they will do now. He asserts she will fix it. Jake and Amanda arrive at the bar to see Liza talking with Tad. They opt to not tell Tad anything and leave.

    An upset Colby returns home and calls Adam. She asks if she can fly to New York to visit him. She cries that everything is out of control and she can't handle it. She is surprised to see Damon standing in the doorway listening. Colby tells Damon to get lost. Damon offers to be there for her. Colby cries that Scott is marrying the very toxic Annie. Damon knows he has been flaky, but insists he hasn't stopped caring. Colby is tired of doing things on his schedule and wants to get to New York. Damon promises if she wants to see her dad, he'll make it happen. Colby begs him to not let her down. He assures her that he won't and takes her hand.

    You Can Count On Me.

    Monday, July 19 2010

    An angry Colby waits at a restaurant on Damon, who is running late. She becomes even more frustrated when he arrives for their fancy dinner and after-party in a T-shirt. Damon then realizes he forgot his wallet and offers to pay her back, but she storms off.

    Damon returns home and Tad excitedly shows him his own adoption papers, which have the same date as Damon’s adoption date. Tad hugs Damon and welcomes him to the family.

    Colby returns to the restaurant and finds Damon waiting on her. She sarcastically remarks that maybe his other girlfriend will be more understanding. A frustrated Damon tells her he wants to be with her, but she is putting too much pressure on him and he’s going through some big stuff. Colby softens and agrees to see him again.

    Constantly Colliding.

    Monday, July 12 2010

    In her room, Colby defends her decision to stay in town to Damon. She tells him feels like she can trust him and pleads with him to not let her down. He just leaves to meet with Tad.

    Tad and Damon meet at the Yacht Club where Tad once again assures his son he's not going anywhere so he can take all the time he needs to adjust to his new family.

    Tad and Damon come home as Liza and Colby argue. Damon hands Colby some flowers and apologizes for fighting with her. He has a lot to figure out, but he knows she is the only girl he wants to be with. He kisses her as Liza looks on with disdain. After the kids leave, Liza bemoans the fact that Colby is giving up so much for a boy. Tad thinks she needs to give her daughter more credit, believing Colby won't give up on all her hopes and dreams for Damon. He goes to get them a glass of wine and Liza spots Damon's pills, which she puts in her purse.

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