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    All My Children CAST - Damon Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damon Miller Played by Finn Wittrock on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finn Wittrock

    Real Name: Finn Wittrock


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    Never Come Back!

    Friday, August 06 2010

    Liza tells Tad at his place that she found Damon and that he’s all right. Tad tells her to leave all of them alone and tells her to go. She reluctantly does. He tells Krystal that Damon’s leaving is as much his fault as Liza’s. Damon appears at the door and as Krystal is leaving she quickly tells Damon that she’s glad he’s back. He slyly tells Tad that he lost his key and asks Tad if he has a spare one. Tad tells him that he’s really happy Damon is back. They each agree that they’ve both made mistakes. Damon tells Tad that he doesn’t suck as a dad. Tad gives Damon a gift, the 'Rocky' movies. He calls Tad 'Dad.'

    No Coming Back.

    Thursday, August 05 2010

    Damon apologizes to Colby for everything with her mom as they stroll through the park. Colby asks if he's really sure he wants to leave. Damon says no one matters to him except her. They discuss going to Ohio to pick up his guitar and she says she wants to meet his mother. He isn't interested in seeing his mother and says they will live in a parent-free zone until they get to San Francisco. Damon gets a call from Tad but he ignores it and they leave.

    In a hotel room in Ohio, Colby runs out to the drugstore for makeup she forgot at home. After she's gone, Liza comes to the door and gives Damon his real meds. She admits she switched his medication with placebos a few weeks ago. She asks him not to hurt Colby and to not blame Tad for any of this. She wants him to give Tad a chance to show him what a great father he is. Damon listens to his messages and hears Tad tell him he's holding the man cave for him and that he'd do anything for him. Colby returns and learns about Liza's latest stunt and calls the police to have her arrested.

    What Is Wrong With You?

    Wednesday, August 04 2010

    After hanging up with Liza at his house, Tad hears a car pull up and Damon walks in. He says he's not staying, he just came back for Kathy's swim meet. He and Colby are leaving afterwards. Tad asks him not to go saying he believes him regarding Liza. As they talk about the photos of Liza, Colby walks in. She shocked as she tries to process what Liza did. Liza walks in and attempts to explain. Colby won't hear it and says after today, she doesn't have a mother anymore. Colby doesn't think Liza really knows what love is and leaves with Damon. Liza defends herself again to Tad and then tells him about her switching Damon's ADHD medication. Tad angrily wants to know what is wrong with her. He says because of her arrogance, they've both lost their children.

    In the park, Colby tells Damon she would have believed him if he had told her the truth. They talk about leaving Pine Valley and she says he is the only family she needs. She wants to go away forever and never look back. He thinks that's a good plan.

    We're Done.

    Wednesday, July 28 2010

    Back at the mansion, Damon tells Colby that the pressure from both Tad and Liza has been too much, but he's figured things out now and she helped him do that. He doesn't care what people think or expect, he'll just be himself, which is a guy who wants to run away with her and never come back.

    Tad and Liza separately look for their kids, as Damon and Colby plan their trip at Krystal's. Kathy comes to Damon and Colby's table and asks if they are going somewhere. Damon covers and Kathy reminds him he has to come to her swim meet. He says he wouldn’t miss it for the world. After Kathy leaves, Damon assures Colby they will take off and live their life the way they want.

    Bending The Truth.

    Tuesday, July 27 2010

    At the hotel in New York, Tad demands an explanation from Damon and Liza about the photos. Liza says she was drunk and Damon was inappropriate with her. Incensed, Damon tells his side of the story and how Liza was trying to set it up for Colby to find them together. Tad wonders why Damon didn't tell him about it when it happened, if he is the one telling the truth. Damon responds he thought he could use the photos to get Liza to back off. Before he leaves to find Colby, Damon accuses Tad of being on Liza's side and tells him he's no better than Paul. Once he's gone, Liza feels bad that Tad has been hurt and tries to console him. She thinks they will be okay and brings up the night before Jake and Amanda's wedding when he came to see her. Tad recalls that night and remembers her being sober. He wonders why she didn't tell him Damon was there and she spins another story. Tad doesn't buy it and says he forgot how good Liza was at bending the truth. He thinks for once his son told the truth and she lied through her teeth.

    Elsewhere in the hotel, Colby calls her dad and leaves a message apologizing and also tells him she and Damon are in love. Damon finds her and she asks him to go to California with her to meet her dad. Damon agrees, but only if they leave and don't come back.

    Time To Think.

    Monday, July 26 2010

    In New York, Damon and Colby check into a hotel. Colby is upset about what's going on with her family and expresses how much she misses her father. She looks forward to seeing him while in the Big Apple, but then there's a knock at the door. Colby answers to a man who says Adam won't be coming, but he will call and explain everything. Colby is given a gift from Adam and then gets a call from her father, but she hangs up on him before he can explain. Damon tries to make her feel better, as she thinks Adam just didn't care. Damon encourages Colby to open Adam's gift, but she doesn’t want it, she wants her dad. Damon assures her she has him and he's not going anywhere, He kisses her and tells her she's amazing. He wants to be with her. He tells her he loves her, which makes her light up. She tells him she loves him too and they have sex.

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