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    All My Children CAST - Damon Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damon Miller Played by Finn Wittrock on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finn Wittrock

    Real Name: Finn Wittrock


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    Stop Being A Good Girl.

    Wednesday, September 22 2010

    In bed, Damon wonders what he did to deserve a sleeping Colby. He starts to get out of bed to go to work. She wakes up and says she has to meet Asher to see a social networking site he made for Chandler.

    Damon runs into Tad at Krystal's and Tad learns Damon is taking the GED again. Tad is happy to hear it and offers to help him study. Tad says he has to go see Liza and Damon notes Colby still isn't talking to her. The men discuss how the women miss each other and Damon asks Tad to give Liza a push in Colby's direction. Tad says Liza only has herself to blame for what happened, but he will give it a shot.

    Downstairs in the mansion, Asher looks at photos on the mantel as Annie walks in wondering who he is. He says he's meeting Colby and tries to charm her. She says she will let Colby know he's there. Colby comes down and Annie listens in as Asher explains the site he created for Chandler. Colby gets annoyed with Annie's lurking and she leaves. Colby asks Asher about where he's from and if he left anyone behind. He tells her there was no one special and he has too much work to do before he can think about a relationship. JR busts into the mansion furious about Scott and Caleb. He tells Colby what's going on, but thinks there must be some way to get his hands on the deal the two of them made, piquing Asher's interest. After everyone else has left, Damon comes back to see Colby on his break. He assures her he won't be bussing tables forever, but she says it doesn't matter to her. He doesn’t know what he wants to do but he will figure it out.

    Off The Books.

    Monday, September 13 2010

    Damon comes to Colby's room and wakes her up in the middle of the afternoon. She couldn't sleep the night before and talks about David and Ryan's fight. She worries Liza is going after Ryan for the murder and suggests Damon hang out with someone who is a little more fun today. Damon just wants to be around her and reminds her of how much she's done for him. He tells her it's his turn and goes to get her a snack.

    JR walks into Krystal's to pick up AJ. Marissa tells him he's in the kitchen and Krystal leaves. Marissa accuses JR of going after Scott at Chandler in order to get at Annie. He reminds her they are getting divorced so it's none of her business, but Marissa says what he does affects their son's life. She thinks AJ needs support and security, not constant conflict. JR feels bad and wonders if AJ is having a hard time with David's death. Marissa confirms and JR thinks he'll get over it if they don’t mention David's name around him. They argue as AJ walks back in the room. JR offers to take AJ to the office and they head out. Colby and Damon walk into Krystal's and Marissa asks Colby to keep an eye on AJ when he's at the house.

    It's Going To Get Ugly.

    Wednesday, September 08 2010

    Damon and Colby go to Krystal's. Asher walks in as they wonder why Asher just took off and note how they don’t really know him.

    He's Gone.

    Tuesday, September 07 2010

    After David collapses at the Yacht Club, Krystal calls 911. Kendall asks Greenlee where Ryan is, but Greenlee is only concerned about David. Kendall leaves, as Jesse checks his pulse and calls for Jake and Frankie. Jake performs CPR, but eventually stops and tells Greenlee, "He's gone." Jake says there's no way of knowing what exactly killed him right now, but it looks like he's had a lot of trauma. Jesse announces the room is now a crime scene so no one can go anywhere until they are questioned. Jesse calls for back up as Greenlee looks at David's body in shock. Across the room, Krystal worries to Caleb how Marissa will handle this. Nearby, Colby and Asher discuss what they will say about the fight they saw between Ryan and David earlier. Colby says Ryan is a good guy and she doesn’t want to get him in trouble. Asher suggests she keep quiet then. Liza calls the mayor to accept the responsibilities as District Attorney and also tells her about David. Natalia enters with more cops and Jesse instructs them to seal off the area. Greenlee worries about where Ryan is, but Amanda assures her she's not alone. Greenlee thanks her but she knows David wasn't Amanda's favorite person. Amanda says all that matters right now is that he was her husband. Greenlee sits with David's body and takes his hand. She tells him she never wanted this for him. She cries and says he deserved better – they both did. Mayor Blanco enters and talks with Liza, who assures her she wants whoever did this to David to pay, but he used to be her client so it could be a conflict of interest. The mayor demands she take this case or she will find a new D.A. The EMTs come to take David's body and Jake gently helps Greenlee move away from him. Damon comes over to Asher and Colby, who tell him what they saw. Colby doesn’t know what to do, but Asher says Ryan will tell the cops if he thinks it's something they need to know, but if he doesn't say anything, then Colby will just be starting trouble if she reports the fight. Natalia questions Caleb and Krystal, but Caleb abruptly ends it and leads Krystal out so she can got to Marissa. Jesse questions Greenlee and he says once the dust settles, he will need a complete statement, but she doesn't know how the dust settles after something like this. Jesse walks away into Liza, who informs him she is the new D.A., which means they are working on this case together. Jesse just wants her to stay out of his way. Colby overhears and talks to her mother about her new job. Liza wants her to go home so she isn't involved in any of this. Jesse goes over to Angie and Tad. Tad thinks things are great now that David is gone, but Angie reminds him he was a father and it's a tragedy what happened. Tad thinks the tragedy is just beginning.

    I Know Everything.

    Friday, September 03 2010

    Despite Kendall's best efforts to keep Liza at the party, Liza walks away and Kendall tries to call Ryan. Elsewhere, David tells Greenlee he wants to go on their trip right after the party. She suggests they leave in the morning after they're rested. David grabs her arms hard and angrily tells her he knows everything and that everything she has done and said has been one big lie. David wants to discuss it further, but not there so no one can overhear what he has to say. Meanwhile, Tad calls JR to tell him to come to the party. JR says he has work to do and will pass, but Tad convinces him to come. Across the room, Bianca tells Caleb he looks almost proud to be there, but he says he would rather be home chasing Miranda around. Bianca tells him it's a wonderful party and Uncle Pete would be proud. Caleb thanks her. Colby and Asher enter the party and see Damon passing out drinks. He's happy to see Colby but says he won't be able to take a break anytime soon. Colby suggests she and Asher dance, as Krystal and Caleb do the same. Asher bumps into Caleb, who gruffly tells him to watch where's going. JR walks in the party, as Frankie questions Madison why she isn't with Ryan. She downs a couple of drinks and says he'll be back soon.

    Prove It!

    Monday, August 30 2010

    JR is on the phone at the mansion and tells the caller that Scott is off work right now and that he’ll be running Nanotech for the moment. Marissa walks in and tells him that she’s filing for a divorce and asks if they can still be friends. He says yes. She suggests they stop fighting in front of AJ. Rather than sharing custody of AJ, JR asks her to live at the mansion. He tells her that Annie and Scott moved out. She wants a clean break from the Chandler family. As she goes to leave, he apologizes for hurting her. She wishes him happiness and runs into Colby as she leaves. Colby asks JR what’s happening. He asks her if she’d like to take a part-time job at the company. She doesn’t want to be part of going after Scott. He says he’s going after what he wants when Scott walks in and asks him what that is. Asher and Damon walk in and witness the altercation. JR and Scott continue to fight over Annie and Marissa then Scott leaves. The young people go into the hallway and Asher tells Colby that perhaps she should take the job so she can keep track of what’s going on. They ask Asher about his family. He says he lost his parents in a car accident. He has no real family. Damon asks her if she wants the job and she says she has always wanted to work for Chandler Enterprises. She thinks she'll take the job.

    What Else Can I Do For You?

    Friday, August 27 2010

    At Tad's, Asher and Damon play video games as Asher asks questions him about Colby and her family. Colby comes in and gives Damon an expensive new phone. Damon thanks her, but looks bothered. Colby leaves to pick up some food from Krystal's and Damon feels bad he doesn't even have enough money to buy her breakfast.

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