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    All My Children CAST - Damon Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damon Miller Played by Finn Wittrock on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finn Wittrock

    Real Name: Finn Wittrock


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    It's The Dehydration Talking.

    Wednesday, October 20 2010

    Damon brings a resistant Liza to the hospital after he found her almost passed out. She insists to Frankie she's just stressed over her case, but she also mentions some migraines and then almost faints. Liza is admitted and Frankie tells her she's dehydrated. He wants her to rest, but she gets agitated saying she has a lot of work to do. Frankie insists she stay at the hospital and she makes him promise not to tell anyone she was there. Frankie leaves and Liza notes her job is all she has so she has to get a conviction. Damon goes out and gets her some food and then Liza asks him to stick around to ward off any media leaks. Damon wants to call Colby for her, but Liza orders him not to because Colby will probably think she's just making it up. Damon looks sympathetic and lets Liza know he's there for her. She wonders why he's being so nice to her and he says it's his job. She thinks he's going above and beyond, but he likes it. She admits she was wrong about him with Colby and admires his dedication. He thinks the dehydration is getting to her, but she means everything she said. Frankie returns to discharge Liza and Damon helps her get ready to leave. Liza thanks him.

    Commitment Issues.

    Tuesday, October 19 2010

    Asher goes back to Krystal's and pulls out an article about a fatal mine accident. Damon asks after Colby and he tells him she said she'll call him later. Damon is set on edge that his girlfriend had Asher pass on a message. Colby returns to Krystal's and is consoled by Asher, which Damon sees. Damon walks over to comfort his girlfriend and gets defensive when Asher offers his advice to Colby.

    Holding On To Self-Respect.

    Monday, October 18 2010

    Outside the courtroom, Greenlee wonders why Ryan kissed her. He tells her he was trying to make her understand. She says, "Understand what?" Jack calls them back to court and Liza comes out from the shadows. They all go back inside and Kendall is called to the stand, where she is forced to admit David was blackmailing Greenlee. Liza also brings up the fact that Kendall burned the documents David had connecting Greenlee to Erica's plane crash. Jack then questions Kendall about Greenlee's character and Kendall declares Greenlee could never kill anyone, as Erica walks in. Liza then calls Erica to the stand to ask if she thinks Greenlee tried to kill her. Erica says no and says even though she doesn't like Greenlee, she's basically a good person and if Jack believes in his daughter it's with good reason. When Jack questions Erica, he gets her to say that just about everyone in town wanted David dead. Once they break, Liza instructs Damon to get her more caffeine, as Greenlee talks privately with Ryan. She brings up the kiss, but he evades. Ryan then talks with Jack and they discuss Ryan putting his neck on the line for Greenlee. Ryan starts to leave, but Greenlee stops him to talk about the kiss. Ryan says he has to get home and walks away.

    Opening Statements.

    Thursday, October 14 2010

    In the interrogation room, Damon walks in and trips, spilling coffee all over Liza's things. The mayor walks in and tells Liza to get it together because she needs to convict David's killer. Once the mayor is gone, Damon suggests a wired Liza drink some decaf, but she needs potent coffee and orders him to take her jacket to the dry cleaners and get her some caffeine. Damon returns with a new suit and more coffee for Liza and she thanks him for all his help because he has done everything correctly that she's asked. He watches her get ready and says he never knew how much it took to be her.

    Saving Himself.

    Tuesday, October 12 2010

    At Krystal's, Damon does some work for Liza as Colby walks in questioning her mother. She assumes she hired Damon to keep tabs on her and Tad. Damon returns from making copies and Liza questions Colby about her life, but Colby still isn't ready to welcome her back with open arms. Colby and Damon sit at the bar and eat. Colby tells him about the drama at the mansion with JR and Annie.

    A Change Of Plans.

    Monday, October 04 2010

    Tad meets Colby at Krystal's where they discuss Damon, who passed his GED, but hasn't contacted either one of them. Damon walks in and confirms that he passed his exam. They're excited, but he says he's more concerned about getting a job than he was about passing his test. A woman from the employment agency meets with Damon, but was under the impression he was graduating college, not high school. Damon starts babbling about his ADHD and his trouble with the law. Tad and Colby try to rescue him, but the woman has heard enough and leaves. Damon starts his shift, as Colby and Tad worry. Tad leaves to talk to Jake as Liza enters the restaurant. She asks Damon if he'd like to work for her as a filing clerk, because the person working for her now is completely incompetent. He is wary of her offer, but she says the only thing she wants in return is for him to tell her how Colby is doing everyone once in awhile, since her daughter isn't talking to her. Damon agrees and Colby joins them. She can't believe Damon is going to take a job with her mother, believing it's a bad idea.

    Back at Krystal's, Tad walks in and learns Damon will be working for Liza. Colby wants Tad to tell Damon it's a bad idea, but though clenched teeth, Tad says it's Damon's decision - not his. Damon accepts Liza's offer.

    Take A Good Long Look.

    Wednesday, September 29 2010

    Colby finds Damon crashed on a table at Krystal's from studying too much. She wakes him up to take him home. They leave as Caleb walks in. He finds Krystal and tells her Asher was the one who hit him on the head and that he's working with JR.

    Colby and Damon go back to the mansion where he worries about the GED. She notes he's come a long way from needing someone to bail him out of jail all the time. He wonders if she misses the bad boy he used to be and she says a little bit. He throws all the books off the bed and kisses her. They continue to make out, but are interrupted by Asher who is looking to just get in the car and go somewhere with Colby. He sees Damon and says he should probably leave. Colby wants to know what Asher does for JR, but he's vague and walks away. Damon and Colby get back to what they were doing and end up in bed. After they have sex, Damon tells Colby he wants to make her happy. She assures him he does and they end up talking about Asher. She points out he always changes the subject when they ask about this life. Damon kisses her to get her mind off Asher.

    Taking What's Offered.

    Thursday, September 23 2010

    Damon tells Tad JR isn't exactly thrilled he's dating Colby. Tad says he will have a talk with his stepson and tries to bolster Damon's moral. Colby and Asher come to Krystal's and tell him they are taking him out for lobster on JR. Colby steps away and Damon expresses his disdain over having Colby pay with JR's money. Asher thinks he's crazy to turn this down, but Damon says there was a time he would have jumped at the offer, but he's not that guy any more. Asher says he went to school with rich kids and they took everything they had for granted so he figures if it's offered, he's taking it. Damon notes Asher grew up without parents, but says now that he has Tad he appreciates people looking after him. JR calls Asher demanding he come over right now. After Asher has left, Damon agrees to dinner with Colby, but next time he's buying and it will be just the two of them.

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