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    All My Children CAST - Damon Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damon Miller Played by Finn Wittrock on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finn Wittrock

    Real Name: Finn Wittrock


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    A Lost Cause.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    Colby walks into Krystal's and finds Damon with Liza. Colby lashes out at her mother, but Liza wants to repair things between them. Damon comes to Liza's defense when Colby accuses her of making Damon run around for her. Damon assures her he loves his job but Colby is still leery of her mother. Liza apologizes for the mistakes she's made, but Colby won't let her take Damon away like she did Adam.

    Damon and Liza return to her place where she assures him she's fine and that she will survive. Damon wants to help, but she tells him it's a lost cause. Damon relents and leaves, as Caleb walks in. He offers Liza a deal regarding Erica, but Liza passes.

    Still at the mansion, Asher tells Colby she is the most amazing person he has ever met and kisses her as Damon walks in.

    Christmas In Pine Valley.

    Monday, December 27 2010

    The Martins and Careys gather at Krystal's where Amanda informs everyone she invited Cara and Griffin to the celebration. Damon tells Tad and Colby he's applying to college to study pre-law. Tad is thrilled and expresses how proud he is of him. Colby on the other hand doesn't know what to say. She thinks it sounds like he's becoming her mother's clone. She leaves to go home, but assures him they are okay. Amanda hounds Jake about his present for her, as Griffin and Cara enter. Amanda greets them, as Jake looks less than thrilled. Griffin and Cara present the group with tequila and tamales, because Cara makes the best ones. As Griffin involves the kids in his meal preparations, Tad wonders aloud to Jake if this is the strangest Christmas ever. Jake agrees it's pretty odd. Later, Jake gives Amanda a gift, which is a diamond broach of a parrot to commemorate their pirate night. Toasts are made and Cara sadly takes note of Jake and Amanda's coziness.

    Playing By The Rules.

    Friday, December 03 2010

    Colby enters the Chandler living room, as Asher walks in with his shirt off. He says he was working out and suggests she join him some time together. She gets uncomfortable and tells him they need to set ground rules. She reminds him she is with Damon and there is no reason for them to be around each other all the time. Damon leaves to shower and change. When he returns downstairs he recalls his moments with Colby and then finds her kissing Damon. After some awkward conversation, Asher leaves. Colby tells Damon she misses him and suggests some breakfast in bed. He has to go to the courthouse because Liza really needs him today. Annoyed, Colby suggests he start thinking about what she needs. He reminds her he's working a lot and will try and find more time for them. She apologizes for going off on him, but she feels like things are different now. He assures her none of it means anything to him without her. She says she's fine and tells him to go to work. He says he likes that she misses him and leaves. Colby remains rattled and emotional.

    Mysteries Of The Heart.

    Wednesday, November 17 2010

    At ConFusion, Liza piles on the work for Damon, who just wants to have a life and spend time with Colby. She tells him to go, but he doesn't feel right about leaving her alone, worried she might faint again. She tells him no one would care if she did because everyone hates her. Damon assures her he's on her side. She can't believe she tried so hard to get him out of Colby's life. She admits she underestimated him.

    Damon brings Liza to the hospital because she's falling over from exhaustion. He goes to find a doctor and Tad finds Liza alone. They have words about Greenlee's trial and then Tad tells her about Opal. She feels bad about the fight they had before Opal's heart issues. Tad doesn’t blame her, but Liza says the case is making her edgy and asks Tad to apologize to Opal for her. Tad walks away as Damon returns. Liza tells him she's not staying, but Damon wants her to make sure she's in top form for the trial tomorrow.

    The Grass Isn't Greener.

    Friday, November 12 2010

    In the mansion, Asher tells Colby she's making too big a big deal about the kiss and she needs to move on. He leaves and passes an incoming Damon on the way out. Damon tells Colby he wants to help Asher take his mind off things, but Colby acts blaze. Damon wonders why the change in attitude about him and she tearfully tells him Asher kissed her. Damon is enraged and Colby tries to explain the circumstances surrounding it. He wants to confront Asher and Colby asks him not to make her regret telling him. She continues to try to explain things and assures him she loves him. She doesn’t trust Asher, but she trusts him. She wonders if he can help her forget and he kisses her.

    Damon and Colby go upstairs and have sex. Afterwards, she tells him she wanted to show him how much he means to her so he wouldn't doubt anything. He says, "No doubts here," but his demeanor conveys otherwise.

    Safe And Sensible.

    Wednesday, November 10 2010

    Colby breaks away from her kiss with Asher at the mansion and tells him he shouldn't have kissed her. He thought they were both doing it. She reminds him she is in love with Damon and makes it clear he can't cross the line again. Damon walks in wondering what's going on. Colby tells him Asher had it out with Caleb. Damon tells him whatever goes down, he and Colby have his back. Colby suggests she and Damon get something to eat and they leave, but Colby guiltily looks back at Asher.

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