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    All My Children CAST - Damon Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damon Miller Played by Finn Wittrock on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finn Wittrock

    Real Name: Finn Wittrock


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    The Rubber Room!

    Tuesday, February 09 2010

    Colby meets up with Damon at ConFusion. He tells her that Bailey went back to her parents to figure things out. They discuss his need for a job, and her father. Damon asks what her father did to irritate her. She says he married Annie Lavery! She vents about the trust conditions, and he teases her. Colby informs him that he's a jerk, and storms off as he apologizes!

    Indecent Proposal!

    Thursday, February 04 2010

    At the police station, Brot and Natalia are going over reports from break-ins around Fusion. Natalia tells Brot how upset she is that she's not out in the field with Jesse. Brot scoffs at her, saying her ego is something else - she thinks she should be leading every investigation! Damon is brought in, and the officer with him says Jesse wanted him there for questioning. Natalia decides to take over and catch Damon in a lie. Brot warns she's close to loose cannon territory. Bailey arrives and Brot urges her to call Damon's lawyer fast. Natalia asks Damon about the break-in at the Chandler Mansion. He says he was with his friend - Colby Chandler! Natalia tells him that she already asked Colby, and she said she was at a party. Liza walks in and stops the questioning. Damon reiterates that he was with Colby - he spent the night in her room! Liza sends Natalia out of the room, and confronts Damon about using her daughter!

    Colby arrives at the police station and walks past Natalia, Brot, and Bailey to where Liza and Damon are standing. She backs Damon up, saying he spent the night with her in her room. Bailey is horrified, and as she's leaving, tells Damon she never wants to see him again! He stops her and asks how they can have a relationship if she won't believe him. Bailey notes it's the third time they've been in the police station - she's had it! Damon says he loves her, but she still goes. He follows her. Colby tells Liza that she just wants Damon to go to jail so she can get Stuart back - and maybe Bailey too! Colby starts to break down, and Liza asks what is wrong. Colby blurts, "JR." She then decides not to tell Liza about his illness, and informs her mother that she won't stay away from Damon, before leaving!


    Tuesday, February 02 2010

    Adam comes into Colby's bedroom, and seeing a form under the covers, starts pleading with Colby to talk to him about this whole trust thing. Just then, Colby walks in carrying a tray. Adam looks under the covers - it's Damon! Colby orders Adam out of her room, telling him not to barge in again! Adam says she's just doing this to get back at him, but he goes. Damon laughs, and tells Colby that the guy who falls for her is in for it! She gives him aspirin, and he thanks her for believing him. Damon prepares to leave, but Colby asks where he's going - wondering if he will talk to Bailey. Damon says it's pretty obvious Bailey doesn't trust him. Colby insists that he stay with her.

    Colby is at ConFusion, where she finds Bailey. She tells her that she doesn't think Damon did the things he's been accused of doing. Bailey asks if she's seen him, and if he broke into her house too? Damon steps out and says, "See! I told you she wouldn't believe me!" Bailey asks him where he's been. Damon tells her he's been at the Chandler Mansion, and he got hit on the head. He takes off to find out who is doing this before he gets the blame for it! Bailey and Colby follow!

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