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    All My Children CAST - Damon Miller - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Damon Miller Played by Finn Wittrock on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finn Wittrock

    Real Name: Finn Wittrock


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    Constantly Colliding.

    Monday, July 12 2010

    Colby and Damon go to the park, where Colby says sometimes she feels like she's losing him, but she just wants to know she can count on someone. He says she can count on him.

    Don't Be So Dramatic.

    Friday, July 09 2010

    In her room, Colby does her best to convince Damon to go to New York with her giving him Yankee/Red Sox tickets and then laying a juicy kiss on him. Damon stands his ground saying he can't leave Tad, but Colby thinks there's another girl in the picture. He tells her things changed with her after the wedding and thinks she wants things he's not ready for. He leaves and Colby throws things around in her room, including her phone with Damon's picture on it. Annie walks in wondering what Damon did and then Colby's phone rings. She answers and tells the person she can't do the internship in New York. Annie can't believe she's going to throw her life away for some guy. Colby doesn’t want Annie's advice, but Annie tells her she can't fill an empty void with a guy. Colby says she loves Damon and being away from him will kill her. Annie tells her not to be so dramatic and to not let her feelings for some guy get in the way of her hopes and dreams for herself.

    Tad and Liza come home discussing Caleb. Tad understands his need to push people away and avoid commitment. Tad's realized he was wrong though and doesn't plan to repeat it again and kisses Liza. They play strip cards and as Liza takes off her shirt they start to kiss more. Liza finds cards in Tad's pocket reveling he cheated. They play around a bit until Damon walks in and interrupts them. Tad steps out of the room to take a call and Liza tells Damon whatever games he's playing it needs to stop. Damon explains he went off his meds the day he kissed her and vows he doesn’t want to screw Tad so he doesn't want Tad to know about it. Tad returns and Damon leaves. Liza tells Tad there are some things he needs to know about his son and suggests he keep an eye on him.

    Damon goes back to see Colby in her room who apologizes for her earlier behavior. He tells her he has to find his way, which she says she gets. She tells him she lost her internship and he thinks she can find another one, but she sees this as a way to spend more time with him.

    A Done Deal.

    Tuesday, July 06 2010

    Damon visits Tad in the interrogation room at the police station and learns he got in a fight with Paul. Tad admits he threw the only punch because no one talks to his son the way Paul did. Tad calls JR to bail him out as Damon revels in the fact that Tad hit Paul. After JR calls Liza, they come to the police station where JR tells Tad he's taking his advice and going to the cottage to get Annie out of his system. Outside the interrogation room, Liza demands to know why Damon hasn't erased the photos and he tells her he's kept them for himself, not to show Tad. Liza is confused about his intentions especially after all the wonderful things he said to Colby, but he says he just told her what she needed to hear to do what's best for her and he's trying to do the same.

    Tad, Damon and Liza go back to the house. Liza gives them the adoption papers, which Tad and Damon happily sign. Alone, Liza thinks Damon has changed overnight, but he says he's just happy right now and reminds her she hasn't congratulated him. She hugs him and he kisses her. She pulls away shocked and he looks equally shaken, as Tad comes in to celebrate.

    It Was Worth It.

    Friday, July 02 2010

    Inside Tad's house, Liza and Damon appreciate the civility between them, but when Liza asks him to erase the photos of her on his computer, he declines because he doesn't trust her. It goes both ways as Liza explains her fear of Colby getting hurt. She wants him to encourage Colby to go to New York and she will help him get a job and with the adoption. She just wants him to be straight with Colby and if he does he will gain a friend in her. Damon finds it odd that after everything that's gone down between them, he almost likes her. Colby walks in wanting to talk to Damon, but he says he has stuff to do and leaves. Colby wonders to her mother if Damon wants to break up with her but doesn’t have the guts to do it.

    Tad walks up to his door and finds Paul with a box of Damon's things. Paul declares Damon isn't his son anymore as Damon walks in the door. Tad leaves the two to talk, as Damon thinks Paul is happy to officially get him out of his life due to the adoption. Paul smirks and says he has no idea. Damon retorts he has something he's never had his entire life now – a real father. Tad returns to hear Paul berating Damon. When Paul calls him a lost cause, Tad orders him out of his house.

    Damon goes to see Colby at the mansion and apologizes for blowing her off. He then tells her to go to New York without him because he's got too much going on. She wants to stay then too, but he encourages her to go without him. She thinks Liza got to him and wonders why she can't leave them alone. He says Liza cares and she's lucky to have that. Liza quietly walks in and listens to Damon tell Colby to not hold back because of him.

    The Real Damon?

    Thursday, July 01 2010

    Jake and Amanda come to Tad's with bagels and Tad fills them in on Damon and Colby moving to New York. Damon goes to the car to get some packages for Amanda and ignores a phone call on the way, leaving his phone on the bench. Inside the house, Tad tells Jake and Amanda he's adopting Damon and that his son got amazing photos of their wedding on his phone. He suggests Amanda look at them and make copies. Amanda heads outside to help Damon and finds his phone. She looks at the photos and finds one of Liza undressing. Damon returns and she demands to know what's going on. Damon explains everything and asks her not to tell anyone. She in turn asks him to delete the photos. He complies and she goes inside. Colby walks up on Damon as he looks at a photo of Liza he didn't delete and they head off together. Back inside, Jake leaves for work as Tad tells Amanda how great life is right now. He knows Damon is a bit of a wild child, but he's confident once he's part of the family the real Damon will show up.

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