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    All My Children CAST - Damon Miller

    Full detailed profile on Damon Miller Played by Finn Wittrock on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Finn Wittrock
    Damon Miller

    Actor: Finn Wittrock

    Who played Damon Miller over the years

    Finn Wittrock (2009 - January 27, 2011)

    Useful information on Damon Miller

    * Thought he was the biological father of the baby Liza adopted, Stuart.
    * Turned out to be Tad's son with Hilary Wilson.
    * Dated Colby.
    * Slept with Liza.


    Past: Law Clerk
    Past: Painter
    Past: Casino employee


    Damon came to Pine Valley as the biological father of Baby Stuart, who had been adopted by Liza Colby. Damon became involved with Liza's daughter, Colby, as she was the only one who believed he was innocent of the rash of break-ins.

    As time passed, Damon learned Tad Martin was his biological father, but that he was not the father of Stuart. Colby and Damon continued to date, as Damon and Tad formed a relationship.

    Liza was unhappy that her daughter was dating Damon, who she believed was bad news. She tried to break them up, but to no avail. She eventually came around and offered him a job as her law clerk. They got along well, but took things too far after Damon found Colby kissing Asher for the second time. Damon went to Liza and they had sex.

    Racked with guilt, Damon confessed to Tad, who suggested he not tell Colby. Damon told Colby he cheated on her, but didn't mention it was with her mother. He couldn't be around Colby knowing how he had betrayed her and decided to move. Liza pulled some strings and got him accepted into UC Davis in California.


    Liza Colby (one-night stand)
    Colby Chandler (dated)
    Bailey (mother of Baby Stuart)


    Tad Martin (father)
    Hilary Wilson (mother)
    Jamie Martin (half-brother)
    Jenny Colby Carey (half-sister)
    Kathy Martin (half-sister)
    Dr. Jake Martin (uncle by adoption)
    Jenny Gardner (aunt; deceased)
    Dr. Jeff Martin (uncle by adoption)
    Opal Cortlandt (grandmother)
    Ray Gardner (grandfather)
    Langley Wallingford (grandfather)
    Betty Wilson (grandmother)


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    Monday, February 21 2011: Take Your Hands Off My Fiancé!

    While walking somewhere Colby’s phone rings. It’s Damon. He asks if she’s okay. He wants to try again. He misses her. She says her cell battery is dying and she hangs up.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011: Goodbye For Now.

    At Krystal's Colby questions what Liza meant about her not wanting to hurt her. She thinks Liza, Tad and Damon are keeping something from her. Tad intervenes and says Liza was responsible for Damon's acceptance into UC Davis, but she didn't want them to know she orchestrated it. Colby pulls Damon aside and says he should go to California and she wants to go with him. Damon thinks she's amazing, but he can't let her do that. Asher shows up and Damon says it's cool that he stays because the party is about fresh new tracks. Elsewhere in the restaurant, Amanda's hopes are dashed when she realizes she's not pregnant. She confides in Krystal, telling her she got ahead of herself. Scott enters and chats with Marissa and then JR and AJ arrive. Annie walks up outside and sees them talking. She imagines them planning to get rid of her. Amanda sees Annie and tries to stop her from coming in the party. Annie gets more riled up and asks Amanda to tell JR she needs to talk to him privately. Amanda reluctantly agrees and she finds JR at the party to tell him Annie is waiting outside for him. JR leaves and Marissa finds his phone. She sees all the calls from Annie and says, "You have go to be kidding me."

    Elsewhere outside of Krystal's, Liza and Damon discuss them never wanting Colby to find out they slept together, as Asher eavesdrops.

    Cara returns to the party in Krystal's and finds a sullen Tad. She consoles him over his son leaving. Once Damon has returned, the room says their goodbyes and wishes him well. Tad tells his son he can't imagine his life without him and that he's the best surprise he's ever gotten. He loves him and is proud of him. Damon thanks the room for all the chances they've given him and that he will never forget any of them. Alone, Damon tells Tad this is it, but Tad corrects him, saying this is just goodbye…for now.

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