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    All My Children CAST - Colby Chandler (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Colby Chandler (Past) Played by Natalie Hall on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Natalie Hall

    Real Name: Natalie Hall


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    To Pine Valley.

    Friday, September 23 2011

    At the mansion, Adam is elated that Stuart is alive. Brooke says, "And now, so are you." Adam thinks the empty house is more depressing than the hospital. He wants to leave, but Brooke has a surprise for him: She bought the house back. She says, "Welcome home." Scott shows up and puts up Stuart's painting. Colby is there as well and says they need to throw a party since Adam, Brooke and Stuart are back. Adam calls Winifred who's thrilled to see Mr. Chandler. He tells her to unpack the boxes and pop the champagne. They're having a party!

    Seeing What's Right In Front Of Her.

    Monday, September 19 2011

    In the park, Maya wonders to Colby how she could possibly take her daughter back to the Hubbards after taking her away from them. Colby tells her to call Angie because she would love to have them both back. Liza shows up and tells Maya she needs to check in with her about where she goes and when. She will also have a curfew. Maya leaves and a confused Colby asks what's wrong with her mother. Liza tells her nothing. She's just doing the right thing.

    Liza and Colby have a drink at ConFusion where Colby gets a text from Maya saying she's back with Hubbards and Angie got her sight back. Liza cries over Angie and Jesse's happy ending. Colby thinks there's still chance for them too.

    It's Never Too Late.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    At the mansion, Colby shows JR a box of their father's things. He secretly grabs a gun and puts it in his bag. Scott shows up with Adam's new will, which does not include JR. JR accuses Scott of having something to do with his being disinherited. Scott counters he's lost his dad's respect and money all on his own. JR declares no one will take anything from him again. He grabs his bag and leaves. Colby calls Adam and tells him how out of control and angry JR is about the will.

    Visiting Hours.

    Wednesday, September 14 2011

    Maya talks with Colby at Krystal's. She doesn’t know how to leave Angie and Jesse with Lucy. Colby suggests she do it quickly. Caleb and Asher enter talking about a fishing trip they're going on. Colby sees them and Caleb leaves the kids to talk. Asher tells Colby he and Caleb are getting along, but it's weird. He says he has a meeting to get to and Colby asks what he's doing after. He's got a lot of work to do. Asher leaves, as Liza walks in. Colby asks if Maya and Lucy can move in with them. Liza agrees, but knows how hard it will be for Angie and Jesse.

    Maya returns to Krystal's with Lucy. Liza invites her to stay with her and Colby. Maya is grateful, but promises it will just be temporary. Asher returns, as Maya leaves and Liza sits with Caleb, who was flirting with her earlier. Colby tells Asher she doesn’t want to give up on what they were starting. Asher doesn’t either. He really missed her. He reveals that he's going back to school and is taking the same classes that she is, which isn't necessarily a coincidence. Across the room, Caleb and Liza make plans to go on a date.

    In The Middle Of The Night.

    Tuesday, September 13 2011

    Scott finds Colby packing at the mansion. He can't believe how empty the house is after years of it being so vibrant. Scott offers the gatehouse if she wants to move in there. She appreciates it but she's hoping things work out for him and Madison. He is hopeful, saying they're in a new place now. Colby is staying with Liza for now because at least she's there, which is more than she can say about her dad. She can't believe Adam didn’t show up after she called about JR's latest meltdown. Scott tells her they have to protect themselves now because they are the new generation of Chandlers. No matter what happens, they won't lose each other.

    When Krystal can't sleep at home, she heads to the restaurant. Liza stops by when she sees the light on. Krystal lets her in even though they're closed. She pours them a drink as they discuss David's arrest. Liza tells her David called her to represent him. She notes she's not happy no matter what side of the law she's on. She envies Krystal, but Krystal counters that she's doing inventory at three in the morning so she doesn’t have to feel so lost. They talk about their daughters and the men they've shared: Adam and Tad. Liza hopes her regrets are proof that she's learned something along the way. Krystal thinks Liza's learned a lot. The women agree they'll be there for each other as friends. Colby shows up and Liza consoles her over leaving the mansion, which Colby considers her home. Krystal looks at a photo of Babe.

    Humor And Love.

    Thursday, September 08 2011

    Scott barrels into the mansion to confront JR about the mansion being in foreclosure. Scott tells him he can stay at the gatehouse, which is not part of the foreclosure. JR wants no part of it. JR loudly declares he will keep his house, his company and his son no matter what. Madison enters and JR leaves. Madison gives Scott a microwave as a housewarming present. As they head to check out the gatehouse, they run into Marissa. Scott warns her about JR's mood. She walks into the main room as JR returns. She tells him AJ wants to see him. JR remains bitter towards her as Colby enters. Colby knows the house is in foreclosure and tells him they have to be out by next week. JR becomes angry. Marissa knows he's not in the right state of mind to see their son, so she leaves. Colby wants to call their father, but JR grabs the phone out of her hand and throws it across the room. He thinks getting Adam involved would be a huge mistake. He vows to get everything back. Colby leaves the room as Dixie enters. Dixie finds her son who declares he won't give up on the house. She hugs him while assuring him she's there for him now. In the foyer, Colby calls Adam, but she gets Brooke. She tells her about JR and how scared she is. Adam gets on the phone and Colby says they really need him.

    Leave Me Alone With My Baby.

    Wednesday, August 31 2011

    At the Chandler mansion, JR asks Scott to take a look at his computer. It’s a video of Bianca and Marissa having sex. He needs blackmail to get and keep his son. Scott threatens to stop him from using the tape. Colby joins them and Scott suggests she ask JR what they were talking about. Liza comes in and is horrified that there are still copies of the tape around. JR says the deal is off. Colby wants to know what deal. Liza explains the deal is if she helped with AJ, JR would convince Colby to give her mom another chance. Colby is incensed. She and Liza both leave. Scott warns him not to use the tape and leaves. JR is sure his son is coming home.

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