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    All My Children CAST - Kat

    Full detailed profile on Kat Played by BethAnn Bonner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    BethAnn Bonner

    Actor: BethAnn Bonner

    Who played Kat over the years

    BethAnn Bonner (November 6 2009 - present)

    Useful information on Kat

    * Is an old friend and lover of Aidan Devane's.
    * Aidan was a friend of Kat's deceased husband.
    * She runs a motel/boarding house.


    Current: Owns/runs a motel/boardinghouse


    Kat was introduced when Aidan and Kendall were on the run and sought shelter at her motel/boardinghouse. Aidan had been Kat's husband's best friend. He was the one who informed her that her husband had died in the war. Kat fell in love with Aidan.

    Kat is helping Aidan manipulate Kendall and Zach because he admitted to her that he loves Kendall.


    Unnamed husband (deceased)








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    Monday, December 21 2009: We Can't Go!

    At the warehouse, Kendall pleads with Zach not to shoot Aidan - the police will deal with him. Kat sits with Aidan, and explains that she had to save him from himself! Kendall asks Aidan what happened to him - how could he ever have thought this plan would work? Sirens sound outside. Zach tells Kat she'll have to provide a statement to the police. As he's being led out, Aidan, turns to give a heartfelt apology to Kendall. He says she's right - he's not been himself, he's been hurt, so hurt, and whatever happens to him is fine - but he's so sorry. He cries. Zach asks for him to be taken away.

    Friday, December 18 2009: Kendall Finds Zach!

    Kat takes Zach to the hiding place when Aidan comes up behind him and conks him on the head with a gun. He’s unconscious on the floor and when he comes to, he is tied up in a chair. Aidan apologizes to him for the bump on the head. He asks Zach why he thinks Kendall wants to be rescued. He tells Zach that when he thought he saw Aidan and Kendall making love, it wasn’t Kendall at all. He says Zach turned his back on her and now she’s with him. Zach reminds Aidan that Kendall will never forgive him for standing between her and her children. Aidan asks if Kendall will forgive this, and holds the gun to Zach’s head. Zach figures that Aidan will make it look like a suicide and be there to console Kendall when Zach is dead. He says it won’t be enough and that Kendall will leave him. He says if he really cares about Kendall that he won’t do this. Zach gets tired of all the talk and shouts to Aidan to kill him and let Kendall go home to her boys. Suddenly Zach pulls free of his ropes, pushes Aidan violently to the floor, grabs the gun and holds it on him.

    In another secluded area of the warehouse, Kendall keeps yelling and banging on a door for help. She gets a wire hanger and tries to pick the lock. The door suddenly opens and Kat is standing there.

    Later, in the warehouse, Kendall suddenly rushes into the room where Zach is holding the gun on Aidan. She screams, "No," and rushes to Zach. He asks if she is alright and she says she is now.

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