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    All My Children CAST - Madison North - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Madison North Played by Stephanie Gatschet on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Stephanie Gatschet

    Birthday: March 16 1983
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Stephanie Gatschet
    Height: 5'4"
    Web site:


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    Home Where He Belongs.

    Thursday, September 22 2011

    After Scott finishes rebuilding the gatehouse, Madison helps him shop for it. They go to the park, where Madison admits she misses how it was when they lived together. He would love to get back to that and asks her to consider moving in. She agrees as Scott gets a text. He's shaken up and says they have to go.

    Adam and Brooke race to the hospital. They got a call about a family member being brought in and fear it's JR. Adam pushes by Cara and sees Stuart on the gurney. As Griffin tries to save Stuart's life, David tells Adam he needs to wait in the hall. Tad shows up and learns from Cara that Stuart is alive thanks to David. They debate David's actions, but Cara tells Tad David has given her a new life too – she's pregnant. Tad thinks she will be an incredible mother. As David and Griffin fight to save Stuart, Angie brings Adam into the room because Stuart needs the other half of his heart. Adam holds his brother's hand and tells him he loves him and needs him. He begs Stuart to come back to him. Stuart opens his eyes and sees Adam. Adam cries and tells Stuart he is home again, where he belongs. Scott and Madison show up and Scott walks in to see his father. He holds Stuart's hand, as Jesse is forced to bring David back to jail. Adam goes back to Stuart and tells him he was the one who shot him. He knows he doesn’t deserve his forgiveness. Stuart says there is nothing to forgive.

    It's Never Too Late.

    Thursday, September 15 2011

    Scott and Madison meet for hot dogs in the park. Madison is sorry his family is falling apart. She is there for him whatever he needs. He tells her it helps a lot. She misses him, but appreciates him taking it slow and giving her space. She suggests they give it another shot, unless he thinks it's too late. He interrupts her with a passionate kiss. Colby finds them and says, "It's about time." She also informs them that her dad's coming home.

    Humor And Love.

    Thursday, September 08 2011

    Scott barrels into the mansion to confront JR about the mansion being in foreclosure. Scott tells him he can stay at the gatehouse, which is not part of the foreclosure. JR wants no part of it. JR loudly declares he will keep his house, his company and his son no matter what. Madison enters and JR leaves. Madison gives Scott a microwave as a housewarming present. As they head to check out the gatehouse, they run into Marissa. Scott warns her about JR's mood. She walks into the main room as JR returns. She tells him AJ wants to see him. JR remains bitter towards her as Colby enters. Colby knows the house is in foreclosure and tells him they have to be out by next week. JR becomes angry. Marissa knows he's not in the right state of mind to see their son, so she leaves. Colby wants to call their father, but JR grabs the phone out of her hand and throws it across the room. He thinks getting Adam involved would be a huge mistake. He vows to get everything back. Colby leaves the room as Dixie enters. Dixie finds her son who declares he won't give up on the house. She hugs him while assuring him she's there for him now. In the foyer, Colby calls Adam, but she gets Brooke. She tells her about JR and how scared she is. Adam gets on the phone and Colby says they really need him.

    Scott and Madison go to Krystal's. She apologizes for shutting him out after Sara. He accepts her apology, but she doesn't need to feel bad about anything. Madison can't believe how differently he and JR turned out. Scott credits his father for that. She tells him she had a date, but she cancelled because she couldn't stop thinking about him.

    Taking The Blame.

    Thursday, August 11 2011

    Scott snidely welcomes JR home from jail at the mansion and the cousins exchange barbs. After Scott leaves, upon Madison stopping by, Tad enters. Tad wants JR to come to his house, but JR doesn’t want anymore of his tough love. Tad asks him to stop by after he sobers up. He orders him not to show up drunk again, adding, if he doesn't show up at all, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

    Not Like This You're Not.

    Thursday, July 28 2011

    As Kendall and Madison try to focus on the Fierce line, Greenlee urges Kendall to give Griffin another chance. Greenlee then leaves to see David to sell her relapse to him. Madison and Kendall continue to work on Fierce as Griffin shows up. Madison leaves them alone to talk. Griffin lets Kendall know that he cares about her, but there's no place for secrets in a relationship. She wonders if he has decided to let her in. Griffin wants to tell her the truth, but he can't. He knows it's asking a lot, but he needs her to trust him. Kendall can't forget that he's involved with David so she can't blindly put her faith in him. She loves what they have, but she can't compromise on this. Griffin says he can't tell her anything – for her sake. He hopes one day she will understand and forgive him.

    Madison takes her break in the park and sees Scott. He notes her new look, saying it appears she took the world by the reins and told it where to go. She asks about him and he tells her he's working on the gatehouse. She'd like to see it sometime and he invites her out.

    Taking It Slow.

    Monday, July 11 2011

    At Fusion, Ryan tells Greenlee about Project Orpheus. He's not sure what it is, but he will find out. He tells her the myth of Orpheus who descends into Hell to rescue his wife, but loses her forever because he disobeyed the rules. Greenlee in turn tells Ryan "Erica" never went to the spa she talked about. They wonder who she is with. On his way out, Ryan passes Madison. He takes note of her new look and says she looks like a woman who knows what she wants. He hopes she gets it. Ryan leaves and Greenlee agrees to spend some time on Madison's toned down concept.

    Madison finds David at ConFusion. She tells him she took his advice and won Greenlee over. "Erica" finds them together and gets a little jealous. Madison leaves and "Erica" asks David to take her back to his room. Greenlee approaches as they make plans to meet in his room the next night.

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