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    All My Children CAST - Marian Colby Chandler - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marian Colby Chandler Played by Jennifer Bassey on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jennifer Bassey (Jennifer Bassey)

    Birthday: July 22, 1942
    Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois, USA
    Real Name: Jennifer Bassey


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    To Pine Valley.

    Friday, September 23 2011

    Marian cries as she reunites with Stuart at the hospital. Scott looks on and then tells his dad he loves him. He leaves them alone, as Stuart calls Marian his Queen of Hearts and kisses her.

    Home Where He Belongs.

    Thursday, September 22 2011

    Scott runs to another room in the hospital and finds Marian. He tells her Stuart is alive.

    Are You Real?

    Friday, August 05 2011

    After hearing about a fire at Oak Haven, Bianca and Kendall start to head out, but are stopped by Erica who is at the door. They think they should take her back, but Erica won't go. She's not insane and did not set the fire. She knows who did though. Bianca carefully asks if it was Jane. Exasperated, Erica says no and then calls for Janet to come in. Erica begs her stunned daughters to help them and the others. Janet says she'll go to the park and bring the other ladies back. Later, Marian and Dixie come to the door, shocking Kendall and Bianca. Marian relays that Janet is at the hospital because she had injuries resulting from the fire. Kendall and Bianca realize Erica's kidnapping story isn't so farfetched if Dixie can be back from the dead. Erica pulls her girls aside and tells them she thinks Dixie was held at the same place she was. Marian tries to explain to Kendall why she tired to shoot her after Stuart died. Kendall understands because she felt the same way after Zach's death. Kendall relays how she tried to kill David, which Dixie hears, making her run off.

    Downward Facing Death Squad.

    Friday, July 29 2011

    Janet leads the ladies in a yoga session at Oak Haven. A new patient is announced and a crazy acting Opal walks in. The women don't believe she's crazy, except for Janet who thinks it was just a matter of time before she joined them there. Yoga gets broken up and Erica privately asks what Opal is doing there. She responds that she's breaking her out. Erica embraces Opal when she expresses her belief in the look-a-like story. Annie secretly watches from the doorway. Erica tells Opal she can't stay in the Downward Facing Death Squad any longer. Opal is prepared to get her out of there. Annie reveals herself and demands they take her with them or else she will tell.

    Tad shows up at Oak Haven and waits in the hallway outside Dixie's room, as Opal is cleared for release. Dixie's eyes open wide, as Marian passes by and excitedly embraces Tad, assuming he's come for her. Tad corrects her saying he's there for Opal and he can't take her home. She kisses him and urges him to do it for old times' sake. She thanks him for rescuing her and runs off to pack. As Dixie walks towards her door, Tad is drawn closer to it from the other side until he hears the women yelling from down the hall.

    As Annie tries to convince Erica and Opal in the yoga room to take her with them, Janet and Marian return. The women get into a debate about who's leaving and who should stay. Tad finds the women arguing and drags his mother away. Erica and Annie get into it and Annie falls. She accuses Erica of breaking her arm and the staff takes Erica to isolation.

    Not Like This You're Not.

    Thursday, July 28 2011

    As Janet excitedly shows Erica around Oak Haven, they run into Marian and Annie. Annie and Erica snipe at each other, as Janet tries to make peace. Janet asks about Amanda and Trevor, but Erica tells them she's been in captivity so she doesn’t know what's going on. After Erica separates herself from the group, Marian talks with her privately. Erica says she isn't scared about being there, she just wants Jack to come to his senses about her. A staff member rounds up the gals to take them for their exercise, but tells Erica she needs to stay put. Once alone, Jack walks in much to Erica's relief. She wonders if he believes her. He wants to, more than anything, but her story is pretty wild. She promises him she is telling the truth. He thinks there has to be proof out there. She fills him in on everything she knows and Jack realizes she is telling the truth. She thanks him for not giving up on her. They embrace as Dixie walks by and sees them.


    Tuesday, July 12 2011

    Scott finds Marissa in the mansion and tries to convince her to move out. Marissa refuses, but questions him when he brings up Bianca. JR returns as Marissa admits she's too scared to admit what she wants. She then leaves to find Bianca. Scott and JR argue. Later, JR returns to the house with a bottle of booze. AJ finds his dad and tells him how happy he is that he and his mom are back together. JR hugs his son and then pours out the liquor.

    Wired Up.

    Monday, May 02 2011

    Scott returns to the mansion and announces to Marissa and JR that he will rebuild the gatehouse. Marissa offers to help with the permits as his lawyer.

    Don't Let Me Down.

    Wednesday, July 21 2010

    Scott takes Annie home and she gloats over her perfect ring. Scott knows Annie has real feelings for him, but thinks she has unfinished business with JR. Annie insists it is over, and Scott claims he believes her because he is her future and the man who will give her everything she ever wanted and more. She promises to spend her life making him proud. As they dance, an annoyed JR walks by. A hurt Marissa watches from the stairs and sees the anguish on JR's face.

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