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    All My Children CAST - Marissa Tasker Chandler (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marissa Tasker Chandler (past) Played by Brittany Allen on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Allen (

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brittany Allen


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    Unanimous Decision.

    Tuesday, September 14 2010

    Marissa and AJ go to get ice cream in the park and AJ asks to stay with her tonight. Marissa tells him he can stay with her as long as he wants.

    Off The Books.

    Monday, September 13 2010

    Inside Krystal's, Marissa and Krystal talk to AJ about David as Caleb walks in. He sits at the bar, but is distracted from hearing the women and AJ talk about death. He leaves and runs into JR. Asher leaves as JR and Caleb exchange barbs.

    JR walks into Krystal's to pick up AJ. Marissa tells him he's in the kitchen and Krystal leaves. Marissa accuses JR of going after Scott at Chandler in order to get at Annie. He reminds her they are getting divorced so it's none of her business, but Marissa says what he does affects their son's life. She thinks AJ needs support and security, not constant conflict. JR feels bad and wonders if AJ is having a hard time with David's death. Marissa confirms and JR thinks he'll get over it if they don’t mention David's name around him. They argue as AJ walks back in the room. JR offers to take AJ to the office and they head out. Colby and Damon walk into Krystal's and Marissa asks Colby to keep an eye on AJ when he's at the house.

    Have Some Faith.

    Friday, September 10 2010

    Marissa walks into the mansion and finds JR who tries to comfort her over David. She pushes him away as Scott and Annie come in. Marissa leaves to get AJ and Annie leaves to see Ryan. Scott looks over some papers and tells JR he won't allow him to make a power play for Chandler. He says if it's a war he wants, he's got one. JR says it's not a war, it's more like target practice. They argue and Scott accuses JR of hoping Annie will want him once he's back on top.

    Greenlee goes to the main room in the Yacht Club and runs into Marissa. They talk about David, which Marissa appreciates. After Marissa leaves, Greenlee has another vision of David who taunts her about loving her, but all she ever cared about was Ryan.

    At Krystal's, Marissa talks to AJ about his Grandpa David dying. She starts to cry and AJ tells her he loves her and never wants her to die. She hugs him and promises to never leave him. Scott walks in and Marissa goes to talk to him at the bar. She says it feels odd to be mourning someone she barely knew. Scott knows she'll get through it and help AJ as well. Scott then tells her JR has basically declared war on him, which incenses Marissa. He worries once JR is done with him, he'll go after Annie.

    He's Gone.

    Tuesday, September 07 2010

    In an empty Krystal's, Marissa check her voicemail and listens to a message from David reaching out to her. She deletes it and gets back to studying. Caleb brings Krystal to the restaurant. Krystal sits with Marissa and delicately breaks the news of David's death. Marissa cries as she recounts David message and how they will never have a future together. She can't believe she deleted his last words to her. Krystal doesn’t want her to beat herself up over this and just wants her to grieve.

    Back Up Plan.

    Tuesday, August 31 2010

    While AJ runs off to the kitchen at Krystal's, Marissa tells her mother she and JR are breaking the news of their divorce to the boy. Marissa worries about AJ, but says he is her son and that will never change. AJ runs back with a cookie for his mommy and they go out back. JR walks in and Krystal yells at him for hurting Marissa. AJ and Marissa return, as Caleb walks in. Krystal runs over to him and asks him not to say anything to JR yet and they head outside. Marissa, JR and AJ sit at a table where AJ is told of the divorce. He thinks moms always leave, but Marissa assures him she will never stop loving him and will always take care of him.

    Krystal returns to the restaurant after JR has left. Marissa tells her mother how it went with AJ and thinks he'll be fine. Marissa starts to cry as she expresses how much she loved JR. Once Krystal has left, Scott comes in and tells Marissa how sorry he is about everything. She assures him she and JR never belonged together in the first place. She vows she'll be happy though because she still has AJ. She notes JR isn't fighting custody and AJ is JR's top priority. Scott wishes he could believe that and thinks Marissa needs to step up and be there for AJ. Marissa says she couldn't save her marriage but she will save her son.

    Prove It!

    Monday, August 30 2010

    Marissa runs into Annie at Krystal’s. Annie nastily accuses her of seducing Scott to get back at her. She wishes Marissa a very 'tongue-in-cheek' good luck. They continue to exchange barbs. She reminds her that her new husband was naked with the woman she hates most.

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