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    All My Children CAST - Marissa Tasker Chandler (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marissa Tasker Chandler (past) Played by Brittany Allen on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Allen (

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brittany Allen


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    A Better Class Of People.

    Friday, October 15 2010

    In jail, Scott tells Annie he has to say goodbye because he's going to prison. She wonders if he is saying goodbye to them. His lawyer comes in and hands Scott some papers. After he leaves Scott informs his wife his non-Chandler lawyer is handling the divorce. Annie protests, but Scott knows they are done and that they need to move on. He urges her to move out of the mansion and never look back. She tearfully agrees and then leaves. Marissa stops by next and Scott explains that he was the only who stole the nanotech plans and that he did it to impress Annie. She thinks he is a good man, but he knows he's not. She tells him Stuart would be proud of him and says he's not alone. He's sorry she got caught up in this mess and muses in another life they would have met somewhere far from there. He makes her promise to take care of AJ. He thinks AJ has a chance, but only if she gives it to him. JR walks in and says Marissa doesn’t need advice on how to raise his son. Marissa leaves and Scott recalls how he wanted to make their family better but he got sucked into the Chandler way. JR tells him one of the Chandler ways is to not get caught. Scott retorts he's looking forward to prison so he can meet a better class of people. Scott doesn't hate him though because JR was raised to be who he is. JR vows to get his son back and save the company Scott put in jeopardy. Scott ribs him over not being able to be with Annie because now that he's free to be with her, it will cost him his son. JR leaves and a guard enters the cell to handcuff Scott.

    It's About Belonging.

    Thursday, October 07 2010

    Marissa stops by the mansion for a toy for AJ and finds the living room in disarray. JR joins her wondering what she wants. She explains about AJ's toy and starts to head upstairs, but JR orders her not to go up there. He runs upstairs to get the toy, as Marissa takes photos with her phone of the mess. He returns and she asks what all the yelling was about. JR tells her to leave and she does. Annie walks downstairs and tells JR to stay away from her and leaves the house. Scott finds JR who tells him what happened was inevitable. Scott calls him arrogant, but JR thinks he's just honest because he and Annie are meant to be. Scott thinks he is as delusional as he was and thinks Annie is just a trophy for him. Scott hopes JR enjoyed taking her from him because it's the last win he will get. JR retorts it's about belonging, not winning, and one of them doesn't belong. He smugly asks if Scott knows who that is.

    Junior Strikes Again.

    Tuesday, October 05 2010

    Marissa visits Caleb at Wildwind where they discuss the custody fight. He reminds her it will get ugly, but she won't back out, vowing to fight as hard as she has to. He tells her they have to prove JR is an unfit parent and wonders if she will use his affair against him if she has to. She confesses to him that she slept with Scott before he married Annie. Caleb instructs Marissa to get away as far as she can from that family after he wins this case for her. Once alone, Caleb recalls hearing a woman yell for help and then gets a phone call. He hangs up and says, "Junior strikes again.

    Colby walks into Krystal's and finds Marissa, Krystal and AJ. Marissa tells Colby she is suing for primary custody of AJ. She begs Marissa not to do this to AJ, but Marissa says she has no other choice. Marissa walks away as Krystal tries to console Colby about all the upheaval in her family. Krystal is worried about her hanging around Asher telling her he attacked Caleb. She suggests Colby stay clear of him. Once Colby has left, JR stops by and appeals to Krystal regarding Marissa and AJ and then makes threats. Krystal supports Marissa, but JR warns this won't end well for anyone who crosses him.

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Friday, October 01 2010

    AJ runs to Marissa in the park and tells her a boy teased him about everyone in his family getting divorced. She wants him to remember that her and JR splitting up is not his fault and that she loves him. They see Asher and Marissa orders him to stay away from AJ, as Caleb walks up. Marissa and AJ leave as Caleb and Asher have words.

    Marissa brings AJ to the mansion to get his clothes in case he wants to stay with her tonight. As he goes upstairs, Marissa sees Annie and they argue about her going for full custody. Annie pleads with her to ease up on JR, which only escalates the argument. AJ returns wondering why they are fighting. Marissa takes AJ out as she tells Annie that's why she wants him out of this house. Once they've left, JR runs in wondering where his son is. Annie tells him Marissa took him to Wildwind and he's furious. She tells him she tried to get Marissa to back off the custody battle and that AJ heard them arguing. JR yells at her to stay out of his life and storms out.

    Back at Wildwind, Marissa talks with Caleb about her custody case and he tells her they both passed the bar exam. Marissa excitedly runs off to tell AJ his mom is a lawyer, as JR comes to the door looking for his son. Caleb stops him from coming in the house and JR tells him the lawyer they got for Marissa is working for him now. Caleb declares he will be handling her case then.

    Tentative Is Better Than Nothing.

    Thursday, September 30 2010

    JR and Marissa meet at ConFusion. She gives him divorce papers, but after he looks at them, he declares she will never take AJ from him. He warns her again he will stop at nothing to keep his son. She knows what he's capable of, but she tells him he has no idea what she is capable of. They leave and Kendall enters. She sees Madison who tells her what she let slip to Liza. Kendall wonders what she was thinking and accuses her of trying to send Greenlee to prison to keep her out of Ryan's life. Kendall urges her to tell Liza she made a mistake and made up what she said about Greenlee.

    Scott plays a board game with the kids in his bedroom when Marissa comes up to get AJ for the park. She tells Scott about her confrontation with JR. She says their affair will probably come out, as well as JR and Annie's. He knows and understands.

    I Know Who You Are.

    Tuesday, September 28 2010

    In the interrogation room, Kendall tries to convince Greenlee to tell Ryan she found the vial in his pocket, but she refuses. Kendall realizes Greenlee is still in love with Ryan and wants him back. After learning from Krystal what Greenlee has done, Marissa bursts into the room to lash out at her stepmother for forging the letters from David. Jesse pulls Marissa out of the room and Kendall follows to try and defend what Greenlee did. Back in the interrogation room, Ryan encourages Greenlee to keep quiet until they get her a lawyer. He wants to call Jack, but Greenlee doesn't want him involved. Ryan gets a call from Madison, but he ignores it. She urges him to go to her and promises she'll be fine. Ryan leaves and Kendall returns to tell her she contacted her lawyer. Greenlee says she encouraged Ryan to go home to Madison, but she's not worried. Kendall can't believe her life is on the line, but all she can think of is Ryan. Greenlee is just trying to focus on something that doesn't make her cry at night. Kendall angrily says she is having the same problem because her marriage is on shaky ground. She says they need to come up with a way to get Greenlee out of jail and herself less alone at night. Greenlee apologizes for not considering Kendall's problems associated with helping her. Greenlee will help her out any way she can with Zach. Jesse comes to the room to take Greenlee to her cell. Kendall asks if she can go with her, but Jesse tells her of course not. Kendall leaves and Jesse leads Greenlee away.

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