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    All My Children CAST - Marissa Tasker Chandler (past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Marissa Tasker Chandler (past) Played by Brittany Allen on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Brittany Allen (

    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Brittany Allen


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    Asher Is Your Son.

    Tuesday, November 02 2010

    Marissa meets Krystal at Wildwind and learns JR took AJ, but Caleb has gone after the boy. Marissa freaks out, but Krystal urges her daughter to be smart about this and use it in the custody trial, not go off half cocked, making everything worse. Marissa feels every decision she’s made against JR has been validated after the stunt he just pulled. Annie stops by and spins a story to Marissa and Krystal saying she ran into Asher while trick or treating and Emma told him how much she wanted to be with AJ. When Asher came by Wildwind, he invited AJ to go with them and she thought they asked for permission. She further explains that AJ was at the office so he could take photos with JR because they thought he was working. She adds AJ is at the mansion now. Marissa starts to leave, but Annie insists this is all her fault and implores Marissa to let AJ and JR spend more time together. Marissa and Krystal don’t believe her story and Marissa leaves to go to the police. Once alone, Annie grins and pops some Halloween candy.

    Marissa enters the mansion with a police officer to take AJ. Annie follows and smiles, nodding at JR. JR gives the officer a court order giving him custody. Marissa is left open mouthed as the cop says the child stays. She warns JR won’t get away with this.

    Ghosts, Werewolves And Lurking Shadows.

    Friday, October 29 2010

    Marissa whisks AJ out of Krystal's before JR walks in. He enters upset Marissa snuck out. He tries to plead his case to Krystal, wanting to spend Halloween with his son. Krystal says AJ will have too much fun at Bianca's to notice his father is missing. JR responds he will just have to take her word for it, but after Krystal walks away, he adds, "Or maybe not." JR leaves and Marissa returns after trick-or-treating, as Opal arrives to help Krystal ward off kids egging her place. AJ joins them and asks after his father. Marissa tries to make him feel better about going to the party. Jack bellies up to Krystal's bar furious over Erica not believing in Greenlee. Krystal assures him she believes in his daughter's innocence which he appreciates.

    Bianca prepares for her party at Wildwind as Zach, Kendall and the kids walk in. Kendall helps Bianca finish decorating as Zach talks with Caleb, noting he doesn't like Halloween. Caleb just doesn't like ghosts. Zach doesn't either but he's got his family now. Bianca enlists Caleb's help with the decorating, who recalls the screams of a woman yelling for help. Kendall tries to get Caleb out of his funk by asking for legal advice for Zach. The women help the kids, as Zach and Caleb discuss Zach wanting to liquidate some of his businesses in order to untangle himself from bad decisions of the past. The women return as Erica stops by. Caleb abruptly leaves and Erica welcomes Zach home. Zach and Kendall go trick-or-treating with the boys and Erica and Bianca muse on what's bothering Caleb. Bianca goes to get more candy, as Erica finds a file about Sonja's fatal accident. Caleb returns as Marissa stops by with AJ. Colby is next to visit, as Erica tries to get Caleb to talk. She brings up the mine explosion, but he tells her she's out of line. The kids prevent Caleb from leaving and rope him into playing with him. Marissa brings Colby outside assuming she was sent there to spy on her. Colby just wants to make peace but Marissa declares that will never happen and asks her to leave. Back inside, Erica brings up Sonja again to Caleb. As they talk, Jack stops by to make things right with Erica, who is hesitant to leave. Caleb tells her everything will be better tomorrow and exits the room. Marissa has to leave, but Bianca asks her to let AJ stay with the girls. AJ hands out candy at the door and a man in a werewolf mask turns out to be Asher. Asher asks if AJ is ready to see his daddy and leads him away.

    Con Men And Grudges.

    Thursday, October 28 2010

    Marissa and Krystal talk about the custody battle at Krystal's. Marissa tells her mother she dreams about Babe sometimes and even though she's never met her, she has a warm energy and light. The women deiced they have to be the keeper of that light, as AJ walks up to them saying he misses his daddy. Tad joins them and sees a sullen AJ walk off. Tad appeals to Marissa to ease up on JR and let him go trick or treating with AJ. The little boy returns and begs his mother to let him spend the holiday with his dad.

    Marissa stops by the mansion with AJ and learns JR is at the beach cottage.

    At the cottage, Annie looks at her wedding ring while reflecting on past events. She takes it off and then goes for a swim. JR walks in the cottage and sees her ring as Annie returns from the water in her underwear. Annie quickly covers up and JR gives her one of Emma's dolls she left behind. He worries about losing AJ and talks about how Halloween is one of their favorite holidays. JR starts to leave, but Annie asks him to stay because maybe they can help each other. JR tells her how badly he wants a drink and how alone he feels. She assures him he's not alone and they kiss. Clothes start to come off until Marissa walks in and catches them. She tells AJ to go to the car and then fights with JR. She doesn’t want JR anywhere near their son and tells him not to call or visit or else she will call the police. After taking a walk on the beach, JR tells Annie he saw AJ in the car looking confused and sad. He vows to get AJ back.

    Marissa returns to Krystal's and tells Tad and Krystal what just happened. She declares the next time JR sees her will be in court.

    Revenge Can Be A Good Thing.

    Thursday, October 21 2010

    In the living room of the mansion JR remembers his conversation with Asher when he said that Caleb killed his mother and that the explosion wasn’t an accident. He comes back to reality and sees a wrapped gift and looks at it. Marissa arrives to pickup AJ and he gives her the belated anniversary gift he had found and bought for her. She doesn’t accept it. He offers to help her pack for AJ and asks how they got to this place in their relationship. She says she doesn’t know and Annie walks in. Marissa gets angry, says doesn’t buy their story then Annie leaves the room. Marissa reminds JR that Annie is the reason for all of the trouble and also the reason he’s going to lose his son! He threatens that things could get ugly. She leaves angrily and tells him she’ll find someone to pick up AJ’s things.

    Colby joins Asher at his table at Krystal’s. She asks him if he wants to talk. He says no. Colby’s not sure if she can support JR when all he wants is revenge. Asher says revenge can be a good thing. She asks him what that means but he says he didn't mean it. She says he knows so much about her, but she doesn’t know much about him. He tells her that she’s had two parents fighting over her, her whole life. He’s never had that. When Asher leaves Krystal's, Marissa arrives and sees Colby. She wants Marissa to leave AJ at the mansion. Marissa says it’s not AJ’s responsibility to hold the family together. Marissa tells her that she was just at the mansion and JR threatened her. Colby says she would give anything for them to work it out. She says she will choose to support JR and AJ. Marissa is unhappy and leaves.

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