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    All My Children CAST - Liza Colby - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Liza Colby Played by Jamie Luner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jamie Luner (Jamie Luner)

    Birthday: May 12, 1971
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California, USA
    Real Name: Jamie Luner


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    Fresh Starts.

    Monday, January 24 2011

    In David's hospital room, he reminds Greenlee, despite her engagement, she is still married to him. She pulls out divorce papers for him to sign and says she wants to end things amicably. David reminds her that Ryan has hurt her before and he knows he will do it again. Greenlee will do whatever she can to hold on to what she and Ryan have. David thinks something else is bothering her, but she just hands him the divorce papers. Resigned, David says has to accept that they're finished and let her go. Ryan walks by as Greenlee hands David a pen. He watches as David signs and then walks away. Greenlee tells David she's grateful for him and pleads with him not to waste his second chance. She knows there's good in him and she wants him to have a fresh start. She hugs him and thanks him for not fighting her on this. Greenlee walks into the hallway into Ryan's arms, as David watches. Liza stops by and tells David when he's strong enough he will be transferred to prison to await his trial. David confides in her about pushing Greenlee away. Liza reminds him Marissa hasn't left him, since she volunteered to be his lawyer. David thinks if his daughter gave him a second chance, maybe Colby will do the same for her. Liza is stunned David heard everything she said while he was in a coma. David says she's been a very bad girl, but assures his only friend her secret is safe with him.

    It's Time.

    Monday, January 17 2011

    In David's hospital room, Liza confides in her comatose client that she really screwed up with Colby. Griffin enters and tells her David is being transferred to another facility because there's nothing more they can do for him there. Liza will miss him because he was the last person in town who actually needed her. Griffin leaves, as Colby rushes in for help on getting Damon back. She admits part of her wants to tell Damon to leave her alone forever, but she can't.

    Erica confronts Liza at ConFusion about the trial. She wants the trial date moved up so she can get on with her life. Liza tells her she's got a lot going on with Colby right now, so it's not a good time. Tad finds the women as Erica tells Liza she acted out of impulse when she shot David and wonders if Liza never acted on the same instincts. Tad approaches them and hammers home how they've all done things they can’t take back even though they wish they could. The point isn't lost on Liza, as Erica urges her to go to her daughter and really be there for her. Erica knows she won't regret it and heads over to the bar. Tad sits down and wonders if Liza really needs to be the cause of so much suffering by prosecuting Erica. He wants her to remember the Liza he used to know. Liza walks over to Erica and tells her she will drop the charges because winning isn't so important to her anymore. Tad finds Liza and assures that was the right thing to do. She knows she has a lot to make up for, but wonders if it's possible to accomplish it. Tad thinks she's taken a step in the right direction.

    Making It Right.

    Tuesday, January 11 2011

    Tad confronts Liza at her place about sleeping with Damon. Liza tries to explain, but he angrily thinks she could have stopped things before they went too far. He brings up the past repeating itself and she says she is the one thing she never wanted to be – her mother. Tad says she's worse because back it the day, it was a game to him, but Damon respects and trusts her. Liza cries as she says as she bemoans how she wanted to make things right with Colby. Tad sarcastically tells her she's off to a ripping start, but vows Colby won't find out. She wonders how she's supposed to face Colby and Tad tells her to find a way. Tad says they have to suck it up and find a way to make it right for their children and leaves. Liza changes, as Damon returns. He tells her he's quitting and says he told Colby he slept with someone, but didn't tell her it was her.

    You Dog.

    Monday, January 10 2011

    Damon and Liza's kiss turns more passionate at her place, as they start to take their clothes off. They have sex on the couch, but look devastated afterwards. They get dressed in silence until Liza says she's sorry. Damon just walks out. As Liza tries to clean up, Colby walks in the door in tears. She asks if Liza heard from Damon. Liza tells her he was just there. He was upset and doesn't want to work for her anymore. Colby blames herself, but Liza assures her it's not her fault. Colby wants her mother to sit with her, as she pours her heart out about betraying Damon. She also feels bad about all the accusations she made because she knows Liza was just trying to help her and Damon. Liza says she's the one who should apologize and asks for forgiveness. Liza gets upset as she vows she would never intentionally hurt her and that she has tried to be a good mother. She would erase every stupid move she has ever done so she can prove how much she cares about her. Colby says she's the one who screwed up with Damon, but Liza tells her she messed up and admits she hired Damon so she could be in control. Colby hugs her mother thanking her for her honesty - finally. Colby then runs out to find Damon.

    Perks Of The Job.

    Friday, January 07 2011

    Jack finds Liza at ConFusion to talk about Erica, but she lets him know Caleb already came to her with a deal. Liza orders another drink and Jack asks if she's alright. Liza says no because her career is not going the way she intended. Jack doesn't want her to lose her job, but he reminds her there's more to life than the courtroom.

    Erica sees Kendall and Griffin in David's room. Erica demands to know why Griffin would bring her there as Ryan walks in wondering the same thing. Griffin explains Kendall can't get David out of her head and she needs to figure out why. Griffin gets paged away and Kendall defends Griffin. She tells Erica and Ryan how much she's been thinking about David as Liza walks in wondering if they are going to finish David off. They all go out in the hallway and Ryan takes Kendall back to her room. Erica stays behind to warn Liza stress is not good for Kendall and the women exchange heated words. Erica thinks Liza is jealous of her personal and professional success because she is a failure at both.

    Liza walks by Damon who is glumly sitting on a park bench. He doesn’t want to talk about it and Liza offers to put him to work to distract him. She says sometimes work is all they got.

    Back at Liza's place, she worries about losing the case against Erica and asks Damon to talk to Asher to see what Caleb is up to. Damon gets upset and tells her Asher kissed Colby. Liza tries to bolster his spirits but Damon gets emotional and states he can't stay in Pine Valley anymore. Liza asks him not to go, but Damon doesn’t feel like he has a choice. She hugs him, wishing there was something she could do. Damon pulls back and then kisses her.

    A Lost Cause.

    Thursday, January 06 2011

    Damon helps Liza work on her case against Erica at her place, but suggests she take a break. She can't and then bemoans the fact that she spent the holidays alone because she has no friends or family anymore. She still hasn't seen Colby to give her a Christmas present. Damon suggests she come with him to meet Colby for lunch.

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