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    All My Children CAST - Liza Colby - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Liza Colby Played by Jamie Luner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jamie Luner (Jamie Luner)

    Birthday: May 12, 1971
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California, USA
    Real Name: Jamie Luner


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    The Body Isn't Adam!

    Tuesday, May 19 2009

    At the jail, Zach’s lawyer shows up and it’s Liza.

    A Massage, A Card Game and A Threat!

    Friday, May 01 2009

    Liza stops by Zach's house. He pours drinks and they flirt a little over their card game a few nights ago. She insists that he play her again since he cheated the first time! Zach agrees and grabs some cards. They decide to play high card – if she wins he writes her a check and if he wins he learns her name! Liza shuffles the cards for a long time and finally deals. Zach draws a Jack – and Liza draws the Queen. She dares him to search her since he doesn't believe she beat him. He declines and writes her check. A storm kicks up outside as Liza looks at a picture of Kendall. Liza instructs him to make the check out to 'Cash' and won't tell him why she is in town. She comes on to him. Ian starts to cry; Zach goes upstairs. Liza sees Alexander's manuscript. She waits until Zach returns.

    Pine Valley Passion!

    Thursday, April 30 2009

    At home, Zach looks at Kendall’s photo and hears his dad’s voice chastising him. He daydreams back to a time when he and Kendall were embraced and talking. He remembers telling her no one had ever loved him that much. They talk about Spike and how she promised things would get even better. The doorbell rings and it’s Erica. She comes in and sits with Zach while they discuss happier times between him and Kendall. He thinks it’s ironic that the man who hates him most makes him remember how Kendall once loved him and only him. He tells Erica he doesn’t want to discuss Kendall anymore. She says she came out of concern for him. She promises not to say another word and leaves. Thunder roars outside. Just then Liza walks in the door. They look at each other and begin kissing very passionately. She smiles and says she heard he was looking for her.

    Reese vs. Kendall!

    Wednesday, April 22 2009

    Kendall and Zach return home with Ian. There is a message on the machine but he isn't interested in it. She starts in on him about the woman he slept with but Zach won't tell her who it was. He finally says he doesn't even know the woman's name and then questions her about why she is so interested in his sex life! He gives her the mail and then checks Ian before leaving for work. When she is alone, Kendall listens to the phone message. It is from Zach's casino manager and she says she has the information he wanted. Kendall is talking to Ian when Zach's manager, Francesca, stops in. Kendall questions her about the business she has with Zach and Francesca admits their business isn't about the casino but won't say more. Kendall is certain this is about Reese. Francesca leaves. Rachael comes in and Kendall leaves. Zach returns home a few minutes later. Rachael takes Ian upstairs for his nap while Zach checks the security tapes. He watches Liza closely as she walks near the slots.

    Liza's Back!

    Monday, April 20 2009

    Zach and Liza make love in the private Blackjack room! After Zach jokes about his full-service casino. Liza notices his naked ring finger and asks about his ex, certain that Zach was using her to remember his ex. Zach won't admit anything. After getting dressed she tells him she's only in town for a little while and says, "It was lovely not knowing you." They shake hands and she leaves. Zach stops her at the door, inviting her for another game. He shows his cards and beats her hand!

    Jake leaves a message for Liza that they need to talk. Amanda comes downstairs and listens. He hangs up and she asks about the lawyer. Jake skirts the truth by saying they used to be friends. Amanda worries that the lawyer will have a problem returning to Pine Valley but Jake assures her that the lawyer is on their side all the way and will never fall for David's ploys. Amanda confides her nightmares to Jake and he promises to protect her. She wonders what kind of life her child will have and Jake suggests an open adoption. Amanda says that can't happen because of David; she says her child deserves more than that. Colby arrives a little freaked out and looking for Petey but he isn't there. Jake and Amanda convince her to hang out with them. Jake goes to the kitchen and Amanda asks about Little A. Liza calls to tell Jake she has a family and asks him to meet her at the casino. He leaves. Crying, Colby tells Amanda that Liza is back in town and she wants nothing to do with her. She asks Amanda how she has dealt with her mommy issues and Amanda reminds Colby of her bad decisions. They commiserate over their bad moms. Colby rants about Liza leaving her for so long, thinking of their phone call. She wouldn't listen to Liza's explanations on the phone.

    Liza freshens her makeup as she waits for Jake. The casino manager brings her some food and Liza requests champagne. The woman watches her closely and Liza wonders what is going on with her. She finally leaves and then Jake arrives. They hug and then Jake asks why she came to town. She says she is there to see Colby and admits things aren't going well. She thinks about her earlier phone call to Colby, when the teen lashed out at her and said she didn't want to see her! Jake advises Liza to give Colby more time, telling her how great Colby is. Liza worries that she'll never fix her relationship with Colby. Jake reminds her that her new law degree didn't happen overnight and her relationship with Colby will take time, too. Liza tells him not to give up the baby but Jake says he has no choice because the baby is really David's! Liza can't believe David is back and not in jail. She can't imagine having David as a baby-daddy as opposed to Adam and feels for Amanda. Jake updates Liza on David's parental past and agrees to help them with the quickie, quiet adoption. She tears up the parental folder on the adoptive parents and says she has a better idea. Jake gets antsy but she won't tell him more.

    Colby finally returns to the mansion. Adam questions her but doesn't believe her school-problem explanation. He badgers her but Colby won't open up so he backs off. He does tell her she can talk to him any time and Colby feels better. She gets emotional and asks for a hug. She nearly breaks down when he takes her in his arms. Adam makes cocoa for them and jokes about his inability to make money. Colby says all she needs is cocoa and her father. Adam feels better. Neither notices Liza watching from the terrace!

    No Strings, No Names!

    Friday, April 17 2009

    Zach goes to the casino and is told about a possible card counter. It's Liza! He doesn't recognize her and joins her at the table. They talk about gambling for a while and flirt a bit, too. He asks why she is in town but Liza skirts the question. "Shut up and deal," she says. She gets 20 and dares Zach to beat her; he pulls 18 and decides to take another card! She stops him. They kiss! "No names, no strings," Zach says. "Just sex," Liza says and he pushes her onto the Blackjack table. Liza doesn't notice a call coming in from Jake!

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