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    All My Children CAST - Liza Colby - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Liza Colby Played by Jamie Luner on All My Children Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jamie Luner (Jamie Luner)

    Birthday: May 12, 1971
    Birthplace: Palo Alto, California, USA
    Real Name: Jamie Luner


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    Bye, Bye Pine Valley.

    Tuesday, February 15 2011

    Jack and Krystal head to Krystal's. They joke around and he thanks her for making him laugh, because he really needed it. David walks in and finds Liza at the bar. She brings up Greenlee and Ryan's wedding, but he says he is done chasing people who have moved on. He hopes she has too. He downs his drink, wishes her a happy Valentine's Day and leaves. Colby runs in and tells Liza what just happened. She wants Annie arrested and Liza immediately puts that in motion. Colby tells her mother she wants to get out of Pine Valley and is going to see Damon. Liza doesn’t think that's a good idea. As they debate it, Asher walks in and says it's a huge mistake. Colby heads outside to make travel arrangements, as Asher implores Liza to stop her from doing this fearing she will get hurt. Liza knows it's best not to tell her daughter what to do. Colby returns and Liza points out she will have to stay in town for a least a week to file charges against Annie. Liza leaves and Colby tells Asher she's booked on the next flight to L.A. so she will give her statement via email. Asher tries to convince her Damon is bad for her. Colby asks if he knows who Damon slept with. He plays it off and then says he doesn't want her to go see Damon. Colby thinks he will forget about her once JR puts him on another project. He tells her he can't get her out of his mind. He kisses her but she backs off and walks out.

    As they walk through the park, Emma wants to stop and rest. Annie agrees, but just for a few minutes. David walks by as Annie tries to get a stubborn Emma off the bench. He questions what's going on and Annie starts to break down about Ryan finding out about the things she's done. David tells her she has nothing to worry about because he will take care of everything. Once Annie and Emma are gone, Liza finds David alone in the park. He tells her he's done his first good deed as a free man, adding, "What goes around comes around."

    Facing Facts.

    Wednesday, February 09 2011

    Greenlee and Ryan visit David, who tells them part of his deal with the governor is that he needs to make restitution. So he offers her his shares of the hospital. However, he wants her to put in a good word with board because he wants to be a doctor again. He says he will always love Greenlee, but he needs to let her go. Greenlee congratulates him on his freedom, but all she'll see when she looks at him is how happy she is with Ryan. Once they're gone, Liza finds David, who tells her what just went down with Greenlee. He admits he hopes Greenlee is miserable without him, but he has pride and wished her well.

    Damage Control.

    Thursday, January 27 2011

    As Liza tries to console Colby at the mansion, Asher walks in saying Liza has done enough. Colby doesn’t need anyone taking care of her. She leaves the room. Asher tells Liza he knows she slept with Damon. Liza wants to know what it will cost her. Asher knows Colby needs a mom, even one like her, so he's not going to say anything, but if she hurts her one more time he will tell Colby everything. Liza leaves the room and then Asher sees Colby walking back down the stairs. He offers to watch a movie with her, but she declines. Asher later returns to her with a deck of cards and convinces her to play poker. After a few hands, Colby asks what he and Liza were talking about when she went upstairs. He brushes it off, but urges her to let Damon go. She can't because it hurts too much. She wonders if it ever stops. He assures her it will.

    Jake walks in David's hospital room and tells him he's prepared to discharge him so he can go to jail. He'll run some tests, of course, but he's confident they will back up his decision. David reminds him he staged his own death, so going down is not in his DNA. After Jake leaves, Liza stops by. David tells her he was exaggerating when he told her he heard everything she said to him while he was in a coma. He remembers voices and sounds and recalls hearing her. He thanks her for being there for him and asks if he can help her. She balks at first, but eventually Liza sits down and tells David about Colby's heartbreak over Damon leaving town. He encourages to talk about it and get it out in the open, but when she remains quiet, he assures her he's there when she's ready to talk. Liza asks how sick he really is. He admits he almost passed out when he tried to sit up. He wonders if she can persuade Jake to back off his transfer to jail. Liza smirks realizing David is still manipulative. David tells her he really wants to help her with Colby. However, he's not well. It's the truth and not a con. He can't believe she won't help him. She reminds him he has cost her enough trouble and they both need penance. David isn't sorry for anything he's done and he won't go silently into the night.

    Goodbye For Now.

    Wednesday, January 26 2011

    At Krystal's Colby questions what Liza meant about her not wanting to hurt her. She thinks Liza, Tad and Damon are keeping something from her. Tad intervenes and says Liza was responsible for Damon's acceptance into UC Davis, but she didn't want them to know she orchestrated it. Colby pulls Damon aside and says he should go to California and she wants to go with him. Damon thinks she's amazing, but he can't let her do that. Asher shows up and Damon says it's cool that he stays because the party is about fresh new tracks. Elsewhere in the restaurant, Amanda's hopes are dashed when she realizes she's not pregnant. She confides in Krystal, telling her she got ahead of herself. Scott enters and chats with Marissa and then JR and AJ arrive. Annie walks up outside and sees them talking. She imagines them planning to get rid of her. Amanda sees Annie and tries to stop her from coming in the party. Annie gets more riled up and asks Amanda to tell JR she needs to talk to him privately. Amanda reluctantly agrees and she finds JR at the party to tell him Annie is waiting outside for him. JR leaves and Marissa finds his phone. She sees all the calls from Annie and says, "You have go to be kidding me."

    Mailbox Full.

    Tuesday, January 25 2011

    At Liza's, Colby talks to her mother about Damon. She says she got a room for them in New York in hopes of working things out. Liza worries she'll get hurt again and suggests she let things cool off for a while. Colby calls the woman Damon slept with disparaging names and asks Liza if she knows who it is when she gets uncomfortable. Liza just continues to try and convince her daughter to drop it, to no avail. Colby asks Liza to attend the party with her, but she says it's not her place. Colby tells her it would mean a lot to her if she came.

    With scissors in hand, Annie startles Marissa who is decorating for Damon's party at Krystal's. Annie hands her the scissors and then offers her assistance in getting ready for the party. Marissa wants to know why she's really there and also questions her about spending so much time at the mansion. The women cattily argue and Annie accuses Marissa of trying to get rid of her so she can have everything – including JR. Opal and Krystal enter, which prompts Annie to storm out. Marissa follows suit, as Tad, Amanda and Jake arrive. The guest of honor walks in the door, as Colby and Liza follow.

    As the party gets going at Krystal's, Amanda expresses her positive feelings to Jake about them making a baby the other night. Jake kisses her as Cara walks in. When Jake is alone, Cara asks to talk to him. They head outside and she admits the little girl with cancer hit home for her because she used to be that little girl. Meanwhile, Tad discusses Damon with Liza, who apologizes. Tad warns Liza she's playing with fire by being there, as Damon tells Colby he's moving to California. She thinks they can still work things out, but Damon says their love isn't enough. Not anymore. Colby sees her mother in tears and Liza says she's sorry she hurt her.

    Fresh Starts.

    Monday, January 24 2011

    Ryan finds Liza and urges her to do the right thing in regards to David. He thinks she can show people who she really is and make her daughter proud. Ryan walks away and then Damon approaches. He tells Liza he's leaving town. Damon instructs Liza to attend the party Tad's throwing and to keep the secret for Colby's sake. Liza tells him she's sorry as he walks off. Tad is next to find Liza and implores her to send David to prison. Liza tells him David will await his trial in jail. She then says she made a few calls to help Damon get accepted into a law program. She gives Tad the information, but he notes it's in California. She doesn't want Tad to tell him she was involved and says it's up to him to even tell Damon about it. Opal walks up as Liza leaves and Tad tells his mother what Liza did for Damon.

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